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Top 6 Best 360 Degree Camera Reviews

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The development of 360 degree video technology has revolutionized the world and slowly YouTube is going to be overloaded with tons of such interactive videos. These videos actually added a new life to video motion technology and now most of people are considering it as most useful tool to express their creativity. In 360 degree video motion, you can record videos while covering all angles and into all directions. All that you need to do is, develop skills to manage 6 to 10 cameras on different directions at same time and then use a stitching software more effectively merging recordings of all these cameras. The major requirement for recording 360 degree videos is to use appropriate camera with desired features so here we are going to discuss about some most suitable camera units designed for 360 degree video recording.

Best 6 types of 360 degree cameras:

You can easily find large number of camera brands in market with latest technology and designs but selection must be done after considering all above specifications.

Some of the most popular 360 degree cameras are:

1. Ricoh Theta S:

This is one of the latest high spec models that is capable enough to generate surprising videos for your 360 degree recording. It records amazing beauty in form of frames with breathtaking sensations; you will feel like everything is just going around you with such a high quality resolution.

  • It can perform live streaming for almost 25 minute of video lengths.
  • Consists of lithium ion battery with long duration recording ability.
  • Support all popular video formats.
  • Can collect almost 260 photos at a time.

Ricoh Theta S

2. The Bublcam:

This innovative design of camera can capture up to 100% of spherical range type videos as well as images. This camera provides facility to capture, view as well as share videos via hardware, mobile applications as well as to directly upload onto websites.

  • It comes with a high quality stitching software tool.
  • Possess high storage capacity.
  • Light weight with attractive design.


3. Nokia OZO:

Here is one of the most attractive camera designs that can produce high resolution type videos. This camera consists of 8 microphones and 8 different sensors which make Nokia OZO one of the high end cameras but with these features it becomes much costlier as compared to other brands available in market. OZO is capable enough to do produce highly interactive videos with 360 degree sound capturing ability with spherical video recording ability.

  • It is having 8 different high quality sensors that are highly synchronized.
  • Coverage area for Nokia OZO is full spherical that is it can capture video at 360*180 degrees.
  • Much efficient battery.

Nokia OZO

4. Giroptic:

This device appears like a high class gadget with high end price tag but is more useful for professional videographers. You need not to use any additional editing software with these advanced camera tools and they can be easily connected to ceiling to capture recording of whole room. Its design is actually inspired from high quality DSLR cameras.

  • Its compact size makes it highly useful.
  • This device is waterproof.
  • It comes with advanced video settings and possesses live stitching ability.


5. 360FLY:

This camera is capable enough to capture high resolution videos with interactive results and one best feature is that you can directly update your videos on to social media. This 360 degree camera will not miss any of the important information out of your 360 degree space and can appear as virtual device on your mobile as well as some desktop applications.

  • Build in Wi-Fi.
  • It is water resistant device up to 120 feet.
  • You can enjoy 32 Gb storage space in this camera.


6. Nikon Keymission 360:

This camera brings great opportunity for videographers to create something amazing out of this 360 degree video streaming technology. Its dual lens type focus helps to produce ultimate video resolution in the form of 4K Ultra HD.

  • Its dual lens focus produces much finer details.
  • This device is shockproof and can stand up in dust also.

Nikon Keymission 360

Things you need to know before buying a 360 degree camera:

Before buying camera device for your 360 degree video recording it is good to know about various specifications that are desired to produce better results. Following details include all these important factors:

1. Camera Lenses:

One of the most important part of any camera device is its lens; note that a 360 degree camera use to have 2 or even more than 2 lenses. While checking camera lens specifications, you must go through its diaphragm quality, ISO range as well as shutter time.

2. Quality of Image:

The second most important aspect for a high resolution 360 degree camera is its image quality. In technical terms, the quality of image is predicted from number of pixels assigned to each frame. If a camera is able to assign higher number of pixels to images then definitely it is going to produce much finer details as an output and viewers will be able to extract more information from resulting videos.

3. Frames/second:

In order to generate smooth videos for 360 degree video recording you have to buy a camera that can produce higher range of frames per second with high resolution. Most of recently developed 360 degree cameras use to produce almost 30 or 32 frames per second and this range is considered to be enough to producing fine video recordings. You can also find some camera units that use to produce 15 frames in one second but there quality is bit low.

4. Capacity:

It is good to buy camera with higher storage capacity so that you can save all your high resolution videos into its memory without any trouble. Shooting high quality videos means you have larger number of pixels per frame and hence you need more memory to store them. In some latest camera units, you can upgrade memory capacity with the help of SD-cards.

5. Size:

It is always suggested to choose small size and light weight type camera units because they are easier to handle and fix at different locations. You can also carry them easily while travelling.

6. Battery life:

Battery life is must for a high quality camera unit; it must be capable enough to produce videos for longer durations without any interruption.

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