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6 Best interactive videos on YouTube (with Examples)

Video content has been on the rise over the past few years. While some people still prefer to read when they are seeking information, many are turning to video when they want to learn about different topics or engage in an immersive experience.

Experts predict that video will account for 75% of all new online content by 2020 on mobile, and interactive video is leading the way forward. While some may not see its potential, interactive video allows the audience to have an enjoyable, informative and immersive experience with videos.

Part 1: What is an Interactive Video?

Definition: Interactive videos are a type of video where the audience is able to engage with what they are seeing. With a normal video, the audience is going on a single journey as envisioned by the content creator. Their only options are to pause, fast forward, go backward or exit the video entirely.

With interactive videos, there are more options. There are different paths that a viewer can go on, depending on the options they choose throughout the video. This is active content that is going to take the audience on surprising journeys. Even those who are skeptical about interactive videos will find them enjoyable.

Thanks to an interactive video, brands can have better engagement from their audience. Content creators can tell a story with different endings. And those who are attempting to produce something creative can take their audience on the journey along with them. The interactive YouTube video is the future - of that we have little doubt.

These videos are useful for organizations, rising content creators, companies looking to market products and enthusiasts who just want to create fun and engaging content. Here is a look at some interactive video examples, to show how some content creators are already taking advantage of this unique medium.

Part 2: Examples of Interactive Videos

1. Templine

Here is a very simple example of an interactive video. It is an interactive story where the audience can play a role in how it concludes. Two explorers are stuck in a temple and they must find their way out. While the graphics may seem simplistic, the journey is anything but. And giving the audience a chance to choose how the story ends is very powerful.

2. Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in the Middle is a fun Disney channel video where a character from a popular television show is starting off her day and navigating her family. The video not only shows viewers a glimpse into the character’s routine as she gets ready for her day, but it lets the audience choose her outfit and other accessories.

3. Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Unbelievable Bus Shelter is a very fun Pepsi video where we are seeing audience reactions to different visual phenomenon that are occurring in front of their eyes. These individuals are sitting at a bus shelter, where they are shown different graphics that look as though they are coming right at them!

The best part about the video is seeing the reaction of each person who was sitting at the bus stop. There is a brief moment where they believe the footage they are seeing is real!

4. Maybelline New York

This interactive makeup tutorial from Maybelline is a demonstration of how interactive videos can be used to not only entertain but also teach. Viewers can look at different options for their makeup and lipstick as they are getting ready for a big night out! It is a fun way to see how different shades of makeup and/or lipstick can change your look.

5. Let’s Get Interactive

“Let’s Get Interactive” is one of the interactive video examples that shows how marketers can use a new type of video to engage with their audience. It shows us someone making a cold call to a potential customer, but we get an interesting viewpoint for the call that makes this an interactive experience. It is a clever way to give the viewer a new perspective on these types of phone calls.

6. Mended Little Hearts

A video about a young child who is suffering from a heart condition, “Give a Fuller Life” shows how people can make a difference in someone’s life by donating. The more that a viewer donates, the more the animation changes to become more hopeful and complete. It shows that people can help more children achieve a longer and better life if they donate to help with medical treatments and research.


Interactive video is still a very new concept to some people. When many view such videos for the first time, they are confused about how they should proceed. But as people begin to watch more interactive videos, it can be hard to go back to the linear format of regular videos. It is why many marketers and content creators believe that the interactive YouTube video is the future for online content creation! If you want to edit interactive video, Filmora is an excellent editor!

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Jan 04,2019 18:33 pm
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