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30 Best Vlogmas Ideas as an Inspiration

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

December is a special time of the year, especially for YouTubers and many vloggers. This joyous season is filled with presents, hot cocoa, and a whole lot of Vlogmas! The definition of Vlogmas is quite simple. They are basically video blogs related to Christmas created by YouTubers every single day in December until Christmas.

However, coming up with a new video idea every day for 25 days can be quite tedious, and frankly, a challenging thing to do. YouTubers everywhere are working hard to acquire various ideas for their video blogs.

Do you need any help with ideas for Vlogmas? In this article, here's a list of 30 Vlogmas ideas that can inspire you to keep up with Vlogmas this year.

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30 Vlogmas Ideas

1. Make a Gingerbread House

Create a video showing how to make a gingerbread house. Invite your friends and family over for a friendly gingerbread house contest. This is a super festive activity that children and adults will both love, and as a bonus, you'll get to eat all that leftover frosting!

gingerbread house

2. Make Your Own Christmas Advent Calendars

Christmas advent calendars are some of the most popular items during the holidays, especially the days leading up to Christmas in December. We love the idea of making your own advent calendars because you can always reuse it next year. It is more sustainable than buying them outside, and you can change up the surprises inside every year. An advent calendar for Vlogmas? Yes, please.

Advent Calendars

3. Christmas Decorations in Your Neighborhood

Go around your neighborhood and showcase what Christmas decorations some folks in your local neighborhood are putting up. and lights in the local garden center. This could be at the mall, on the streets, or even decorations in people's front lawns. Wow your viewers with what your city's doing to spread the holiday cheers during the day and night!

Christmas garden decoration

4. Christmas Tree Decorations

One of the most Christmas things you can do this Vlogmas is record how you're putting up Christmas tree decorations. Slo-mo or time-lapse videos are great ways to give your viewers a fun way to watch the process of putting up your Christmas tree and decorations. This is a fun way to not just have fun with loved ones, but give your viewers inspirations for their Christmas tree decorations.

Christmas Tree Decoration

5. Christmas Markets

Why not visit your local Christmas markets in your area? They have food, drinks, rides, and tons of fun Christmas entertainment like Christmas carols. Add vivacious colors to your Vlogmas, where I'm sure your viewers will love to see and experience the Christmas vibes!

6. School Christmas Celebration

If you have kids, find out what they're doing at school to celebrate the holidays and record it! Here are some ways schools celebrate Christmas, where it is all about their innocent smiles, lovely dresses, Santa Claus, and much more.

School Christmas Celebration

7. A Local Christmas Event

Lots of events are happening around this time of the year. Find out what's happening in your local area that could be a fun event to attend. Remember, Vlogmas can be about anything so don't be afraid to try something different and new!

8. Your Favorite Christmas Recipe(s)

If you are a superb cook, you can share your unique Christmas recipes and treat your friends as well as make your vlog to treat your viewers.

Christmas Recipe

9. Christmas Crafts

Christmas craft is one of the favorite pastimes for both young and old. This is a great idea for those that are looking to save some money on Christmas decorations all while having fun this year.

10. Christmas Outdoor/Indoor Parties

Is your company hosting a Christmas party? Show your audience the fun side of the corporate world!


11. Christmas Decorations at Home

Start decorating your home and record every phase of it! People will love to see what you're planning and have done to your place. This process could take a while, so you could even divide this up into several days worth of videos.

12. Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

If you are a creative person, make your vlogs about on different types of Christmas gift wrapping. Show your viewers how you can make your gifts more attractive this holiday season.

 Christmas Gift Wrapping

13. Christmas Eve Preparations

Show the world what you're doing to prepare for Christmas Eve celebrations. It can get pretty hectic what with all the Christmas shopping, dinner recipes, large family get-togethers, and so much more! Leave this video for the day of Christmas Eve or even the day before, but talk about how you manage to survive the Christmas hustle and bustle on Christmas Eve.

14. A Christmas Childhood Memory

Everyone has their favorite Christmas memory when they were young. What is yours? Share with your viewers about what it was that made it special. This is a great chance for your viewers to get to know you a little bit more while being able to relate to your story.

