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How to make a scary Halloween video

Jan 04,2019• Proven solutions

Halloween is a fun time. It is time for some scary music, delicious food and good horror movies. It is hard to ignore the horror part of Halloween though some may decide to celebrate it in a delightful or hilarious way. If creating a Halloween movie is in your mind, then we have simplified your process. In this article, we are going to share a brief guide about how to make a scary Halloween video in detail.

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Part 1: Halloween Video Preparation

1.Come Up with a Great Idea

Before you decide to make a scary movie, it is important for you to come up with a great idea. Do you want to color your face or want to make your eyes bleed? Do you want to zip open your face or want to look like a zombie? You can find some inspiration from the Internet, or take the help of some tutorials that can help you reach to a decision.

2.Have a Unique Story

Horror movies are famous because of their villians, their roles, character and set up. Therefore, to make a good horror movie, you need to come up with a good script with has horror and follows a structured approach. You must start your movie with a great opening. Because to grab the interest of the audience, it needs to have a good beginning. Set-up remains another factor, which affect the overallquality of the movie. Hence, think of atrocious places- some old creepy house, woods, cabin or abandoned houses.

3.Recruit Right Cast

To let your message get displayed correctly, it is imperative for you to recruit the right cast. Always cast those who have good experience in acting and are not afraid of working for long hours. Horror movies are known for their inconceivable acting skills, therefore recruit the right cast that can take the entire film on their shoulders.

Part 2: Shooting Tips for Creating a Horror Movie

As you are creating a horror film, therefore, your focus should always be on knowing what scares the people most. A good horror movie creates a sense of dread and leaves with some unforgettable dreadful memories. While shooting, you should focus on adding suspense to your film. It could be using a camera at different angles, ominous lightning, ticking sound and loud scary noises. You need to shoot and deliver scenes in a powerful way that takes away the breath of the viewers.

A good horror movie always increases the heart rate of the viewers. Therefore, bring the idea that has something unexpected. You can use a variety of shots that are effective and powerful in story telling. If you are planning to work with blood, you should know the physics of how blood flows and works. This is important for you to adopt a rightful science to set the mood of the film. Though working with blood is a messy task and you may require taking various shots to get the perfect shot. But it is the hard work that pays at the end. You could also practice beforehand how to work with blood and how to use and control the movement of blood. You can take several test shots to ensure it is working the right way.

People have seen various horror movies and to make your movie stand out of the others, you need to create a shock. You need to be more innovative with your script and more thoughtful about your scenes to give it an outstanding touch.

Part 3: Halloween Video Editing

Video editing is one the vital components of the professional video production. It is used to radically modify and advance the quality of the whole video. A good video, whether it is corporate, music, marketing or anything, needs to pass through 3 stages:

  • Pre Production
  • Production
  • Post production

The primary stage of the editing is pre production. Without a good cameraman, your entire shot can get ruined and without a good director, you scenes can get messed up. And it is the editor that manages all the scenes to help you create a masterpiece. To make your video professionally sound, you need to give proper attention towards all these factors as they play a major role. To create an excellent video, you need to have an intelligent script, experienced cameraman, good audio work and seasoned directing skills.

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A professional video editing can help you create a masterpiece and win over the interest and attention of the viewers. Here, we recommend you to try Wondershare Filmora. With Filmora, you could edit Halloween video with scary background music, horror sound effects, Halloween special effects etc. Apart from the scary pumpkin breaking screen effects, Sadako ghost effects, and the skeleton breaking screen effects, you can download more Halloween Video Footage Here .

To achieve perfect flows in the video editing process is through cuts. It is itself not difficult, but you need to be little careful. Timing is vital. Filmora allows you to trim and cut videos frame by frame. To make your video run perfect, you need to cut shots at the perfect time. Sound editing can improve the overall quality of your video. You can adjust sound levels, replace sound track or synchronize audio clips to make them look more intended and coherent. Right video editing is about blending images and sound in a way that the viewer feels emotionally connected and sometimes there in the film while watching. It is the major aspect to the video creation process.

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Making a horror video is not easy; it should be scary enough to match the theme of Halloween. You need to know the proper process and put some extra efforts to make the creepiest one. All its elements like script, music, genre and protagonists should be focused for having the best scary effects. By keeping in mind your audience, you can write the script and add the effects. For instance, whether they will be children, adults or old people, as every group will be scared of different things.

No need to worry if you are not creative much to write the script, you can get it done by someone. But be aware of the musical effects and the actors. Music is the most prominent factor that adds the most to the scariness of the video. Music can make the non-horror video a horror one, then think how scary your Halloween video can be, if both scary script and scary music are combined together.

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