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How to Get Verified on Instagram: 6 Tips to Grow Followers

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Many people consider how to verify my Instagram account because Instagram blue tick can be seen as a symbol of status in the recent times. Only the most influential and popular Instagrammers are the lucky ones to achieve it. Verification process just signifies authentication and is not designed to show any kind of status.

Yet, people want their Instagram account to get verified. Validation is a great way to let people easily find your account from numerous impersonated accounts.

However, it is definitely not an easy task to get verified on Instagram. In this article learn how to get verified on Instagram and get the blue tick for growing followers.

Part 1: What Does Official Instagram Say?

Checking the help files can give you the clear picture of the verification process of Instagram account.

The Instagram verified badge is the confirmation of the account being an authentic one. Whether a global brand, public figure or celebrity, a badge represents the genuineness of the account.

As the celebs and brands are the most followed ones and people would always like to find them instantanuously, Instagram ensures the community faces no issues while searching the right account of their most followed brands or celebs.

Instagram makes it very clear to the users that although Facebook owns Instagram, the two networking sites are not related to each other when it comes to followers or verifying the Instagram account.

According to Instagram policies, if you have several followers or if one can find you easily doesn’t qualify you for the Instagram blue tick. Only the accounts that are being copied or have high chances of being imitated or impersonated are the ones with the verified badges.

Part 2: Benefits Of Instagram Blue Tick

When you attain the Instagram blue tick, it means your account has been verified as authentic by the Instagram community. With this blue tick, you can easily find the brands and the public personalities you wish to follow without being misled by the imposters.

Beside your name in the account, there’s a small blue colored tick. People love to have this authenticity seal beside their name and it is in high demand. It is the reason why Instagram doesn’t verify every account, the strict verification process has led to keeping its value intact.

Part 3: How Do You Get A Blue Check On Instagram?

1. Build Followers And Increase Engagement

When you keep a check on your Instagram account, it helps to gain followers. Your account is at the top search results that build your account’s credibility. Whenever the question arises how to get verified on Instagram, several articles and write-ups inform that by building followers on the Instagram one can get easily verified.

This is a wrong notion and not completely correct. On the contrary, if you have lesser followers and more clones to your account, Instagram consider it as high priority account for verification and the Instagram blue tick follows. Huge followers are not everything when it comes to verifying the Instagram account.

ins followers

2. Focus Parallel Promotion

Do you have other social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook? Linking your Instagram page with other social media profiles can make you Instagram verification easy.

For instance, share teaser photos from the Instagram album to your other profiles or drop in your Instagram profile link on the about me segment of other profiles. You may also post the link and ask or invite your friends to check the same.

cross promotion

3. Post At The Right Time

Time of your posts is considered vital to attract the attention of your followers and retain them.

Which is the right time to post? A study reveals that 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. that is the lunch hours and late evening hours are the best time to post fresh content. These are the time spans when users are the most active and collect the most number of shares and likes.

ins posting time

4. Put Yourself At Risk Of Getting Impersonated

How to get verified on Instagram is a common question amongst the users and Instagram policies clearly defines that there shouldn’t be any stress over such questions. It is done to improve user experience and avert the imposters from creating fake accounts of public figures and misguide other users.

An Instagram blue tick implies that Instagram knows your identity and helps in building the users’ trust that they are not following any fake account of a public figure.


5. Choose Right Hashtags

Choosing the perfect hashtags is one of the best ways to make yourself popular amongst your followers and other users. Instagram suggests many popular hastags or you may take help of hashtags suggesting apps for ideas.

It is vital to use the right hashtag that fits your niche. Creating irrelevant content just to use a hashtag can never make you an influencer. So, creating hashtags for your personal brand and encouraging followers to use to more and more can prove to be beneficial.

right hashtag

6. Apply For Getting Verified

To verify Instagram account, the best way is to seek the help of the right people and contact Instagram.

For instance, getting in touch with agencies promoting celebrities and brands can be helpful as they often have a connection with Instagram which can help to speed up your process, spending on Facebook ads can also be helpful.


When you think how to get verified on Instagram and attain the Instagram blue stick, try to follow the above steps. It definitely builds your follower base and trust when you verify Instagram account.

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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