15. Naughty or Nice?

Let's do a review of your year. Was it full of good deeds or filled with not-so-good ones? What did you do that makes you deserve to be on Santa's nice list? This is a chance to also list things that you wish you could have done better. You don't need to be super creative here - just be genuine and your viewers will love you for that.

16. Christmas party games (Family and Friends)

Cozy up by a fireplace with your family and friends. Give your audience a chance to meet your family and friends. One way to do this is through party games. You'll be sure to get lots of hilarious footage!

Christmas Memories

17. Make a List of Your Favorite Christmas Songs

Are you a great singer? Whether you are or not, share some of your favorite Christmas Songs of all time either by singing or dancing along with them!

18. Christmas Stories from Family and Friends

Do you have hilarious Christmas stories you can't wait to share with your viewers? Or perhaps your family and friends have awesome stories to tell about YOU! Stitch together different footage of others sharing Christmas stories that either warm your heart or flip you on your side laughing!

19. Tips on Christmas Budget

The holiday season can put quite a dent in the wallet. Do you have any money-saving tips? Whether it's Christmas shopping for presents, decorations, or feasts, your audience will thank you for any "hacks" to help save a dime or two.

20. DIY Ideas for Christmas

Besides making Christmas gift wrapping yourself, you might have other festive ideas for making your own Christmas tree ornaments, gingerbread houses, Christmas stockings, or Christmas party ideas. Got a Christmas recipe you're dying to try and make on your own? Vlog about it!

21. Favorite Christmas Movies

What are your favorite Christmas movies? Make a list of the best movies and let your viewers know why it is your favorite and a must-watch in your video.

 Christmas Films

22. Christmas Cocktail Recipes

Is your audience old enough to drink? People are always on the lookout for a new Christmas cocktail recipe. Gather some ideas and make a list to help people make their own Christmas cocktails. Share recipes of 10 best cocktails for this Christmas season.

23. Christmas Hangover Cures

This is a continuation of the previous idea. If you're going to make a list of alcholic beverages, you might want to talk about what you do to help with hangovers (especially on Christmas Day. Trust me, people will thank you (if it works).

24. Shopping Spree with Santa

If you're planning on going Christmas shopping, you should definitely vlog about it for Vlogmas. Share tips on navigating the Christmas shopping madness and help people lessen all the holiday shopping stress. Feeling like a prankster, but still want to stay on Santa's nice list? Disguise yourself as Santa and spread the Christmas cheer inside shopping malls!


25. Holiday Themed Workout

If you've made videos about Christmas turkey recipes, you should be responsible and make a workout video just for the holidays. Add a bit of humor like lifting heavy bags of presents (or coal if you've been bad). Help everyone stay in shape this Christmas holiday!

26. Christmas Caroling

Bring back the Christmas carols! Go around your neighborhood with your friends, and go singing door-to-door. It's going to put smiles on people's faces and hey, your video just might go viral.

27. Christmas for Pets

Our furry critters also deserve some holiday love! Dress them up in festive costumes, give them holiday-themed treats, and take them out to Christmas events around town! However, do make sure that they are fine with the treats and costumes. If they are uncomfortable in them, DO NOT make them wear them!

Pet Love

28. Build a Campire

Nothing is cozier than sitting beside a fireplace, listening to the crackling sound of the scorching log, and sipping on a cup of hot chocolate. Combine this with telling stories around in a circle with friends and family outside by a campfire, and you'll be sure to have an unforgettable Christmas this year.


29. Family Christmas Traditions

What are your family traditions during Christmas? Do you follow any strict routine? What are the customs you follow during the Christmas month? Share your family traditions with your viewers through your Vlogmas videos.

30. Talk About Christmas in Your Culture

Every culture has a different version of Christmas. It may not even be called "Christmas" in your culture. Share with your viewers what is celebrated and anything else that is related during this time of the year.


There are many more Vlogmas ideas if you put your thinking cap on. Use your imaginations and creativity to think of relatable and festive ideas that your audience will love to watch. Christmas is all about sharing joy and happiness with the people you love. So, what other ideas do you have?

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