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Best 8K TVs in 2024

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

8K UHD is currently the most significant resolution defined in the Rec. 2024 that describes different aspects of UHDTV, such as dynamic range or wide color gamut. Even though 8K TV sets have been available on the market since 2012, eight years later, there are still only a handful of models available.

Despite the stunning image quality, 8K TVs are still too expensive for most consumers. Furthermore, finding the content you can watch on these TV sets is quite difficult, since the technology that is required to record and broadcast 8K footage is expensive. As 2019 draws to a close, it is becoming evident that 8K technology is starting to attract the attention of a growing number of shoppers. That’s why we decided to take you through some of the best 8K TV models on the market.

Best 8K TVs you can buy in 2024

There are still many unknowns surrounding the 8K technology, so in this article, we are going to clarify some important factors you need to consider before purchasing an 8K TV for your household. Here’s what some of the best 8K TV sets that you can buy right now.

1. Sony 85’’ Class Z9G

A brief look at the Z9G’s specification reveals just how impressive this TV set is. In addition to the Picture Processor X1™ that detects moving objects and enhances their details, color, and brightness, this Sony’s model is also equipped with the 8K X-Reality™ Pro upscaling technology.

The X-Motion Clarity™ ensures that rapidly moving objects are always crispy sharp and in focus, while the powerful 8K X-tended Dynamic Range™ perfectly balances the contrast between the brightest and the darkest area of the screen.

The size of this 8K TVs guarantees that all details are going to be perfectly clear on the display. That is the reason why Z9G is available in two sizes, so you can choose between 85-inch and 98-inch diagonal models.

Despite an impressive list of features, the price you will have to pay for Sony 85’’ Class Z9G 8K TV is still steep, as this model currently costs $13,000. 

2. LG Signature Z9 88-inch Class 8K Smart OLED TV

The world’s first OLED 8K Smart TV brings the quality of the picture that is four times higher than the image quality you can expect from 4K TV sets.

The 8K UHD display is equipped with a Cinema HDR as well as the α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor 8K picture processor provides the ultra-realistic image. The Hexa Step Noise Reduction and Frequency Based Sharpness Enhancer deliver a stunning level of image clarity and make the LG’s 8K Smart TV perfectly suited for gaming and home theater experiences.

The LG Signature Z9 model features an LG ThinQ® AI, as well as intelligent voice recognition, Google Assistant and Alexa. This 8K OLED Smart TV runs on the WebOS, enables you to browse the Internet effortlessly and it offers point, click, scroll and voice remote control options.

The sound system that comes with this high-end television set is as impressive as all of its other features, but the hefty price tag and limited warranty make LG Signature Z9 88-inch Class 8K Smart OLED TV available only to a small circle of TV enthusiast.

3. Samsung 75’’ Class Q900

This Samsung’s Smart TV is less expensive than the previous two models we featured in this article. The Q900’s Quantum Processor 8K is less powerful than those you can find on pricier 8K UHD TVs, while its Quantum HDR 32X isn’t as wide as you could expect from a high-end television set such as this Samsung’s 8K model.

Even so, the Dynamic Black Equalizer and the FreeSync™ technology make Samsung Q900 a perfect choice for all gamers. Moreover, the ultra-viewing angle panel guarantees that colors are equally vibrant regardless of the angle from which you view them.

Samsung’s 8K QLED TV set features the Intelligent Mode that automatically matches the image brightness and the sound level to the room conditions. The 8K AI upscaling feature enhances 4K or HD visual content and maximizes its quality. Besides the remarkable picture quality, the Samsung Class Q900 8K Smart TV also features the Decoration Mode that enables you to display photos. In addition, QLED can detect room colors and utilize them to generate patterns that can make any room more stylish.

4. Sharp Aquos 8K TV

The 8K television sets from the Aquos series are available in three different sizes, so you can choose from 60’’, 70’’ and 80’’ models. The IGZO displays are capable of displaying images that have up to 33 million pixels and depict colors accurately, just as nature intended them to be. The wide color gamut ensures realistic color depiction and creates an enhanced feeling of depth in all images displayed on Sharp Aquos 8K TVs.

Furthermore, the high-transmittance liquid crystal technology is empowered by a wide dynamic range so that all images are bright and vibrant.

The 8K AI Revelation image processing engine possesses stunning processing capacity and it can upscale all lower resolution content to the 8K image quality. In addition, the Sharp Aquos 8K TVs are equipped with the AI that reduces noise in images and reconstructs information that is lost during the upscaling process. Each of the Aquos 8K TV models features a powerful sound system that reproduces all sounds accurately and without any quality loss.

The Comparison of the Best 8K TVs in 2024

8K TV Model

Sony Z9G

LG Signature Z9

Samsung 75’’ Class Q900

Sharp Aquos 8K TV





Depends on the model

Screen size




60, 70 and 80-inch

Panel type





HDR Compatibility





Refresh rate

240 Hz

Variable refresh rate

240 Hz

100/120 Hz

Voice control





What should you consider when buying an 8K TV?

Although 8K TVs have been on the market for the larger part of this decade, they are still far from being largely accepted by the mainstream. However, there is no doubt that the quality of the images and sound 8K TV sets can reproduce surpasses that of most powerful Full HD and 4K TVs.

The size of the TV’s display is the first and probably the most crucial factor you should consider before you choose to purchase an 8K TV. The difference in the picture quality between 4K and 8K television sets isn’t that obvious if the diagonal of the display is relatively short. The vast majority of the 8K TV models have diagonals that range from 60 to 100 inches. The quality of the details becomes more visible as the size of the TV increases, which is why you shouldn’t choose 8K TV models that have diagonals that are shorter than 80 inches.

Besides the size, you should also pay close attention to the TV’s image processing capabilities, its dynamic range, and the upscaling options. The dynamic range guarantees that the contrast between the darkest and brightest areas of the screen is going to be perfectly balanced, which enables you to see objects that are in the shadows clearly.

Moreover, the accuracy with which the 8K TV depicts colors depends on its image processing capacity, so you must make sure that the model you are considering can display realistic colors even when playing demanding visual content.

The 8K upscaling options are particularly important because finding the videos or video games in 8K resolution is still difficult, and TV’s upscaling potential can bring out the most of the visual content in lower resolutions.

Is Buying an 8K TV a Good Investment in 2024?

Despite being commercially available, 8K TVs are still excruciatingly expensive. Their price is hardly justified because the content in 8K resolution isn’t easy to come by. Currently, only a handful of professional video cameras offer the option to capture footage in this resolution, and most TV and movie productions have been slow in adopting the 8K resolution.

Professional cinematographers and video editors who need to process the footage captured in 8K resolution can benefit from purchasing an 8K TV set or monitor because it will enable them to see how the material they are editing is going to look like.

However, it is too early for most homeowners to jump on the 8K train because it still isn’t clear if the movie and TV stations are going to make the switch to the 8K resolution in the near future. Until the 8K resolution becomes the industry standard, it is better to stick to 4K television sets simply because there is more content available. 


The hyper-realistic images 8K TVs can reproduce would leave anyone breathless, as the level of detail they depict is unprecedented. Nonetheless, the 8K technology is still developing, and at this point, it is hard to say if it will become the industry standard in the foreseeable future. The selection of 8K TV models is going to remain as scarce in 2024 as it was in the previous years, so it may be a good idea to postpone buying of a new 8K TV until more models become available on the market.

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