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Why Your Transparent GIF Is Hard to Remove and How to Do With It

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 11, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
Why Your Transparent GIF Is Hard to Remove and How to Do With It

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GIFs are very popular type of content these days, on social media. It seems to be very engaging for the audience. The GIF image format was first developed by CompuServe in 1987. Since that time, they have been used for entertainment purposes and their application is increasing with each passing day. But when it comes to transparent GIFs, it gets annoying sometimes. It looks ugly with weird white edges.

Sometimes it becomes hard to remove such GIFs with transparent backgrounds. Do you ever think about why it happens? This blog is dedicated to explaining the possible reasons for this. Also, we are going to explain how one can achieve to remove such a transparent background from the GIF.

Part 1 Why Sometimes Transparent Gif is Hard to Remove

When the GIF looks ugly with a transparent background, it becomes necessary to remove the background. But it sometimes becomes hard as this requires proper skills as well as adequate tools to achieve this. In the absence of even one, the final output may come out to be clumsy. There are many tools that can be used to remove the background from a transparent animated GIF. But it is hard to use these tools without proper knowledge. If you learn the skills, the task becomes so easy.

Part 2 How to Remove the Background from an Animated Gif in Photoshop

Photoshop is popularly known for being a photo manipulation and editing software. But it can also be used to remove the background of an animated GIF. Here, we will discuss the step-by-step approach to removing an animated GIF background.

Step 1: Import The GIF File

This can be done in 2 ways. One is clicking and dragging the file from the file location on the computer, into Photoshop. The second way is to click on the "File" menu of Photoshop. Then tap on "Open" and double click on the desired GIF file.

import file photoshop

Step 2: Set Up The Project

It is required to edit each frame separately for deleting the background of an animated GIF (gif remove bg). For this:

Find the "Video Group" option on the right side of Photoshop. Right-click on it and tap on the "Ungroup layers" option.

ungroup video photoshop

This will give you the video layer, which you want to edit. Right-click on "layer 1" and tap on the "Convert to smart object" option. Again right-click on "Layer 1" and click on "Edit Contents".

converted to so photoshop

You will get a new Photoshop tap for the editing of GIF files. Just freely close the original tab.

Step 3: Begin The Editing Part

Find the blue line called the Timeline at the bottom of the screen. This Timeline will help you to edit the GIF. To make your editing easy, you can zoom on the frames with the help of a slider located at the bottom of the screen.

For a better outcome, the frame-by-frame deletion of the GIF background is advisable. It might be a little time-consuming but it is the most appropriate and accurate approach. So, delete the background from each frame independently.

To move from one frame of the GIF to another, hold and move the blue arrow having a red line.

move frame by frame photoshop

Step 4: Delete The Transparent GIF Background

Now, delete the background of each frame of your GIF. To delete the background of any particular frame, click on that frame. For this, you can either use a "Quick Selection Tool" or a "Polygonal Lasso Tool". You will get the final result that will be background free.

delete background photoshop

Step 5: Save The Project In GIF Format

To save the GIF project, click on the "File" menu and then tap on the "Save As" option. Give a file name and select "GIF" on the "Save As Type" options menu. Then click on "OK" to save the GIF file.

save as gif photoshop

Part 3 Best Online Transparent Gif Maker Websites

When it comes to how to make a gif transparent through online sources, there are many options available. Here, we are going to discuss the best options out of them.

01 Online Transparent Gif Maker for Windows

Let’s learn about the best performing online transparent Gif creator websites compatible with Windows.


EzGif is among the best transparent GIF-making websites available online. Using the website, one can create a high-resolution GIF with a transparent background. To achieve this, the website will ask to upload a number of images of transparent backgrounds. The images can be uploaded in PNG, JPEG, GIF, or any other format. Then, next is to combine all the images to form a GIF. The website allows users to upload a maximum of 2000 images. Each image size should not exceed 6MB and the total size of all images should not exceed 100 MB.

ezgif windows


Lunapic is also one of the best and easy-to-use websites for making a confetti GIF transparent, available for free. There is no limitation to the number of images or image size. Also, the website does not have limitations for the total file size, one can upload. It also allows the user to upload an image already having a transparent background and create a GIF out of it.


GIF Make

GIF make is also a useful free website for making high-quality transparent GIFs. It is easy to use this website for transparent GIF creations. You only need to upload transparent PNG images for this. It allows you to add as many as 80 images to create a GIF file. But there is one limitation to the website that it does not contain the option of uploading images without a transparent background and removing the background. So, the user only needs to upload an image with a transparent background to create a GIF.

animated gif maker is also a good option when it comes to creating transparent GIFs from images, for free. For this, you can upload multiple PNG images in this online tool. Then, the tool will help you create a GIF by joining them all together. It allows you to upload an unlimited number of images. The online website also enables the creation of transparent background GIFs by uploading images with colored backgrounds. It allows you to remove the background of images and make them transparent.

02 Online Transparent Gif Maker for Mac


We have already discussed EzGif as the best online transparent GIF maker website for Windows. But, we want to ensure that this also works best in the MAC version. It helps to convert either a video or photos into a GIF file. Moreover, the website supports all the standard image formats such as HEIC, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, etc.

ezgif mac


Picasion is one of the best websites for Mac users to create transparent GIFs and memes. The website is easy to use by uploading the images from the desktop location. But it has certain limitations. It only allows you to add a maximum of 3 images to convert them into GIF files. Moreover, it also lacks the capabilities of adding texts and resizing the GIFs.



Gifpal also allows the MAC user to convert images into transparent GIFs with the least effort. The loading time of the website is very fast. It also allows the user to upload the images directly from a phone camera or webcam. The user can also rearrange and remove the watermarks of the images after uploading them. It also enables the user to preview the GIF before downloading.


Make A GIF

Last but not the least, Make a GIF is also a great website for MAC users to create transparent GIFs. People can use this website for free. It enables the user to generate GIFs out of multiple images or videos. Customization options like adding text, resizing, rearranging, etc are also available with it. But, there is a limitation with Make a GIF that it does not allow the user to preview the GIF before download.


These are some of the widely used websites for Windows and MACs applicable for making transparent GIFs. But now we are introducing the best option out of all and i.e. Wondershare Filmora.

Both Windows and MAC users can use Wondershare Filmora effectively for creating snow transparent GIFs. Though it can be used easily, it creates a GIF of high quality and resolution. This tool is highly recommended for such purposes because of its simple and most interactive interface. The user can make a GIF by combining any number of images and also from small videos. Easy customization of GIFs such as adding texts, elements, overlays, etc, is also available for the user

Moreover, one can also use Wondershare Filmora Video Editor meme maker to create a GIF online. You can directly make the GIF here, without any watermark. No sign up required for this and one can use it for free. A lot more editing options for GIFs are also accessible by the user easily.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Ending Thoughts

So, we can conclude that though it is hard to remove the transparent GIF, it can be done with proper knowledge and skills. There are many online free and paid tools available for this. Choose according to your suitability.

When it comes to making a GIF on Windows and MAC platforms, we have discussed the best online websites according to their effectiveness.

Wondershare Filmora is the most suitable option out of all, as it can be used in both Windows and MAC platforms. Moreover, people can use this wonderful tool for both creating a transparent animated GIF and removing the transparent background of the GIF. So, we can say it is an all-in-one solution.

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