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2. MP4 video editing tools for Mac
2.1 MP4 cropper for Mac
2.2 MP4 splitter for Mac
2.3 MP4 joiner for Mac
2.4 MP4 trimmer for Mac
2.5 MP4 editor for Mac
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MP4 Splitter for Mac: Splitting MP4 files on Apple Mac OS

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Jun 24, 2021• Proven solutions

What is the best MP4 video file splitter that comes with plenty of privileges and benefits for Mac users? Here, you will learn about a few free and advanced tools that include numerous editing features to personalize your videos. Take a look.

    Recommended best MP4 splitting tool: Wondershare Filmora for Mac
    Free tools to Split MP4 video files on Mac computer
    Advanced Solutions to Split videos

    Recommended best MP4 splitting tool: Wondershare Filmora for Mac

    If you are using a windows, check this tutorial instead

    Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

    Do you want to enhance the video splitting experience? Try Wondershare Filmora Video Editor to get customized experience in video editing. With this new tool, you can edit and import any video or audio file as per your requirement.

    Wondershare Video Editor also helps you to crop, trim, or rotate a video file. The best part of this tool is that you can add background music to make the mp4 files appear live and appealing.

    Retouch Option Available

    This tool includes rich titles, filters, animations, and transitions, with which you can easily perform retouching activities on photos and videos.
    For personalizing your experience, you can add credit or intro screens and effects like mosaic, tilt-shift, etc.

    Easy Sharing

    After editing the video, you can easily copy the file into a DVD for preserving or sharing purposes. Filmora conforms with various formats. Whenever you want to watch the edited movie, you can experience it on devices like iPhone 4, 3, 5, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung, HTC, and other supported devices.

    Do you want to share your new work with your friends? This tool has suitable features that help you to upload the edited video on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Want To Attain Hollywood Effects?

    Look at these options covering more than 300 effects.

    Astonishing Filtering Effects

    You can set the right mood for your movie by adding the desired color or motion effect. This tool offers you more than seventy classic visual and creative filters that can be dragged easily onto your dashboard.

    Add Graphical Finishes

    Make your video special by applying graphical touches. These art forms come in suitable themes like Christmas celebrations, Valentine Day, and many more.

    Sound Effects

    This tool provides you with various sound effects options for making the video vibrant. You can add laughter and suspense whenever you require and select different sound effects for the movie including gunfire, boing, thunder, etc.

    Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

    Free tools to Split MP4 video files on Mac computer

    1. MP4 Splitter: Mp4Split

    Mp4Split helps Mac users in splitting MP4 files into various segments. Other than splitting, this tool provides option for extracting segments of video from a film file. The best part of Mp4Split is that it incorporates usage of ffmpeg-codec copy option for splitting a movie in short time and also keeps the quality in check.


    • Good for a free tool


    • No join feature

    2. MP4 Splitter: iMovie

    Now Mac users can efficiently split videos with iMovie. This tool offers simple video editing options like adding text and captions, trimming, audio and special effects.


    • Improved audio editing options
    • Users can easily use the tool


    • Sometimes, trans-coding and pre-processing takes a long time to complete
    • Direct import and native AVCHD editing facilities are not available

    Advanced Solutions to Split videos

    If you are a video editing professional, you can easily accomplish your task with the following tools.

    1.Adobe Premiere Pro

    Premiere Pro is a competent app that you can use for almost any clip. Many professionals including the filmmakers use this tool.


    • Editing is smooth and easier

    • Several advantageous changes included in the update

    • Very competent to work on old hardware

    • Very stable

    • Workflow speeds up with Master Clips

    • Feature of motion-tracking masking very effective

    • In the features of After Effects, accessing type changes is quick


    • You have to rent the tool, can’t own it

    • Doesn’t match standard interface design of Mac

    • Speed of Motion-tracking masking can get slow

    • Integration of TypeKit fonts not like it is in Dreamweaver

    2.Final Cut Pro X 10.2

    This is the top of the line professional video editor by Apple. Several enhancements are included in the latest update. A special mention must be made about managing libraries.


    • Using 3D text is powerful

    • Easy optimizing media with better media management

    • Proxy media and generated cache files for libraries, events, and projects

    • Refined tools for color correction

    • Saving presets of customized effects


    • For mask effects no integrated tracking options

    • For the creation of custom effect mask shapes no integrated tools

    • Saved effect presets are not copied between systems intuitively

    • For new users, price increased

    With the above-said video editing tools, now, you can customize the video files for drawing maximum fun. Select one as per your need and enrich your entertainment experience today. If you want to split MP4 without re-encoding, you should try to use Filmora.

    Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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