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Video Marketing Strategies to Increase Conversion in 2024

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

With the recent rise and awareness in video marketing, it’s no wonder marketers everywhere are trying to one-up their competitors with new tricks up their sleeves.

Almost 87% of marketers  use videos in their campaigns. And what’s not to love in videos? A good video is fun, engaging and provides valuable content at the same time!

83% of marketers also believe videos are a good source of ROI, this is backed up by the statistic that 8 out of 10 customers actually buy the product advertised in the video!

With so many videos competing against each other, how do you unlock the power of video marketing? It isn’t as head-scratching as you think it is. Let’s find out! 

Video Marketing Strategies to Increases Conversion

1. Optimize Your Video Landing Page

Okay, so you must know that your landing page is the most important page of your website, right? It’s the first impression that you make on your visitors, and keep in mind, that first impression is the last impression!

Would you want your brand to come off as dry, boring, and unprofessional? You shouldn’t have to force your viewers to stay on the website. Engage them right away and blow their minds by embedding a good, optimized video on the top of your landing page!

Having an optimized video on your landing page boosts conversion rate significantly!

To optimize a video, keep it short and sweet. Don’t overcomplicate and confuse the user; it should be easily digestible by them. Only then will they understand your brand and would want to get on board!

2. Insert a Lead Capture Form in the First 10-20% of Your Video

When you first make your video live, immediately attach a heat map to it. Doing that, you’ll have important insights about your video such as, what parts do the viewers skip, what do they repeat and so on.

Using this information, you’ll know which parts are the most engaging and hence where to put your CTA! This is where your viewers will be the most hooked and making them fill the form will be relatively easy.

According to Wistia, the highest conversion rate lies between 38-43% when you embed a CTA in the first 10-20% of your video!

Since we’re talking about how to increase conversions, this CTA will be your lead capture form. 

CTAs are a great way to lead your customers through the buyer’s journey. With this, you’re directing them to where you want them to go.

3. Send Personalized Videos to Prospects

Don’t you love it when brands do something personal for you? We definitely do. When it comes to video marketing, hitting the right target by pressing the right buttons of your audience is imperative. 

You should at least have one video for each stage of the buyer’s journey, not just for conversions, but also for lead nurturing as well.

When the video focuses on the buyer’s needs and their problems, it is already creating a connection by letting your viewers know that the brand cares about you. That connection is your ticket to more conversions!

4. Swap Out The Copy For Video

If a picture says a thousand words… then a video says a million! This is exactly the strategy we’re going for here. If the copy of your website is presented in a video format, the same words will induce a spectrum of emotions that plain words just couldn’t capture!

And emotions are a key deciding factor. In the same way that cars run on petrol, humans run on emotions! Hype up your customers by representing the same information in a video can increase the chance of information retained in your customers by 40% according to this study.

 video marketing facts you should know

5. Explainer videos

Explainer videos are a great way to represent your brand. These videos are short, engaging, and to the point, while hitting all the key points of your business or the product advertised.

In a survey conducted by Wyzowl, 81% of the business reported an increase in sales through explainer videos.

6. Increase Conversion With More Videos On More Pages

Having a video just on the landing page won’t cut it. Try to embed videos in other important sections of your website like the testimonial, services, and product information pages.

This increases your chance of converting more customers throughout your website. You never know which video your viewers like the best and end up converting because of it.

Having more videos also means educating and making your audience’s decision concrete. This helps them make an informed decision which is likely to lead them to buy your product or service.

 video marketing strategy in 2020

7. Target The Skeptics

Don’t let the skeptics take away all the fun by pinpointing minute mistakes in your business. Avoiding skepticism on the internet is next to impossible, so why not own it?

Skepticism rises when there isn’t enough information available on your product. To combat this, do the following steps:

  1. Explain why your product is risk-free.
  2. Make how-to videos on the workings of your product.
  3. Make testimonial videos of previous skeptics if possible.
  4. Try to back up everything you’re saying by authentic scientific research and studies so it leaves no room for argument.

By following these steps, you’re educating your audience in detail about yourself, as well as the dynamics of your products. You’ll also be creating authority and trust!

8. Use the Video at Multiple Places

So, you have videos scattered across your website. Good. But is it enough? Why not go an extra step and repurpose those videos?

Target video sharing platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn and post your videos there. Direct traffic from all the platforms to increase awareness as well as a chance for higher conversions.

Repurposing the same video won’t cost you, so you’re basically reaching out to a larger audience without any additional cost!

9. Get the SEO right

We’ll get straight to the point: Google loves videos! Let us explain.

Having a video on your landing page increases the average time a user spends on your page, this, in turn, decreases the bounce rate, hence indicating to Google that your page is relevant.

All of this ultimately leads to a higher ranking on Google! Isn’t this the end goal?

If you rank on the first page of Google, your chances of getting discovered, and with it generating more leads, shoot up drastically! The top 5 results on Google harnesses almost 68% of all the clicks! This is mind-blowing. And embedding a video on your website can increases your chances of landing on Google’s first page as well.

10.Retarget People Who’ve Already Watched Your Video

Should you just forget about the people who’ve already watched your video? Nope. If your video isn’t converting as you’d hope it would, then don’t worry. At the very least, you’ve created brand awareness and built trust!

Your audience is already aware of your brand and is thinking if they should invest in your product or not. They have entered the decision stage of the buyer’s journey.

Your next step would be to lure them in again through a video ad, targeted especially to this type of audience. Send a special, customized offer that will prompt them to open their wallets and hand their money to you.

11. Include Subtitles

How often have you watched videos without sound? We often have. Most people watch videos when they are in office, school or some other public place, which means they most probably watch it without sound. So, even if your video is marketed properly and is reaching the right audience, what use is it if people just scroll past it?

To combat this problem, make sure to add subtitles in your video! Not only will they be useful to viewers who watch it without sound, but read the message as well as listening to it increases the chances of consuming the message more properly.

12. Offer Gated and Ungated Video

Gated videos are often looked down upon because they don’t get traffic, but they are actually great for conversions! So, why not offer both gated and ungated videos, together?

Start by an ungated video to attract traffic to your website. When the viewers are engaged the most (check with a heat map), add a CTA there leading them to gated content, in this case, a video!

It works similarly to email turnstiles, except only this time, you’re adding valuable content for the information they are providing you! It’s important that you do this when the engagement is the highest because that’s when the viewers are most influenced by your brand and are likely to add in their info to get even more amazing content!

 video marketing strategy in 2020


Hubspot says that video marketing increases conversion rates by 63%! I’m sure you want these stats for yourself too, and we’ve just given you some of the best strategies that you can use to achieve it!

Let us know which video marketing strategy worked for you in the comments!

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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