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5 Creative Video Masking Tips You Can't Miss in FilmoraPro

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

A revolution in the editing industry is video masking. Masking will let you hide or enhance any part of the clip to add a cinematic effect. Do you want to blur out a face in your video or clone yourself? Take advantage of masking to make Hollywood style videos complete with creative edits.

Masking is a pro-level editing feature that can take your videos to the next level. It offers you an extensive range of effects from subject enhancements to defined color correction. Using masking effects can even add a hint of suspense if used creatively.

Part 1: How to Create Masks in Wondershare FilmoraPro

The updated version of Wondershare FilmoraPro now has masking features to conceal a part of the clip you don’t like or even duplicate yourself. The preset masking shapes in FilmoraPro will save you time. But do you want to apply custom masks? Worry not, because, on FilmoraPro, you can use the freehand tool to make a mask of any shape or size. You can even add motion masks that follow the subject you are masking throughout the clip.

And that’s not all. A few more clicks will let you edit and add a wide range of filters to the masked or matt portion (the area you did not mask). You can choose to enhance either of the two portions independently without affecting the other one.

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1. Click on the square icon on the viewer panel’s bottom-left corner and choose any shape listed in the dropdown menu. Or tap the nip icon beside it to create a customized mask shape through freehand technique.

2. Click on the viewer panel’s mask shape to adjust the corner radius or adjust the size in the controls panel. You can also feather the edges or round them.

3. Under the transform tab, you can alter the opacity or even rotate the mask at 360 degrees.

Part 2: 5 Creative Masking Tips You Cannot Miss

Even though there is no rocket science to masking, there's always a smart way to do things. Here we will reveal five masking tips that will make you an expert in masking

Here we will show you five masking tips in Wondershare FilmoraPro.

# Trick 1: Create Shapes

Add masks of common shapes available on FilmoraPro or if you are feeling more imaginative, create one! Imagine creating a mask of any shape, style, or size. Even orient the mask the way you like.

  • Click on ‘Media’ and select a plane in the ‘New’ tab.
  • Name your plane and click on a color.
  • Select the color of your mask.
  • Select the shape of your mask from the bottom left corner of the viewer panel. In rectangle and ellipse mask, hold shift and drag to get a square or a circle.
  • Add as many masks as you please and tap on them to adjust size or roundness independently.
  • In controls, choose how you wish to blend, overlap, or merge the masks.
  • Use the freehand tool to create a custom mask, drag points to make any shape or adjust their orientation.

#Trick 2: Refine Greenscreen Shots

Are you having trouble editing your chroma key shots? Use masking to achieve a refined green-screen effect. Sometimes it gets challenging to key out specific areas of your image. The freehand masking tool will let you flexibly select that area and key it out as cleanly as possible.

  • Import the green screenshot and drag it to the timeline.
  • Use freehand to create a mask of the area you are having trouble adjusting.
  • Search for green screen effect in the ‘Effects’ tab and adjust the color and tolerance.

#Trick 3: Reveal Text Behind Objects

Let's create some Hollywood style effects. Imagine your video title rising from behind the mountains. Your text can float upon the sky or appear from underwater. It all depends on how cinematic you wish to make it look.

  • Drag your video to track 1.
  • Add text on the track above. Then copy and paste the video on track 3.
  • Next, use the freehand tool to mask the foreground area.
  • Click on the path under the transform tab to enable keyframing. And watch your text magically reveal itself.

#Trick 4: More Powerful Color Grading

Shot your video in low lighting? Instantly brighten or highlight dark spots with a few clicks. Masking lets you quickly fix and fine-tune the color gradients or enhance the contrast, exposure, or saturation levels.

  • Drag your video to track 1.
  • Copy-paste the video on the track above.
  • Select the mask shape and choose the area you wish to enhance.
  • Click on track 1 to adjust its color or highlight it.
  • Click on tack 2 to feather out and blend the mask into the background.

#Trick 5: Clone Yourself

Enough of the boring mainstream editings. How about some fun? Clone yourself and appear at several places doing different tasks all at the same time. A dream come true, right? Let's double your existence in a few clicks.

  • Shoot two videos in different locations. Drag one video to track one and the other to track two.
  • Create a mask around the subject you wish to clone.
  • Adjust the feathering to blend the mask, and your subject will be cloned with a realistic look.


Now that you know the basics of video masking, it is time to unleash your creativity and have fun while editing. Refine your color gradients or conceal the video bombers ruining your perfect shot. Clone yourself and let the drama begin. Its time to breathe life into your story through these masking tips. And Wondershare’s FilmoraPro has made it incredibly easy to add stunning effects. Follow our lead and use these masking tips to create pro-level graphics.

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