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How to Cut Videos in iMovie on Mac?

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Aug 18, 2022• Proven solutions

Video creation has now become a very important part as many social media influencers are using video making an application that provides highly advanced features to make the best video. iMovie is a video splitting Apple software that works for all the desktops and mobile macOS and iOS platforms. With this application, you can know how to cut videos in iMovie with the inbuilt splitting tool that will let you cut the videos as per your requirement. In this article, we are going to tell the readers how to cut a video in iMovie with some basic knowledge about it. Let’s check iMovie how to cut videos.

Part 1: How to Cut Parts of a Video in Mac Using iMovie

All Mac users can create and edit videos on this application by following some steps that are given below. This application offers you a user-friendly interface that’s why new users can easily perform their editing tasks with this application. This software is being used by many of professional filmmakers this is why it’s considered as one of the best applications to let the users know how to cut out parts of a video on iMovie. Moreover, it comes free with the Mac that means you don’t need to have any subscription package to use this software.

Step 1. Open up the app on your system

You will see a purple color video icon with a star background on your system. Open up the iMovie application to access the tools to cut the videos. In the picture below you can check the iMovie application.

Step 2. Choose the video you want to cut

Click on the "Project" menu to open up any movie or video you want to cut. As you will double click selected file, an editing window will open up on half of the screen. In the screenshot below, check the menu you need to select to access the video file you want to edit.

Step 3. Select the part you want to cut from the video

Play the video on half of the screen you want to edit. For iMovie how to cut video you need to make sure to stop the video at the exact point that needs to be edited.

  • As you open the video file, you will see the editing roll below the video in the bottom half of the screen.
  • It gives you an option to jump to any part of the video by clicking on the editing roll.
  • The vertical bar should be placed in the right position where you want to do the trimming of the video.
  • You can simply use the space bar button to pause and play the video.
  • You can also use the right and left keys from the keyboard to move forward or backward in the video.

Step 4. Press on command + B on your keyboard

Through this keyboard command, you can directly split the video clip into two parts by keeping the playhead bar at exactly the location from where you want to cut. After you separate the video, choose any of the two parts you want to remove from the video. This way you will know how to cut out parts of a video on iMovie. Press on the delete option to remove the selected part from the video.

Step 5. Right-click on the position you want to cut the video

In case you don’t want to use the keyboard shortcut, you can simply right-click on the selected area of the video. You need to select the editing roll present below to remove the selected part of the video clip.

Step 6. Choose a split clip from the menu

Exactly like the keyboard shortcut, this option will also let you cut the part of the video you want to delete. This will also fulfill the exact purpose of the above process.

Step 7. Left-click on the video part you want to remove

In this final step, you can move through the video and select the part you want to cut from the video clip. You can perform this by left-clicking on the selected part of the video. This step will directly place the white vertical line on the exact position that you want to remove from the video clip.

Step 8. Choose the modify option

Select the modify option mentioned above on the screen. As you select the option it will show you the list of menu to select as per your preferences.

Step 9. Choose the split clip option from the menu

This option will remove the selected part of the video you want to cut. Simply left-click on the selected part and then choose the split clip option to cut the video.

Part 2: How to Cut Parts of a Video in iPhone Using iMovie

The iMovie application not only supports macOS but also works for the iPhone. Therefore, we are going to give you a detailed explanation of how to cut a video in the iMovie iPhone. In case the user does not have the Mac, then they can easily edit the videos and movies with the help of iMovie on his iPhone. With the advanced features and tools of this application, you will get to know how to cut a video in iMovie iPhone. Even on the phone, you can easily handle the task to cut out the parts from the video.

How to Cut Video in iMovie on Your iPhone:

Step 1: Open the application on your iPhone

The iMovie icon is in the purple color video camera with a star background. You can easily search for it on the home screen or application folder.

Step 2: Open up the video file you want to edit

Open up the video or movie that you want to edit by choosing the add project option. Press on the plus icon to open any video or movie that needs to be trimmed.

Step 3: Hit the “Edit”

You will find the “Edit” button on the screen. Below the thumbnail and title, you will see an edit button, simply tap on it to open the video or any movie.

Step 4: Hold and drag the video clip to split

Simply, hold down the video clip at the bottom of your screen. Drag the clip to the position from where you want to cut the video. In the picture below you can see the video roll covering half of the screen. Remember to place the white vertical head at the exact position where you want to split the video into two.

Step 5: Click on the video roll

Tap on the video roll that will show you the yellow highlight around the video roll in the editor. This will also open up the editing tools at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6: Choose actions on the toolbar

Select the action toolbar that shows up the scissor icon. This icon will show your video actions.

Step 7: Choose the split button

Now by clicking on the split button you can cut out the part of the video where the white vertical head was placed.

Part 3: Tips to Cut the Video

Till here you must have got the way of how to cut the video into on the iPhone and Mac with the help of the iMovie application. There are other applications that would serve the same purpose. You can opt for the Filmora Mac application that could turn out a better option for you. Wondershare Filmora is an application that would let you create and edit any video or movie. Moreover, you can also publish the clip you have edited without any hindrance.

This application offers you a bunch of features in comparison to iMovie. With this software, you can record the screen, apply the customized watermark and edit the video with the advanced features provided.

Difference between Filmora Mac and iMovie:

  • Filmora is such an application that is applicable for all the OS platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac. Whereas iMovie only works for Mac users. It also works for the iPhone therefore the users can easily handle the editing part of the video.
  • Ease of use: In comparison to Filmora, iMovie offers a user-friendly interface that makes the software easy for the users to use. In case you don’t have the access to iMovie, Filmora would be the best option for you.
  • Effects: Filmora gives you an option to use the best-preset effects that no other video editing software will offer you. It offers you to customize the videos and use the audio effects that can give unmatched effect to your videos.
  • Pricing: As we have mentioned earlier, iMovie comes for free with the Apple products therefore it’s free of cost whereas, Filmora can only be accessed with a one-time fee of $69.


Well, these are some of the best ways that enable you to quickly cut your videos on the Mac using different programs. To cut a video in iMovie you don’t need to spend anything as it is free and available on all iOS devices including the iPhone and macOS. If you want to get more features with the cutting videos then we would like you to try Wondershare Filmora which is really easy to use and offers you a wide range of features that are not available in the iMovie.

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