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8 Free GIF Animators to Make Your Own GIF

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Nov 13, 2023• Proven solutions

As you all know that images and videos convey your emotions to your loved ones than words. The advent of social media led to the evolution of GIF animations. The GIF is an image file format and these lines up as frames to create a GIF animation. A series of GIF images are used to create a GIF animation. You can now make an animated GIF using the free GIF animator available for download in the commercial and online stores. It is high time to feed your inquisitiveness with the best free GIF animators and build stunning animation to please your dear ones innovatively on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Part 1: 8 Free GIF Animators to Make Your Own GIF

Get ready to explore eight distinct free GIF animators and create your own GIF using the below illustrations. They are listed in no particular order:


It is an excellent free GIF animator with customizable controls embedded wisely into this platform. There is no need for any registration to make use of this online tool. This application is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. You must make sure that your web browser has flash player installed to view the animated images. Visit the official website of GIFmaker and upload multiple images on the home screen. On the right side of the window, you can figure out a control panel listing out the related parameters like animation speed, repeat times, music URL from YouTube, etc. You can customize it according to your requirement and hit ‘Create GIF Animations’ button to build your GIF animation.


  • You can customize the images by reducing the size, merge, split frames, etc
  • There are controls to convert video to GIF
  • Make use of the options to generate strong passwords
  • User-friendly interface


  • It is a freeware and no need for any complex registration procedure to access this tool
  • The customizable controls are explicit and easy to reach.
  • There is the availability of a preview option to view the GIF animation before downloading it to your local drive.


  • When you increase the count of the GIF images the tool takes more time to generate a GIF animation.


The Makeagif environment is accessible through a signup process. You must enter your Email, username, and password to utilize the built-in features of this tool. You can sign up using your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This application is compatible with Windows and web browsers. The premium version costs $11.99/month. You have to drag and drop the pictures at the timeline and follow the wizard instructions to complete the GIF animation procedure. 


  • It is an apt product to create GIF compatible with the social media network like Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • There are built-in GIF templates organized effectively for ready to use
  • The premium version has no advertisements, high-quality definition with personalized watermark.


  • Availability of a three-day trial to explore the built-in functionalities.
  • Step-by-step tutorials guide the newbie


  • The free version has limited functionality
  • Complex environment and the newbie take time to get comfortable with the interface.

3. GifPal

It is an online free GIF animation maker. You can make your own GIF in this environment without any registration procedure. It is compatible with Windows and Android gadgets. You have to upload the pictures into this platform and add a series of images as frames. Then, a single click is sufficient to make a stunning GIF animation. After the process completes store the file in your local drive.


  • Built-in templates available for download
  • This tool has a camera option to take live pictures while making your own GIF animation
  • Simple wizard guides to complete the GIF animation making process


  • Step-by-step wizard assist you to quick creation of GIF animation
  • Excellent tool for the beginners


  • Not suitable for professionals
  • Few customizable options.

4. Microsoft GIF Animator

It is a prestigious product from Microsoft. It is a free version and you can download this tool at the Microsoft store. It is compatible with Windows 10. You must sign in with Microsoft account to download this application. It has a simple interface with explicit controls. You have to add the desired number of images with file formats like.JPEG, .bmp,. bpg,.png etc. Next set the controls like frame delay, frame count, etc. Finally, tap the ‘Create’ button to make your own GIF animation. You can download the file after the preview of your desired GIF animation.


  • Quickly upload multiple images into GIF list box
  • A single click of the ‘Create’ button assembles the images into GIF frames rapidly as animation
  • Set frame interval according to your needs


  • The free version is sufficient enough to build quality GIF animation
  • Easy to use the results on the social media platform


  • Only a few options are available to customize the GIF images
  • Suitable only for beginners

5. EZGif Animator

This program is a free GIF animator tool available in the online mode without any registration process. It is compatible with Windows and web browsers. Go to its official website and choose the ‘GIF Maker’ tab and upload the images by tapping the ‘Choose files’ button. You can upload multiple images of any format without any difficulty. After the upload, tap ‘Upload and make a GIF’ button to create a quality GIF animation.


  • You can upload up to 2000 image files
  • Compatible with most of the image file formats like ‘GIF, PNG, JPEG, APNG, MNG, WebP, etc.
  • Supports Zip file of images for an upload
  • You can control frame speed optimally


  • Quickly upload multiple image files at a time
  • Automate settings to adjust all the image’s size to the smallest dimension in the image list.
  • No need of any subscription fee


  • This application consumes a lot of time to create GIF animation when there is a greater number of the images in the list.
  • Sometimes the advertisements interrupt the process.

6. GIF Animator

This free GIF animator tool is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. You do not have to register instead go for a download process by hitting ‘Download GIF Animator’ at the home page of its official website. This application has a simple window where you can upload multiple images as frames and set frame speed, delay, etc according to your needs. Download the animation if you are convinced of the preview.

gif animator


  • Availability of editing tools to customize the images
  • You can add texts to the uploaded images
  • Set effects on the images to control its movement and appearance in the animation


  • Best suitable for the newbie
  • Controls are easy to reach
  • Effective wizard guides for successful completion of the GIF animation.


  • It supports only a limited number of image files
  • Compatible with fewer image file formats.

7. GifGear

The GifGear is a simple online GIF animator tool. It is free to use the application. It is compatible with Windows and web browsers. There is no registration procedure to access its features. You have to upload the images either from your local drive or you can insert the online link. Next, add multiple images to create frames. Then, customize the frame parameters like speed, delay, etc. At last, you must hit the ‘Done’ button to create a quality GIF animation.

gif gear


  • Simple user interface
  • You can apply effects on the images
  • Optimum control on the frame’s speed
  • Organize the frames as per your requirement


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable for the beginners


  • Not suitable for professionals
  • Allows a limited number of images to create frames

8. Giphy

You need to create an account with your Email address and password to upload the images for GIF animation. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, etc. You can use this tool for personal use and strictly prohibited to employ it in creating paid ads. You can upload the image files from your local drive or enter the image link from any online media. You must travel with the wizard and set the parameters to control the frame speed and finally build a sophisticated GIF animation for your personal use.


  • Easily upload the GIF animation files into your social media network by a single click
  • Explore free GIF templates for your urgent need
  • Compatible with most of the image file formats


  • Flawless multiple uploads of image files
  • Excellent control to sequence the images in a frame for quality results


  • The making of GIF animation procedure slows down if it comprises of a huge number of images.
  • Only limited images bring quality results in the GIF animation.


Therefore, you are in the last lines of the discussion on the making of GIF animation using a free GIF animator tool. The above-listed programs are reliable and available for free of cost. The Wondershare Filmora is a professional tool to create a GIF animation extraordinarily. This application feeds your inquisitiveness aptly and you can create mind-blowing GIF animations within a short span. Take a quick look at all the GIF animation software and wisely decide the perfect program which fits your needs. It is high time to give your valuable comments and suggestions below and stay connected with us to explore various interesting topics.

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