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Udemy Alternatives: 10 Best Online Learning Sites Like Udemy

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

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People who are eager to learn new skills online might have heard about Udemy. This website offers unlimited access to courses for free or at a very reasonable amount. From past few years, Udemy has become the most desirable platform for learners in the business world as well as for students who want to gain additional knowledge beyond their university curriculum. The only trouble with Udemy is that they do not offer certification for courses. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot avail certificate type courses online; there are many other learning platforms that work like best alternatives to Udemy with lots of additional features. In this article, we have picked top ten Udemy alternatives for you; hope! You will be able to choose the best one:

Top 10 Websites like Udemy for eLearning:

1. Khan Academy:

Cost: Free

Main Features:

  • Khan Academy offers short and specific lessons with a wide range of topics that are popular among learners these days.
  • All tutorials are arranged in a user-friendly way, and you can find something unique for all age groups.
  • These courses force learners to complete certain tasks during the lesson; it means you can learn by doing things practically.

Khan Academy is serving a wide range of learners with its miniature lessons that ensure more engagement for practice assignment. The professionals here keep a regular track of the performance of all learners, and the exercises are adjusted as per skill level of an individual. The great news for learners is that Khan Academy offers courses in 20 different languages and they are available free for students and teachers as well.

2. Coursera:

Cost: One-time payment between $15 to $200.

Main Features:

  • Courses are available from real professors with post-secondary education quality of most top universities.
  • This platform also offers certificates for paid courses.
  • Learners can take several courses for free.

Coursera is considered as the best alternative for Udemy; although it has lesser number of courses comparatively, they are tough to be top university professors. You can join most courses for free to boost your learning and even if you want to receive certification for your skills, you can get it by paying a reasonable amount. You will be happy to know that Coursera even offers full-time masters and bachelor’s degrees from best institutes. You can join the classes online for technical training as well as academic programs.

3. Skillshare:

Cost: Few courses are for free, and Premium collection can be accessed with payment of $100 per year or $12 per month.

Main Features:

  • Classes in these courses are taken by industry professionals, and they make their living by teaching students.
  • You can also find some notable industry icons taking few special lectures.
  • Instead of lecture style reading; these courses are oriented towards action-based learning.

Those who love to learn new things by actually practicing them will find Skill Share best platform for learning. They provide courses on a wide range of creative fields including fine arts, music production, photography, design, and marketing. Many courses are available for free, and all others can be accessed with a subscription on the monthly and yearly basis.

4. Udacity:

Cost: Most courses are available for free; subscription for nano degree cost $199+ per month.

Main Features:

  • The nano degrees are offered to improve knowledge of learners in a specific subject area.
  • Udacity has a major focus on skill improvement and technical training.
  • It has a partnership with many top-ranked institutions that offer cutting-edge course structures.

Here is a small yet useful alternative to Udemy where you can access almost 100 courses for free, but the special nano degree scheme makes it stand out among all other online learning platforms. These courses and technical training programs are provided with the assistance of some leading companies like Salesforce, Facebook, and Google. One can begin with basic courses to get an idea about technology and then switch to the advanced level to boost confidence.

5. LinkedIn Learning:

Cost: Pay $19.99 for Basic and $29 for Premium

Main Features:

  • All courses at LinkedIn Learning are dedicated to improving real skills of the students so that they can apply this learning in a workplace
  • Most of these courses are able to improve your ability to get a suitable job in your field of interest.
  • This website focuses on wide range of business and marketing courses.

Lynda doesn’t offer anything for free, but it is considered as a potential alternative to Udemy due to its advanced course delivery practices. Most of these courses are dedicated to improving employability skills of learners around the world, and the areas of interest include presentation management, office software proficiency, videography, graphic design, audio engineering, computer programming and many other digital workplaces. They offer most of the courses by using video-based lectures and users are also allowed to access video transcripts to clear their doubts.

6. Masterclass:

Cost: $180 per year or $90 per class

Main Features:

  • Courses are taken by famous celebrities and industry professionals.
  • Target specific topics so learners can collect valuable information of their interest.
  • Cheap subscription as compared to many other alternatives allows students to learn skills specific to their interests with its wide range of courses. Simply scroll down to choose a course of your field and sig in to start listening people who can really inspire you to achieve your goals in your area of interest. It is the most budget-friendly platform to learn whatever you want.

7. Pluralsight:

Cost: Premium subscription at $299 per year and $29 per month.

Main Features:

  • Many courses on Pluralsight are available for free, so you can check the offers before you make payment.
  • Courses on this website focus more on the computer and IT-related
  • Courses are designed with clear instructions about skill levels that are essential to join them.

If you are looking for some professional assistance to improve your computer related skills, we advise you to join classes at Pluralsight. Even with the monthly subscription, users are able to access complete library for desired resources, materials, and courses. You can take as many courses with your one-time subscription whether it is for one month or one year. As their major target is to build practical skills of the learner, the courses are divided into three different categories as advanced, intermediate and beginner level.

8. Codecademy:

Cost: Free, pay $199 for advanced courses.

Main Features:

  • Specifically dedicated to building skills in technology and coding field.
  • Courses range from basic skill improvement to advanced level programming.
  • It also offers certification-based courses.

Codeacademy can help you to learn skills in the field of coding and technology, and the great news is that you can even start from the basic level. This learning platform is supported by US Government so you can ensure trustworthy learning experience. This website follows game-based training approach to add fun to the learning process and ultimately helps to develop a zeal for faster and competitive learning.

9. edX:

Cost: Pricing range from $50 to $300.

Main Features:

  • Get certification for courses from reputed education institutes.
  • Paid members can also communicate with other students.
  • Professors provide time to time feedbacks for assignments.

edx is an active learning platform with premium courses that are proven much better as compared to Udemy platform. This web-based learning platform has tie-ups with leading universities, lvy League colleges and top educational institutes that help to provide the best training to learners online. You can register for a wide range of professional courses ranging anywhere between behavior psychology, meteorology to medicine. Paid learners can enjoy active interactions with other students and collect feedbacks from professors.

10. Alison:

Cost: Free

Main Features:

  • Skill building courses with practical level training.
  • Certificate courses are also available.
  • Self-paced courses with the incredible learning experience.

Alison offers more than 1000 high-quality courses with 9 distinctive categories for learners worldwide. Learners can access certificate courses, diploma courses and learning paths with long hour training. All these courses follow unique learning pattern with different durations of learning hours. The courses are entirely free, and you can mention your certification in a resume to get your dream job in future.


If you are eager to learn and want to enhance your skills in your area of interest; it is right time to choose one of the most advantageous platforms from the list above. You can join courses depending upon your area of specialization, and soon these professional lectures will help you to get your dream job in the market. Most websites offer courses for free, and the certificates are provided to learners for paid courses; you can choose your class as per your dedication level in the subject.

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