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How to Make GIF Instagram | Quick Tips

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 22, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
How to Make GIF Instagram | Quick Tips

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Creating gif for Instagram to make stories engaging in easy steps. Making Instagram stories by converting gif to video to attract more people.

Part 1 10 Best Instagram Gifs for Your Stories

All of you might know that GIF is also known as Graphics Interchange Format. It was created for the first time in the year 1987. With it you can decrease the size of photos and short animated images. With this kind of technology a gif instagram can also be made with the greatest ease. The GIF instagram story is a fun oriented task that all of you will appreciate in the long run. Here you can even add animated stickers and paste them to your story. With this way you can also make more stickers by changing their size in the long way. Instagram logo gif can also be made easily by following some keywords to get the desired gif over Instagram.

So, to make an Instagram story more happening some of the top gif galleries are:


Bohemian-<strong> </strong>Best Instagram Gifs

As the name suggests, the gif are Bohemian themed. Those who love to add some cute Bohemian things and pictures in gif style; they can type Bohemian on the search bar and choose the best one to make an Instagram story Bohemian themed. Colorful flowers, star, dream catcher, cute girl and days name are available in the said gif style.


Chicayeye- Best Instagram Gifs

Various gifs available at this keyword are warm colors themed. They make any Instagram story pleasing with simple yet beautiful color combinations. With matching color combinations of pictures and words, instagram stories can be made more interesting.


Kindcomments:Best Instagram Gifs

The name itself indicates, there will be a lot of quotes or sayings. Those who are fond of posting some beautiful and engaging quotes on social media accounts, they will definitely love to add gif from Kindcomments. 


Scarletpin- Best Instagram Gifs

It is seen that food lovers always post their story when they have a lunch or dinner. Making people know what new they are having at a place through Instagram stories seems to be very interesting. So, for those SCARLETPIN has a wide collection of food gifs. It has bright and colorful pictures of food to make the stories more interesting.


Gladdest- Best Instagram Gifs

Adorable gif for insta can make any Instagram story look so sweet and engaging. So, when you need a soft tone gif with a lot of sayings, stars, flowers, a piece of cake and music, then type Gladdest at your search result and get some vintage styles gif that make your Instagram story adorable. This will make people to shower love and hearts at your story.


A lot of gif in instagram that seems to be written with hands can be searched through "handmade". It has some adorable pink and cute designs. Days and the months are written in some amazing style. An Instagram story can be made attractive by including some heart gif and sayings gif. Those who wish to add some cute stories on Christmas day, they can even get some cute wishes gif in it.


Hygge- Best Instagram Gifs

Season’s gif are most common gifs that are included in any Instagram story by the social media users. The most lovable season is the winters where the users have a lot of stuff to include in the story. Looking for winter’s gif for story? Then type Hygge at your search results. ???It will show various gif for a mood of coziness. One can find cozy mugs, stars, snowman, and seasonal stickers to make interesting story over Instagram.


Vipapier- Best Instagram Gifs

Some users look for a place where they can get most of the best instagram gifs for their Instagram stories. From sayings to cute pictures of hearts, flowers and stars all can be taken from Vipapier. The best thing is that it has muted color scheme and paint gif that can be applied anywhere in the background of the text. So, search Vipapier over the search results of Instagram and add one that fits in your space.


LINE & LINES- Best Instagram Gifs

This is a simple yet very good gif available to make text in the Instgaram look amazing and stylish. One can underline something or write something interesting in break up to give the text a new look. So, various lines can be seen at LINE & LINES to include the same in the Instagram stories.

10Square & Rectangle

Square & Rectangle- Best Instagram Gifs

Basic shapes are loved by every Instagram user who updates their stories every day. The reason is that they give a new and cool look to any picture. So, if you need basic shape, then ‘square’ or ‘rectangle’ are great way to make your new post look different and impress your followers. They are simple to create and can be added as background theme for the pictures of videos.

Part 2 How to Create a GIF for Instagram

Posting an Instagram GIF is easy using an application for both iPhone and Android. So, let’s see one by one how to make gifs for instagram and post the same on the Instagram stories. To begin with:

01How to Post an Instagram GIF Using App for iPhone

When you are in need to post Gifs to instagram story then you have to take some essential steps. These steps have been taken by GIPHY as well as from GIF stickers that you can add to your content at social media sites like Instagram.

