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How to Do Jump Cuts Like a Pro in Final Cut Pro X?

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Aug 18, 2022• Proven solutions

Being criticized for years due to its simplified technology and features, FCPX or Final Cut Pro is the next possible option other than iMovie that comes to rescue Mac users'. With surplus features like clean user-interface, video effects, transitions, and a lot more, Apple has concerted efforts, like other NLEs. Although some users find difficulty identifying specific Final Cut Pro X tools, some incredibly potent but frequently overlooked tools are still under the lid.

Yes, certain top-notch features like optical flow, jump cut at markers, markers as subtitles, adjustment layers, and still a lot more video editing abilities are hidden where today, we will expose a technique on how to jump-cut like a pro with FCPX. Make sure you stick till the last so that you can get to know other options related to Final Cut Pro jump cuts as well.

Part 1: How to Create Jump Cuts with Markers in Final Cut Pro X?

Jump cuts are a sort of split edit performed on your video where you can jump over your video clips to keep the desire and delete the unwanted. Although it might seem similar to cut operation, jump cuts are preferable by YouTubers and vloggers. Here is a guide to teach how to do jump cuts in the Final Cut Pro with markers.

Step 1: Create a fresh project and import media files

Launch the Final Cut Pro X app, and once opened, create a new project by executing "File > New > Project". Type the name of your project or video, and press "OK".

Now, you can start to import the video file to add the jump cuts.

Step 2: Add markers

Bring the video into the timeline, and play the video. To add markers before creating jump cuts on the timeline, bring the pointer to the clip where you need to divide it into segments and press "M".

A blue marker will be on the video timeline. Similarly, you can place markers on places wherever required.

Step 3: Apply jump cuts

Lastly, to apply quick jump cuts in the Final Cut Pro, tap the speed icon from the timeline where you will get various options from which you need to click the “Jump Cuts at Markers” option.

You can specify the frame range based on which the jump cuts will get executed in the video.

Thus, this is how to do jump cuts in the Final Cut Pro by speeding up the clips based on frames hence helping the action happen in just a fraction of seconds.

Part 2: How to Fix a Jump Cut in Final Cut Pro X?

If you do jump cuts with markers in FCPX, you do not need to fix it, but if you opt for the other way of cut and delete, you must set them for a smoother process. Let's take a look at how to fix a jump cut by transition addition.

Step 1. After importing your media files, perform jump cuts by following the previous section.

Step 2. To fix jump cuts, place the pointer on the clip, and tap the transition icon from the timeline menu with various options. Primarily "Flow" transition option is used in FCPX.

Tap any option, and Final Cut Pro X will automatically apply it to the clip.

Part 3: How to Hide Jump Cuts in Final Cut Pro X?

Want to hide jump cuts in Final Cut Pro X? Then, here is the session to know how to hide jump cuts in FCPX with two options: resizing the video clip and synchronizing clips.

Method 1: Resizing the clip

To do this method, select a clip. It could be the first one or the latter. Now, click on the “Resize” icon.

You can resize the clip using the circle resize option near the video preview or the “Scale” option on the right corner.

Doing so will add effects to the video clip hiding the jump cuts added.

Method 2: Synchronizing clips

Another way to hide jump cuts in Final Cut Pro X is to synchronize the clip with the other relevant clip.

You can add another video to the timeline and place it where you created the jump cut.

When you prefer this method, you have to ensure that the synchronized video's audio is on mute to avoid disturbing the actual one.


After going through this blog, we know and hope you have now found how well Final Cut Pro X can help you create a jump cut like a pro. Yes, guys, are you in awe to find that your FCPX can do wonders? While many more functionalities are still under the carpet, I believe you would find out today's article on how to do jump cuts in Final Cut Pro quite helpful. Want to make quick jump cuts? Try it out next time with Final Cut Pro X!

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