How to Easily Resize A Photo: Best Programs for Resizing Images

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Whether you want to use the photo for personal or professional reasons, you need to make sure that the photo is the right size. Resizing is the way to change the photo's size to something more along the lines of what you had wanted.

With the options available, you can have a resized photo almost immediately. Below are a few software suggestions that you should consider. All of them offer tools for resizing a photo as well as a decent selection of other photo editing tools, like reducing blur, resizing the photo, removing objects, restoring old photos, or fixing red eyes. You can use the software to create beautiful images at just the size that you want.

Best 4 Software tools for resizing photos

Some of the available software for resizing photos are:

PhotoZoom Classic 7


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Google Photos


Photoshop Element


Purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements 15

These are some of the top software options available if you would like to start resizing your photos. All of them come with their advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for something that you feel you can use and that is budget friendly, Photozoom is likely your best bet.

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How to easily resize photos with PhotoZoom-Step by Step tutorial

Photozoom offers a streamlined design with important, highly desired features included. You can use it to resize photos and to make them more appealing aesthetically. If you are looking for an all around photo editing tool, you can use this one. It is a popular choice for thousands of people because of its features and usability. You can see great results with less effort, less money, and less time invested. If you are looking to use it for resizing, you can start almost immediately. To resize a photo in Photozoom, follow these steps:

1 Upload the photo. Choose the file and photo, and then open it.

2Select what you want to zoom in on and resize.

3Begin zooming. Choose your settings and let the software do the rest.

There is nothing more to it than this. You do not have to go through step after step to do something that should be simple. Here, you have a process that anyone can start and complete. The results are fantastic, too. Photozoom stands out from the rest because it avoids pixelation. When you upload and enlarge a photo, you do not have to worry about the image becoming pixelated, which is when it becomes blocky. It remains clear, no matter how big you make the image. You can make it as large as you want and InPixio will help to retain the same, or similar, quality it held before.


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None of the software mentioned by Liza Brown, the author of this article is correct. Not even Photoshop can resize a image without loose quality of the original image. In this days anyone can create a blog or articles like this one. But NOT anyone can create an article with the correct information. To resize a image the correct way you need a special and sofisticated software that create additional pixels on the image and require a very intelligent software to do it the right way.. The problem is to how to find the correct one with out breaking your wallet because it cost few hundred dollars... One of them is onOne perfect resize ( but is not the best one). So, again, to write an article require knowledge about the stuff you are about to write. Not just browse the internet for poor information and just repeat the same wrong information again in another different blog.. For example, If I'm not a professional photographer, I not going to go out there and start talking about photography, because photography is very complicated, take years of experience and I'm going to look stupid. I know someone is going to say. People cannot afford hundreds of dollars in buying software.. Incorrect.! because the author mentioned Photoshop in the list of programs.. So, this means expensive and professional software is already mentioned in the list.. So, why the mixing of professional software with the other crap like picasa , inPrixio and the standard windows photo gallery.. ?. The autor should mention professional paid software in the top with resize plugins and also make a list with the other crap like Picasa.. If curse if the knowledge helps with it…
The best resize plug-in:

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