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For almost five years, we are dedicated to the goal of creating cutting edge video editing tools that help aspiring filmmakers tell their stories. The Filmora’s suite of video editing software products and resources enables both skilled and inexperienced content creators to turn their ideas into eye-catching videos. Our video editing software was launched by Wondershare Technology in 2015, and today, creatives from more than 200 countries use it to produce different genres of videos.

It makes us proud to say that some of the brightest stars of the video editing world are members of our team. Their experiences and thought-provoking ideas have enabled us to attract a large audience of loyal readers and in return, we help our contributors establish themselves as thought-leaders in the industry.

We are constantly seeking new writers and partners whose work we can publish on Let’s tell stories together!

Why Become a Contributor?

Extend the reach and visibility of your content

Three million monthly visitors to our website, the mailing list with over 100,000 subscribers and 300,000 followers on social media are just a few examples of how we can make it easier for you to reach your target audience and increase the exposure of your content.

Increase traffic and conversion rates

Filmora is a high authority website that can get your content better rankings on all major search engines. We will generate more traffic for your content and assist you in boosting the conversion rates.

Get more publicity and earned media value

We create author profile pages for all our contributors. Information regarding your work, experience, and links to your social media are going to be easily available to all visitors of our website so that you can establish yourself as an expert in the field you’re covering and gain even more influence on social networks.

Content Guidelines for Contributors


Define your target audience:

Video editing is in our DNA, and we would like you to focus on topics that are directly or indirectly related to this field. We welcome content that offers video editing tips, recommends video recording equipment or helps the audience understand both basic and advanced concepts of video marketing.


Content types:

There are no strict rules regarding the content we accept. Case studies, reviews of our video editing software or product reviews are just a few among the numerous types of content our contributors can create.


Be informative and maintain clarity

The content should be as detailed as possible and explore the topic from all angles. We prefer well-structured articles that are around a thousand words long and that contain pictures, videos, and references for all citations.


Content Requirements:

*We value authenticity. Don’t copy other people’s work. All writing and images should be your own and you can’t use the materials without getting the permission to do so from their owners. Always include the sources for words, images or videos you quoted or used in any other form.

*Write about specific aspects of a topic and strive to create content that is easy to read. Offer practical solutions to the issues you’re covering and please refrain from collecting or reporting the news. Rely on your own research and experience.

*All step by step tutorials and reviews should be submitted with screenshots and images that don’t infringe any copyrights.

*Proofread all content before submitting it to keep the grammar and all other mistakes at the minimum.

*Create ad-free content. We don’t accept advertisements, so please don’t promote yourself or any type of product and refrain from including ads into your articles.

How to Join Us


Prepare a basic profile and your articles as referrence.


Fill in the information sheet and submit it.
We will check them and reply you within one work day.

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