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Review the exclusive 360 video rigs for GoPro

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Best Gopro rigs available for VR shooting.


  • It’s a full sphere rigs with 6 cameras. It’s a great camera with great features. Shoots HD footages and this is great for general purposes. Supports high resolution fulldome production. But stainless tripod mount adaptor is not included.
  • H3PRO-6

    H3PRO – 6N:

  • It’s output field is 360 x 135 and the recommended output resolution is great. This video rig is particularly designed for specific use cases basically where you don’t need the bottom or top view like UAV, helmet mounts and others. There is no stainless tripod mount adaptor. The pricing is good to.
  • H3PRO – 6N

    H3PRO – 7HD:

  • It’s one of the best video rigs in its class. It offers 360 x 110 output field of view but the max output resolution is good. The best part is that it has HD shooting capability. Available at exclusive prices. No stainless tripod is attached with the rig.
  • H3PRO – 7HD

    H3PRO – 10HD:

  • This exclusive video rigs from GoPro offers full sphere output field. It offers a full ultra HD video production that is simply great and it offers a full spherical view. But the negative part is that no stainless tripod mount adaptor with the rig.
  • H3PRO – 10HD


  • This video rig uses 6 gopro cameras that are arranged in a spherical array to capture the footage. The cameras capture video simultaneously with the help of proprietary hardware for pixel level synchronization.
  • Omni

    Freedom 360:

  • The video rig is capable of providing full coverage of 360 x 180 degree view. The multiple camera GoPro rig is suitable for different purposes. Hold it in any direction and it will capture everything around.
  • Freedom 360

Why use gopro to shoot 360 degree video?

The craze for VR recording has gulped the nation and if you have not yet experienced 360 videos then it’s time to explore the fun with GoPro. It’s true that a single GoPro cannot shoot 360 video and it requires multiple GoPro 360 degree rigs. But, the wait is over with the special official VR camera rig. Here are the features:

  • Shoot HD: Shooting videos in high-definition is what that most of the people now prefer. The picture clarity and visibility is something extraordinary with HD shooting and that facility is available with the GoPro. This is something not available with all the others VR camera rigs. So, this is nice for clearer video footages.
  • Shoot 4K video: This is another advantage that can attract the photographers to select the GoPro. Shooting high definition video with 4K color is something that would be really enjoying.
  • User-friendly: Gopro is really easy to use by any of the users. The functionality is designed perfectly that is easy to understand and perform. It doesn’t take much time to explore the beautiful features.
  • Strong backup: This is an important requirement that both the professional and casual photographers need to keep in mind. The battery backup for the GoPro is standard. Compare to other similar cameras, it performs better for longer shooting.

These are the reasons why many people are now taking the sides of Gopro to shoot 360 videos. The company is also taking their steps to emerge with latest features and qualities. According to most of the users, the product is quite mature for 360 video shooting. There are quite a few types of gopro rigs available for VR shooting. Let’s have a look.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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