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10 Best PowerPoint to Video Converters [Free and Paid]

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Three decades after Microsoft PowerPoint was initially released in May 1990, this presentation software has become a symbol of professionalism and excellence. However, there are quite a few downsides to traditional PPT files, PowerPoint produces because the contents of your presentations can be easily modified and used by someone else.

The 2010 and later versions of PowerPoint have addressed this issue by including the Save to Video option that enabled users to create video files which can be easily posted on social media, video sharing platforms or used in eLearning courses. The built-in PPT file conversion option featured in recent versions of PowerPoint has certain limitations that prevent you from choosing the video file format or including inserted media files in the PowerPoint presentation video.

That's the reason why we've gathered 10 best PPT to video converters that make the process of producing a video from a PowerPoint presentation easy and fun.

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Tips for Choosing PPT to Video Converter Software

Investing your money wisely is always a good idea because the most expensive solution is often not the best solution. The same is true for PPT to Video converter software, so before you go ahead and choose the program you will be using to convert your PowerPoint presentations into videos here are a few tips that will help you make up your mind.

Checking the amount of video file formats supported by the software is the key step towards selecting the right converter because it will give you the versatility the PowerPoint's built-in PPT to video converter lacks. What's more, some of the programs for PPT to video file conversions don't allow you to convert audio files or animations into videos, which can ruin the original presentation, so prior to buying a software make sure that it can turn multimedia files into videos as well.

Last, but certainly not the least, try to determine whether or not the software is cost-effective because there is absolutely no point in spending a lot of money on a software that has the same PPT to video file conversion capabilities as PowerPoint.

10 Best PPT to Video Converters

1. Wondershare PPT2Video Pro

Price: Free Trials, Plans start at $49.95

Compatibility: Windows XP or later

PPT to Video Converter

Regardless of how complex your PowerPoint presentation is, the Wondershare's PPT to Video converter guarantees that each file conversion you make goes smoothly. The software offers support for a wide range of video file formats, including MOV, MP4 and AVI file formats. Its users can also convert their PowerPoint presentations into HD videos, while batch conversion of up to 12 PPT files is also on the list of options Wondershare's PPT2Video Pro provides.

The software lets you adjust the video settings and select the video resolution, frame rate or adjust the duration of each slide in the presentation before the conversion process begins. The Wondershare PPT2Video Pro enables you to share your videos to Facebook or YouTube directly from the software, immediately after the conversion process is complete.


  • Cost-effective
  • Offers support for all most popular video file formats


  • Only works with files created in PowerPoint 2010 or older
  • Batch conversions limited to 12 PPT files

2. Leawo PPT to Video Pro

Price: $44.95

Compatibility: Windows 10 or older

PPT to Video Converter

This PPT to Video Converter can help you turn PowerPoint presentations in PPT, PPTX, PPTM, POT or POTX file formats into nearly all popular video file formats. The software is compatible with 64 and 32-bit versions of PowerPoint and it can be used with all versions of PowerPoint released from 2000 up until 2016.

The video files you produce using the Leawo PPT to Video Pro can be played on Android and iPhone Smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles as well as Apple TV or Pocket PC devices. Your PowerPoint presentations can be converted into HD video file formats, and the software lets you include narration and all other audio files into the output videos. You can share the videos on Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube or Metacafe websites


  • Unlimited batch conversion
  • Lets you add logos and watermarks to converted videos


  • Not compatible with the Mac OS
  • Demanding system requirements

3. iSpring River

Price: $97 for a single lifetime license

Compatibility: Windows Vista or later

iSpring River is basically a PowerPoint add-on that can be accessed from the software's ribbon once it installed on your computer. The fact that this is not a stand-alone computer program doesn't diminish its capabilities one bit since iSpring River lets you convert PPT files into highly compatible video file formats such as MP4 or AVI. Furthermore, the add-on allows you to adjust the video settings before each file conversion, so you can select the size of the video and video compression values.

All animations or audio files included in the original PowerPoint presentation will be included in the output video as well as transitions or font and text formatting. iSpring River enables you to export your videos directly to YouTube, but it doesn't offer support for file sharing on other social media platforms.


  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Lets you publish videos to YouTube without saving them on a hard drive


  • Doesn't work as a stand-alone software
  • No HD video support

4.RZ PowerPoint Converter

Price: Free version available, Pricing starts at $29.99

Compatibility: Windows XP or later

PPT to Video Converter

All PPT files created with 2013 or older versions of PowerPoint can be easily converted to videos using this powerful converter. Besides enabling you to turn your PowerPoint presentations into HD video files that can be easily shared online, RZ PowerPoint Converter also lets you produce files that can be burned to a DVD disc.

Videos created with this software can be played on any modern video playback device and their quality is so good that you can even play them on large LCD screens. Even though the free version of this PPT to Video converter is available it lacks all features that make this software a great option for all professionals who produce PowerPoint presentations regularly. If you choose to obtain the paid version of this Windows-based application, all multi-media you include in your presentations will be converted to video without loss of quality.