Install the Giphy app on your iPhone and open it.

Look for the desired GIF which you want to include in your story on GIPHY.

Click on the paper-airplane icon located under the GIF.

Tap the Instagram button. A permission screen will open asking for giving permission for access to open Instagram.

After giving permission, the selected GIF will open inside Instagram. Select Feed to post the selected GIF to your Instagram feed. This will be a new post over the Instagram.

In case you need to edit of add filters, you can go with that by moving on to Next.

Further tap next again to add caption and hash tags if required.

After creation of GIF post is over, tap Share.

Here you will get more benefits like increasing and decreasing the size of images. Instagram story gif is an issue that is to be done for every kind of need and all the Instagram stories. By good fortune GIPHY has many tons of GIFs that can be selected for this kind of conditions. You just need a special kind of flair when you are making texts for your GIF interface. Even then you have to adopt gif instagram story aesthetic so that your task of doing any promotion on social media sites could become an easy one.

02How to Post an Instagram GIF Using App for Android

Gif can be posted easily using GIPHY Cam for Android. Here you can even open the app of instagram media with the help of an android. The simple steps are:

Save the GIF to the Download folder which you want to share to the Instagram.

Tap to the camera roll after opening GIPHY CAM.

Choose the GIF and move to the next button.

Let the GIF convert and then go to Instagram and share.

Part 3 How to Convert GIF to Video for Instagram

A gif can be converted into video by using various applications. Converting Gif by adding some filter, light effects and sound into video make it more attractive for Instagram stories. One can try Filmora to convert gif to video for instagram in just simple steps.

01Wondershare Filmora Video Editor –A GIF resource

Wondershare Filmora - Best Video Editor for Mac/Windows

5,481,435 people have downloaded it.

Build unique custom animations without breaking a sweat.

Focus on creating epic stories and leave the details to Filmora's auto features.

Start a creative adventure with drag & drop effects and endless possibilities.

Filmora simplifies advanced features to save you time and effort.

Filmora cuts out repetition so you can move on to your next creative breakthrough.

There are many applications and web tools that offer to convert beautiful gifs to videos and sharing the same over Instagram stories. Filmora V11 is one of the best video editor applications which assist the users to convert gif to video with minimal effort. It is a user-friendly tool that has media editing features. It allows the users to enhance their video with wide variety of sound, light effects, and beautiful gifs and share them to their Instagram stories. 

For creating video or converting gifs to video, Filmora V11 can be used. It makes easy for the beginners to convert gift into videos in a few simple steps. Filmora V11 app is required to be installed on the system and media files can be imported there. The best thing is that it supports most of the video formats such as MP4, AVI, H261, FLV, MKV, 3GP, MOV, MPEG, VOB, RMVB, M4V, TS, M2TS, WMV, ASF and many more. To customize gifs and then converting it to video, the Filmora Meme maker can be used. Templates and captions are also found at the application.

02Steps to convert GIF to video for Instagram

The first step is to download the application Filmora at your computer and open it. Choose the GIF file from the Filmora file.

Do the necessary editing. This including adding some text, colors and effects to the gif.

After adding all the effects and editing, tap to create a video from it. Export the same in MP4 format and save it over the mobile. The application will convert the gift into video and is ready for uploading.

At last in the uploading process, open the Instagram application, select the video from the gallery.

Captions or description can be added and then uploaded.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Instagram story gifs are concerned with mainstream creation for graphics interchange format. With these formats you can make the best and interesting story. So, to make gif, maximum use of GIPHY can be made to make your work look to be the best promotional one. Some of the best gifs can be searched by tapping keywords like Bohemian, Hanmade, LINE & LINES and Square & Rectangle

Posting gif can be understood in just simple steps. If you desire to know how to create gifs for instagram, then you can explore various applications for both iPhone and Android. You may even search well on your GIF and then select the desired gif that can be added well to your instagram story.

Instagram stories can be made more attractive by converting gif into videos. The same can be done with ease with some user friendly and high tech applications. Filmora can be the best software application for doing the magic over Instagram stories. It can be used to turn gif into videos or videos to gif. So, give your creativity a new height with some good application and impress your followers.

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