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The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Learn About GIF Video Downloader

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 20, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Learn About GIF Video Downloader

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Want to escape the tiff of tedious video download processes? Stay tuned for best solutions

Part 1 Benefits of Using Video Downloader Online

Today's information technology centered era has found a web solution for almost any and everything that can be possibly thought of. From informative articles to explanatory videos, you can find useful and need specific content in a diversity of ways. While reading does not sound a convenient cup of tea to most of us, videos are something more preferable.

When looking through descriptive solutions that could affordably serve your purpose, explanatory videos are the handiest choices owing to the 'see and learn' flexibility they provide viewers with. However, what attract more concern is, how to save these videos to your device. After all, you would never want to lose a useful video and most of us, of course have data pricing and usage limitations.

Online video downloader tools are certainly the most widely preferred and trusted solutions to the aforesaid concerns, and why not, they claim a range of choice benefits. Some of the obvious benefits of using these tools are listed below:

01Hassle Free Video Streaming

A seamless stream is something all of us would wish to be guaranteed of, before even thinking to watch a video. Whether looking through informative content or just as an entertainment choice, videos with frequent buffering intervals are always disapproving. One of the major reasons you should prefer an online video download is to escape the 'and…that's buffering again' notch.

02Information Sharing

Living within a bunch of social media platforms and utilities, content sharing has become more of a habit than a requisite need. Any and everything ranging from useful to entertaining, unusual to funny; is shared across social media platforms every seconds.

Well, that's absolutely fine, but what if you wish to share large video files through Instant Messaging tools and mails? Link sharing is not always convenient, owing to device version differences. To be on the safe side, it is quite better to download videos online and share them with your peers without having to worry about length and device compatibility.

03Cut Down on e-Learning Utilities

Imagine a scenario where you are into watching an explicitly useful video and the internet shuts down or you run out of data? This can be both annoying and critical at times. Why take the risk when you have dependable solutions? Just go for a quick video download using any of your preferred online tools and enjoy an uninterrupted streaming

04YouTube is not the End

Online video downloading tools provide you with the flexibility of surfing through a pool of content sites and support a range of video formats. Consequently, there is a visibly unlimited content access and download liberty that these tools assure you of. As a matter of fact, YouTube is definitely not the only video platform you are left with.

05Say 'NO' to Installation Procedures

Installing apps is something most of us tend to preferably avoid. While the running out of your device's storage space is an evident concern, exposure to malware and spam content is an added risk to your smartphone or PC. Besides this, installation procedures may often be wary and time consuming. Taking the help of inbuilt download feature these online tools have is an affordable pick through.

06Convenient Usage

Not everyone around you is familiar with the know-how of technical utilities. Keeping that in mind, these online video download tools are developed to serve users within a range of technical backgrounds. Even if you don't know anything about downloads, all you need to do is just copy a video link and paste it in the downloader's URL bar and that's actually it. You can see the video in your device gallery within a minimal time span.

Part 2 How to Download Videos From Giphy?

Giphy is a popular and preferred application you can choose to share video contents with social media communities across various platforms. The site has introduced a GIF Video downloader tool to facilitate quick and easy video downloads among its users. This tool allows you a high quality video download in mp4 format.

The tool is compatible with almost all common web browsers and confines the video download process to a single copy-paste step. You can even download live Giphy videos here, but you are required to wait for the video streaming to finish. To download videos to your heart's content using this tool, here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Copy a Video Link

Visit the official website of Giphy and type a matching keyword in the search box to look for a desired video. You can also refer to the site's suggestion list that appears when you enter a particular keyword. When you have made your choice, just copy the video URL.

Step 2: Time to Paste

Paste the copied link in the Giphy search bar and click on 'Download' to receive a download link for your selected video. Click on the provided link to initiate the downloading process.

Part 3 How to Download Giphy Videos for Mobile/Computer?

Most of us have specific device preferences to get that perfect and comfortable video streaming experience. While some of us get glued to smartphones, others may find PCs more convenient. If device compatibility keeps you from watching your favorite videos, see through the following steps to download GIF videos on any of your preferred devices:

01Mobile Downloads

Downloading Giphy videos was never easier You just need to do the following to get your favorite one in your smartphone:

Step 1:

Visit the official Giphy website and search a video of your choice.

Giphy Official Site- 'Copy URL' Option


Once found, copy the video URL and paste the same in the Giphy search bar.

