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8 Free Christmas Fonts to Make You Become Creative

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

Everybody is eagerly waiting for the upcoming Christmas holiday season. Not only they wait, but also they get to prepare for this exciting season of the year. These preparations vary from house renovations to making Christmas greetings. When it comes to preparing Christmas greetings, a large percentage (almost all) of those greetings are created digitally these days because of the influence of computers.

Working with fonts and doing something creative to match a certain theme is called typography. There are hundreds of thousands of fonts available on the internet to download for free of charge, which is designed to match various typography styles. Selecting the best fonts for the purpose of creating Christmas greeting cards will be a challenging task concerning a large number of fonts available. This is assistance for you in picking free Christmas fonts to make creative holiday cards or videos.

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8 Free Christmas Fonts to Use

1. Beyond Wonderland

Beyond Wonderland is a wonderful font that depicts the Christmas mood. It is a true type font (.ttf) designed by font hobbyist Chris Hanson. He has allowed anybody to use this font for both personal and commercial use for free of charge. It will appear elegantly on your creations (especially on printed cards) with the appropriate use of colors although it is not compatible with accented vowels.

Beyond Wonderland

2. One Starry Night

This is a true type font with real festive touch that is created by Brittney Murphy Designs. One Stray Night font is free for personal and non-profit use. The font design is a handwritten one and it can make your design a glamorous one. If you need to use this front for any commercial use, you can buy it for an amount of $5.

One Starry Night

3. Santa's Sleigh

If you need a true type font with a vintage touch, Santa's Sleigh designed by HypoTypo might be a good match for you. It can appear nicely on your video or holiday card because of the design. More importantly, the font comes with regular, bold and deluxe weights enabling you to be selective on your designs.

Santa's Sleigh

4. Metro Retro NF

Metro Retro is a good option for those who look for something beyond the traditional Christmas fonts. This font is available in both OTF and TTF. You can use this specially for headings with larger font sizes. You can get the uppercase version of this font for free. If you need the lowercase too, you will have to buy this.

Metro Retro NF

5. Rothenburg Decorative

If you wish a gothic touch for your Christmas design, you can try out Rothenburg Decorative, which is a true type font designed by Dieter Steffmann. The font is totally free for both personal and commercial uses.

Rothenburg Decorative

6. Christmas On Crack

Christmas on Crack is an elegant font designed by David Lovelace. It is a font with gothic touch but with own fun characteristics. The font is free to use in both PC and Mac.

Christmas On Crack

7. Channel

Channel is a true type font designed by Swedish designer Måns Grebäck. It is a classy, cursive font with a touch of handwritten design. Although the full package is not for free, the demo version is good enough for personal designs.


8. The Gingerbread House

Channel is a true type font designed by Swedish designer Måns Grebäck. It is a classy, cursive font with a touch of handwritten design. Although the full package is not for free, the demo version is good enough for personal designs.

When you design something for Christmas, feel it with your heart. Match the colours to depict the festive emotions and combine it with a collaborative font style if you wish to come out with an elegant Christmas design.

The Gingerbread House


Digitally created Christmas greetings may come in various forms like printed Holiday Cards, Video Clips, E-cards, Flash Animations, banners etc. Despite of the form, all of these greetings are created using images, colours, shapes and most importantly fonts. A special occasion like Christmas deserves special fonts. Usually, our PCs have a limited amount of fonts which are installed by default with the operating system itself. Although these fonts are good enough for some standard tasks like typing an official document or creating a formal presentation, you may need to find more decorative or stylish fonts of you intend to create an attractive Christmas or holiday greeting.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.