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MP4 Trimmer Mac: Best Ways to Trim MP4 Videos on Mac

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Guess you've got some MP4 files consuming extra space. Let's be honest. You don't need those long hours of video, Right? You may need to split them like trim 3 minutes of your favorite scenes rather than 90 minutes. So it's pointless to keep the beginning, end, or other useless video stuff. What should you do? All you're looking for here is an MP4 trimmer for Mac that helps you trim useless parts of video without losing the original quality. 

We are sharing some of the top MP4 trimmers for Mac, including online, in this post.

Part 1: Top 3 Best MP4 Trimmer on Mac

However, the quest to searching the best video trimmers is not over. If you search for a quicker and easier video trimmer, ultimately, you are at the right place. It is so easy to trim MP4 Mac video with the proper tool. Here are the top 3 MP4 Trimmers Mac used for practical video editing tasks:

1. Wondershare Filmora for Mac(recommended)

WondershareFilmora is video editing software for both Mac and Windows operating systems that comes with templates, audio, filters, soundtracks, drag, and drop effects, and more. You also get a bundle of functions like motion tracking, green screen, split-screen, and more. The Keyframing function further allows you to add custom animations between video clips, while Motion tracking helps you with interactive object tracking.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

The video editor even lets you assign hotkeys shortcut commands for different tools to save your time. Moreover, you can also consider ‘Audio Ducking’ to minimize background music volume and fade one audio track into another.

Key Features

  • Allows you to trim, crop, and combine in a few clicks.
  • Free Green Screen background resources to download.
  • Various filter and overlay effects to touch up your video.
  • Provide Instant Mode/Template Mode to make video editing easier for you.
  • Built-in Pixabay, Unsplash, Giphy stock media resources makes it easy to get the images/videos you need.
  • Support popular imported video formats: .mp4, .mov and more...

2. QuickTime

It was the default video player on Mac, which can split and trim videos. If all you want is to cut a video and don't need any advanced or fancy effects, it comes preinstalled on macOS. You can easily open any clip or video in QuickTime, and then tap the Edit and choose split clip. You can also click the command + y tab. Then you can adjust the length of the video and remove whatever you do not need. Finally, make sure to save it.

MP4 Trimmer for mac - quicktime

QuickTime is a video player launched on millions of PCs and laptops. Unfortunately, Apple stopped developing and supporting it on Windows two years ago.


  • Share video clips directly to Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms
  • Add multiple videos and trim them altogether.
  • Supports audio-only export or 4K/1080/720/480P format resolutions


  • No timeline features.
  • Use only for editing one or two videos.

3. Filmora Online Video Trimmer

If you are looking for an online MP4 Trimmer for Mac, the Filmora video trimmer is a free tool that can help you trim clips instantly. You can upload your video from your PC system and video link with an easy drag-and-drop editor. Also, it's simple with the slider or input-specific end and starts times for exact trimming. It also supports different exporting and importing video format, including .mov, .wemb, .mp4, .mpeg, .flv. Moreover, the exported video is free of the watermark. It is worth a try!

online trimmer

If you need to trim MP4 Mac video temporarily, you can work with an online video cropper for quick results.


  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • You can crop, rotate, and trim videos.
  • Save videos in HD format.


  • Only best for basic editing

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Part 2: Trim MP4 video with Filmora for Mac

Want a cutter to trim out a funny part of a YouTube clip? Or just cut out the shaky or needless sections in a Camcorder video to save hard drive space? Here's the solution: Go for a powerful MP4 trimmer for Mac-like Wondershare Filmora. With this professional video editing application, you can efficiently place any part of the video but trim out unnecessary sections in Timeline editing. This section will describe how to trim a video clip quickly in Filmora. 

Step 1: Import MP4 video

Hit the "Import" tab on the primary windows and upload MP4 videos from your PC system or drag them to the Media Library before adding them to the Timeline for trimming.

import mp4 video

Step 2: Trim MP4 video easily

Whether the needless section is there at the beginning, the ending, or the middle section of the video clip, you can trim, cut, or split it out with ease in Filmora.

When the needless sections are in the middle section, to trim it out, you need to split the video first and then delete the split part. To split the video, firstly, you need to locate the beginning and ending points of the unwanted part by dragging the playhead forward or backward, then at the beginning and ending points, click the scissor icon to split it.

trim mp4 video

Step 3: Edit MP4 video (optional)

Now you can use markers, color correction, effects, transitions, etc., for up to 100 multimedia tracks—besides stunning effects, including motion elements, animated titles, royalty-free music, and transitions.

Step 4: Save/Export trimmed video

Click "Export" and select whatever you like to save the trimmed video when you finish trimming. You have five export options: Format, Device, YouTube, Vimeo, and DVD.

export mp4 video

Part 3: Final Words

There are plenty of other useful video cutter tools you can download today or use online without any installation required. Consider each option out and find an ideal MP4 Trimmer Mac you can rely on for all your future needs.

Trimming video clips in Wondershare Filmora is easy. Just keep your mouse at the beginning/end of the video until the trim icon occurs, and then drag and drop it to right/left/right to trim. With Filmora, you can also split, cut, or delete the unwanted part of the video clip.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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