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How to Record 4K videos using iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Although so many models of smartphones have been introduced recently into the market but still the most remarkable entrance is made by iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s. The major reason for their huge popularity is the ability to record 4K videos; everyone is crazy about shooting very high quality videos and iPhones loaded with such features are on great demand in market.

What is 4K?

First of all, it is important to know that what is 4K and how it is important for video shooting? Actually 4K means number of pixels across the video file in horizontal dimension will be approximately 4000. You must be aware about the fact that HD resolutions generally refer to vertical dimensions. Although HD videos are available in so many formats but more popularly people recognize them as 1080p that represents video resolution of pixel range 1920*1080. Now if you make comparison between these two formats then it will be well recognized that 4K resolution is much more satisfying as here video contains much more picture details as compared to HD versions; naturally the images and videos appear much sharper. The 4K videos will also take more space in your memory as their picture details are much finer and the flickeriness is perfectly adjusted so that videos do not look creepy.

You will be glad to know that all this is possible with a jump of Apple from 8MP to a latest two digits megapixel count that is 12 MP. In order to record videos with very high resolution; you must have this feature in your iPhone then go ahead with following settings:

  • First of all, open the application of settings and select the options shown as “Photos and Camera”.
  • Now scroll down towards camera and then tap on the “Record Video” option.
  • It is time to select “4K at 30 fps” so that 4K recording can be instantly activated on your iPhone.
  • Exit out of settings app and now enjoy your breathtaking video capturing experience.

Recording High Quality 4K videos using iPhone Camera:

When you are done with above settings, the applications of your iPhone will naturally go to high resolution 4K capturing mode by default. Actually the videos captured with 4K feature are really smoother and they have such a high resolution level that most of televisions are not even able to display their full quality. On the same time you can observe that 4K recorded videos consume almost three times extra storage space as compared to HD recording option and it takes about 6 times higher storage space if compared with simple 720p resolution level. It is good to transfer all videos to your computer as soon as possible because it may consume most of memory space in your iPhone.

If you are crazy to capture breathtaking videos of different events and natural aspects then following tips will be helpful for you to capture 4K resolution videos with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus:

1. Mode is adjusted by Light

When experts shoot videos, they always prefer to use natural light because it gives mesmerizing effects and perfect colour coding. If it is not possible to have proper natural light then go for one spotlight in combination with two flood lamps. It is also good to use reflectors for better quality.

2. Music plays an Important Role

Music always gives a unique appearance to your videos and it helps to convey your message in better manner. Viewers use to make different judgments about your videos depending upon type of music you have selected.

3. Tell all stories with perfect angles and focus

It is possible to capture videos with different angle settings and adjustable focus on various objects time to time. Videos captured at proper angle makes viewers to feel more about every aspects as it appears much closer.

4. Always prefer to use apps

It is not sufficient to use only your iPhone for capturing high resolution videos rather experts suggest to use some advanced video applications. Video filters available in these applications can boost your video quality by great extend.

Often times you are going to need to some editing work on your 4K videos before sharing it with your families and friends. Here are some most popular applications that are used for 4K video editing in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus:

Vizzywig 4K

This application was earlier sold with price tag $1000 but now it is available in $99.99 with huge fall. It helps iPhone users to capture, share and edit their all high resolution images and also makes your experience more valuable with its multi camera type recording feature.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

If you want to edit your 4K videos with your computer, we recommend you to use the Filmora video editor. Check out the video below to learn what you can do with Filmora. To edit 4K videos, please make sure you are using the latest version of Filmora (V7.0 or later).

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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