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How to Easily Resize A Photo: 3 Best Image Resizer Software

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

Resizing is the way to change the photo's size to something more along the lines of what you have wanted. Below are a few software suggestions that you should consider. All of them offer tools for resizing a photo as well as a decent selection of other photo editing tools, like reducing blur, resizing the photo, removing objects, restoring old photos, or fixing red eyes. You can use the software to create beautiful images at just the size.

If you want to resize a video footage with some free video editing software, you can check Top 5 Best Free Video Resizers .

Bonus: Resize video images on Windows and Mac [Free Trial]

Wondershare Filmora is an easy to use video editing software which also provides powerful features to make a Hollywood style movie with ease. With Filmora, you can resize the video with changing the resolution, the bit rate, or by cropping the unwanted frames from the frame. Download the free trial version and give it a try today.

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Best 3 Software tools for resizing photos

1.PhotoZoom Classic 7 (Recommended)


PhotoZoom Classic 7 offers a streamlined design with important, highly desired features included. You can use it to resize photos and to make them more appealing aesthetically. If you are looking for an all around photo editing tool, you can use this one too. You can see great results with less effort, less money, and less time invested. If you need resizing, you can start almost immediately with these simple steps.

2. Refocus


Refocus can help you enhance out of focus photos, as well as for adding bokeh and lens blur to your images. Its powerful sensors can adjust different types of sharpness and bring your photos into focus

3.Photoshop Element

These are some of the top software options available if you would like to start resizing your photos. All of them come with their advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for something that you feel you can use and that is budget friendly, Photozoom is likely your best bet.

How to easily resize photos with PhotoZoom Classic 7 

In the following part, I will show you how to use PhotoZoom Classic7 to resize images without losing quality.

Step 1Upload the photo. Choose the file and photo, and then open it.


Step 2Select what you want to zoom in on and resize.


Step 3Begin zooming. Choose your settings and let the software do the rest.


Here, you have a process that anyone can start and complete. The results are fantastic, too. PhotoZoom Classic 7 stands out from the rest because it avoids pixelation. When you upload and enlarge a photo, you do not have to worry about the image becoming pixelated, which is when it becomes blocky. It remains clear, no matter how big you make the image. 

To edit your images further, you can try Wondershare Fotophire , besides resizing the images, you can add 200 photo effects, or remove image background or erase the part of your photo without impacting the background.

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Since the video content is becoming popular on the social media, it's a good time to share with people about your videos as well. Download Filmora for free and share your opinion in the comment below.

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