Giphy Official Site- 'Paste URL' Option

Step 3:

Click 'Download' and that's it

Giphy Official Site- 'Download Video' Option

02PC Downloads

If you are among those who would rather prefer a wide screen video stream, you can choose download Giphy videos into your PC. After all, it's nothing more than a few quick steps All you have to do is explained below:

Step 1: Video Selection

In your suitable browser, visit the official Giphy website. Select a video category from the top and select a video you wish to download.

Giphy Official Site- Video Selection Interface

Step 2: Save Your Video

Right click on your previously selected video and choose 'Save Image As' fr4om the drop down menu. The 'Save Image' box opens up.

Giphy Official Site- Video Save Interface

Step 3: Name Your Video

Using the 'Save Image' box, navigate to a suitable destination in your PC where you want to save your video. In the 'File Name' dialog box, give a name to the video file without changing the file extension. When you are done, click on 'Save'. This will download and save your video in the selected target folder.

Giphy Official Site- Video Name Interface

Part 4 Best 5 Tools for Converting Giphy to Mp4

While the short and specific GIFs on the Giphy website are quite interesting and impactful, you may sometimes encounter the need to go for a change of video format (for IM and mail sharing purposes). Having learnt about benefits of online video download, you would certainly want to browse through the best tools for converting Giphy videos to mp4.

Listed below are some of the most quick and convenient tools you can choose to convert Giphy video to mp4:

01Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

This is exceptionally excellent video converter software that has the potential to cater to all your conversion needs in a single go. Loaded with exciting features and available to users for free, this tool supports and ensures a hassle free inter conversion of almost all known video file formats. This is a single package solution to all your video editing and conversion requirements.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


Key Features:

Some of the most prominent features of this software include the following:

The most appealing feature about this tool is that you don't require an internet facility to use it.

Highly stable and crash protected software, even on heavy loading (around 10 files at a time).

Has the most convenient interface, suitable for users with varieties of technical aptitude.

Comes with an inbuilt audio library that allows you to add relatable music to your video, once you are done with the conversion process.

You can enhance your downloaded video with a range of amazing effects and texts in the tool's editor window.


This is quite a handy tool to convert Giphy videos to mp4. It comes with an inbuilt video editor that gives you the liberty to cut, crop, trim and rotate your videos to exclusively extract the 'most perfect' parts and even decorate them with amazing frames. This one is also a free video converter tool.

Key Features

Listed below are some of the most viable features of this conversion tool:

You can directly export the mp4 files to Cloud utilities.

This tool supports almost all video formats.

Has preloaded fundamental video editing features

03Convert GIF to Mp4

This one is a free online Giphy to mp4 converter tool, having a bit tricky interface, but has amazing editing features. You can cut, crop and trim videos, add music and adjust frame rates and even add subtitles to your videos with this tool. It however does not support external media sharing of the converted mp4 files.

Key Features:

Major attractions of this online tool comprise the following:

This tool is loaded with hundreds of sound and video editing utilities.

It comes with SubRip Subtitle (SRT) files that you can use to add interesting subtitles and make your videos more impactful.

You can directly export the downloaded videos to your Google and IOS Dropbox.


This conversion tool has possibly has the most convenient user interface. Like most online tools, this too offers you a free GIF to video conversion service. However, you will have to compromise on the editing flexibility and data limit while using this tool, as it lacks any editing features and converts files within 50 MB. You can only adjust the resolution and quality of the converted mp4 files.

Key Features:

You can still prefer this conversion tool on account of the following features:

This tool is simple and is developed with a view to assure user cohesiveness.

You don't need to go through wary software settings or wait for long durations for the conversion process to finish.

Using this tool, you can share video files through email.


This is another excellent online tool to convert Giphy videos to mp4. It enables a quick file conversion and you are granted the liberty to make adjustments in video quality, file size and resolution. The tool's handy interface converts GIF video to mp4 files in a matter of several seconds. However, it has a limitation of allowing utmost 25 conversions in 24 hours.

Key Features:

Using this tool for video conversion gives you access to the following features:

This is a quick and free converter tool.

You are not forced to watch unnecessary advertisements on the tool's site.

You can go for a parallel conversion of multiple files.

You can make changes in the default video and sound settings.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Online video downloader tools are an advantageous means of hassle free video streaming.

User credibility has flooded the online market with a range of video converter tools.

Filmora is among the most preferred, quick and convenient GIF to mp4 converters available online.

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