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Dell P2415Q 4K Monitor Review

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Among several 4K monitors available in market, Dell P2415Q has left great impression with its high end features. This monitor is designed to serve all Mac and PC users with higher customization facility. You will be glad to view its awesome performance after calibration and the certified color delivery leads to incredible display quality with higher pixel count. Dell P2415Q works like perfect companion for all professionals as well as beginners with its ability to handle videos and photos with higher clarity and deep details. It also maintains fine connection with most of gaming consoles that cannot be handled with 5K monitors. With all these stunning features, this monitor can standout against several competitors in the market.


  • Standard mode calibration provides great results with perfect gamma range, white point and color accuracy.
  • IPS monitor with great contrast performance.
  • Best response for refresh rate frequency of 60Hz as all pixels stays well balanced.
  • Provides satisfactory input lag.
  • Stunning clarity with impressive pixel density that suits for most of games and movies.


  • Surface texture needs some improvement.
  • Advanced gamers who need FreeSync and G-Sync to handle higher refresh rates will not find this monitor suitable for their needs.
  • Some scaling issues are observed.
  • Graphics lack somewhere for 4K content.

Dell P2415Q Hardware Design:

1.Design Style

When taken out of box, Dell P2415Q appears really good with its stand. You will definitely feel satisfied with stand of this 4K monitor as it allows easy angling of screen with backward or forward movement (tilt), allows users to slide it down or up with stand (height adjustment), and also allows pivot management if users need to enjoy movies in portrait view. You will be glad to know that this stand also helps to remove the clutter of cables.

This monitor shows that Dell manufacturers give higher priority to functionality instead of style and aesthetics. Most of you will call it chunky but at the same time it appears reliable and sturdy enough thus it can satisfy high demands with ease. There are few touch buttons on one side of the screen and they appear little old fashioned but the screen itself is designed to stay free from finger prints.

2. Ports and Connectivity

All ports of Dell P2415Q are down-firing. You will find the AC power input on right portion of the stand. Other than this, it possesses three USB 3.0 downstream ports, one USB upstream port, 3.5mm audio output port, DisplayPort 1.2 output with Daisy chaining feature, Mini DisplayPort1.2 input, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 with support of MHL 2.0. If you want to run your monitor with 60Hx refresh rate then you need to access Mini Display Port 1.2 and Display Port 1.2. On the other side, Display Port 1.1 and HDMI port are designed to serve users with 30Hz refresh rate at 4K resolution level.

Dell P2415Q makes use of single stream transport technology internally and it can achieve 3840x2160 resolution level with 60Hz rating when used with DisplayPort. You will find Displayport cable, Mini DisplayPort cable, USB 3.0 Upstream Cable and one power cable inside this package.

Dell P2415Q Features and Performance:

1.OSD and Settings

As this monitor is designed with IPS technology so here you may observe the light bleeding issue that occurs when additional light passes via LCD screens. But as the screen is coated with anti glare substance so even if you spend hours on this screen, it will not create stress on your eyes.

The serious kind of gamers and editing professionals will love to adjust few settings as per their project specifications. The best part is that the OSD screen of Dell P2415Q allows quite easier setting adjustment for all important parameters like greyscale, hue, saturation and color etc. Most of professionals prefer to rate this display monitor for its simple screen features that allows generalised adjustments. This monitor contains pressable buttons for on screen display menu and users can also customize key functions to improve performance.

2. Color Performance

You will be glad to know that Dell P2415Q works with sRGB technology and it covers complete color range while delivering higher accuracy. This monitor delivers color response with additional vibrancy and never makes things appear oversaturated or unnatural. Performance of this monitor was tested for movies as well as games and it delivered plenty of eye catching vibrant shades along with bright red, warming orange, yellow paints and bright greens. Everything was well balanced and it appeared good to eyes. When color performance was tested for photo editing then it was possible to notice sweet spots for contrast or saturation levels that help to save much time.

There is no doubt to say that Dell P2415Q delivers truly impressive numbers for color capabilities. However, it is quite difficult for human mind to process such a large number of colours but with latest technologies, Dell P2415Q is able to handle billions of unique colours. With a wide range of colour information and impressive colour calibration, this 4K monitor was certified for its higher color accuracy. Users can enjoy viewing angle up to 183 degrees without losing content quality that means images stay unaltered on screen up to widest corner.

3. Calibration

The light matte screen surface helps to provide greater color vibrancy and clarity as compared to other dark matter screens. It also improves viewing experience with its efficient glare handling ability so all images appear to be clean and smooth enough. There are 8 preset modes available in Dell P2415Q, You can easily switch between Custom Color, Cool, Warm, Paper, Movie, Multimedia and Standard. When performance of this 4K monitor was tested for calibrated values then it ensured satisfactory results for color accuracy, gamma curve and blue light settings. The color temperature range was close to the standard value with Custom Color mode setting.


Latency of this 4K monitor was tested with highly sensitive camera unit; measurements were taken using a SMTT 2.0 tool. During this test, overall value for input lag was recorded to be somewhere around 11.85ms for Dell P2415Q. This value stays same during Game mode also. The responsiveness of Dell P2415Q was recorded for input lag as well as for response time of pixels. It is observed that signal delay was relatively low and it lead to pleasing 4K content on screen. With such a high responsiveness performance, this monitor appeared good for 60Hz refresh rate on native resolution.

5.Gaming Performance

Those who are more interested to play games using Dell P2415Q will be happy to observe its ability to handle all colours impressively with 4K content delivery. The quality was really impressive. In order to scale it down, AA was turned off and other settings were kept “High”. With all such adjustments, it provided acceptable game performance. It is good to prefer 35fps frame rate for Ultra 4K content while keeping AA off to gain best results. During gaming performance tests, the content quality was found almost equivalent for 2160p settings as well as for 1440p settings where first one is generally recommended for medium quality and second is assumed to deliver high quality.

6.Scaling Performance

When you connect Dell P2415Q to desktop working on window 8.1 or window 10 then it automatically applies scaling. Users can adjust scaling settings as per their needs from Control Panel by switching to the option Appearance and Personalization and then moving to display. When selection for smaller 100% is made then all details appears natively on screen. In this case, text, icons and taskbar everything appears tiny on screen. When users make selection for 125% or medium range then things start appearing little larger as compared to previous settings. The last option is 150%- large settings where you will find everything comfortable for your eyes. It will help to reduce strain on eyes.


Although, market is loaded with lots of 4K monitor models that are launched by different big brands. Dell P2415Q has made remarkable entry with its exclusive set of features, compact size and easy connectivity options. If we talk about speed then it may appear little slow for high end gamers but on the other side the display presents every detail with high resolution level. Due to its high resolution rating, this monitor appears ideal choice for visual elements and graphic editing. Professionals who need a monitor for their video and photo editing needs, will find Dell P2415Q perfect choice for their projects. This compact monitor can serve you better for wide range of applications.

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