  • Let you burn videos to DVDs
  • Supports all PowerPoint file formats


  • The free version of the software offers only basic PPT to video file conversion options
  • No batch file conversion option

5. Camtasia Studio

Price: Free trial available, $249 for a single user license

Compatibility: Windows 7 SP1 or later, Mac 10.10 or later

Camtasia Studio is much more than just a simple PPT to Video converter. This video editing software offers a free trial version that lets you turn PowerPoint presentations into high-quality videos without leaving a watermark. Its a great option if you are looking for a quick way to convert a few presentations for free, and if you need a software that allows you to turn PowerPoint documents into videos then you should consider buying the single user license for Camtasia Studio.

The paid version of the software enables you to select which slides from a PowerPoint presentation you want to include in your video, add multimedia files or even incorporate webcam footage into the final video. Camtasia Studio enables you to export your videos in virtually any video file format and share them effortlessly to social media.


  • Adding transitions, callouts or text effects is easy with Camtasia Studio
  • Provides access to advanced video editing tools


  • The free trial lasts for just 30 days
  • Expensive

6. Movavi PPT to Video Converter

PPT to Video Converter

Price: $29.95

Compatibility: Windows 10 or older

If you are looking for a reliable tool that lets you convert PowerPoint presentations into videos, then this converter is the right choice for you. Movavi PPT to Video Converter lets you optimize your videos for viewing on mobile devices which makes it particularly useful if you want to extend the reach of your videos.

You can convert all PowerPoint files created with the 2013 or older versions of the software, and save them in AVI, MOV, MP4 video file formats as well as HTML5 formats such as WebM or OGV. Adding narration or background music to the videos you convert is also on the list of options Movavi PPT to Video Converter provides so you can easily create tutorials or any other type of educational videos.


  • Affordable
  • Enables you to embed PowerPoint presentations on blogs and websites


  • You can convert only one presentation at the time
  • Not perfectly suited for professional use

7. Shine PPT to Video Converter

Price: $49.95

Compatibility: WindowsXP or later

PPT to Video Converter

This software provides a quick way to convert your PowerPoint presentations into videos, but it fails to offer much else. Shine PPT to Video Converter lets you save your videos in AVI, MPEG, FLV, MP4 or MOV file formats, but it doesn't allow you to produce HD videos. Furthermore, its audio support is underwhelming, since adding voiceovers or creating soundtracks isn't something you can do with this PPT to Video file converter.

The free version of the software is only available for a limited period of time, which makes it a poor option if you need to convert PowerPresentations into videos on a constant basis. Processing multiple PowerPoint presentations at the same time is not possible with Shine PPT to Video Converter.


  • Easy to use
  • Supports all popular video file formats


  • Not cost-effective
  • Terrible file sharing capabilities

8. Xilisoft

Price: Free version available, Plans start at $41.97

Compatibility: Windows XP (SP2) or later

PPT to Video Converter

This PowerPoint to Video converter has all the features you'll ever need to turn your presentations into HD videos in only a few simple clicks. The software offers support for all PowerPoint file formats and it allows you to turn each presentation into a high-quality video. Xilisoft's converter lets you adjust the frame rates, resolution or video quality before each file conversion and allows you to record narration before you start converting the document.

After the process is complete, all audio files or animations you added to the original presentation will remain unaltered. The software doesn't have demanding system requirements, and it can work on Windows XP SP 2 or Windows 10 equally effectively.


  • Lets you turn PowerPoint presentations into HD videos
  • Adding watermarks or logos to protect the privacy of your videos


  • No batch conversion option
  • No file sharing options

9. Moyea

Price: $49.95, Free trial available

Compatibility: Windows XP or later

PPT to Video Converter

You can easily convert all documents created with versions of PowerPoint up to 2013 as well as PowerPoint viewer using this remarkably powerful software. This Windows-based application lets you convert your presentations to any popular file format such as MP4, WMV or AVI to mention a few and it enables you to keep all the sound files, transitions or animations included in the presentation you are converting.

Moyea PowerPoint to Video converter provides complete control over the video settings so you can adjust the frame rates or output video quality to match your project's needs. Adding logos, watermarks, music or voiceovers to your PowerPoint videos is a simple task with this PPT to Video converter.


  • Powerful file conversion options
  • Batch conversion is supported


  • No HD output options
  • Must have PowerPoint installed in order to convert presentations

10. Online-Convert

Price: Free

Compatibility: Web-based

PPT to Video Converter

This simple and free online tool enables you to convert audio, video or image files as well as documents. The process of converting a PowerPoint presentation using the Online-Convert platform is straightforward since you only have to select the Video Converter option from the menu and upload the file you want to convert.

The platform then converts the file you uploaded and it saves it to your hard drive automatically when the conversion is completed. Even though the Online-Convert platform lets you adjust the basic video settings, like frame rates, audio quality or the size of the screen it lacks more advanced PPT file conversion options.


  • Free and easy to use
  • Can be used to convert other types of documents and multimedia files.


  • No file sharing options
  • Limited video output formats
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