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Top 8 Christmas Games for The Whole Family 2024

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Christmas is a wonderful time to gather as a family and enjoy the time. This is the time of the year you use to replenish your moods, rejuvenate your inner strengths by skipping everyday "work-home-work" lifestyles. This is the time you make efforts to strengthen the bonds between family members. Overall, it is a time full of excitement, joy, happiness, and togetherness. When families get together, it is better if you can engage in some group activities in the form of games as it helps you to make the bonds stronger while helping you to spend a great time.

Herewith mentioned are some of the game ideas that you can try during this Christmas holiday season and make the upcoming holiday season a more memorable one for you and your relatives.

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8 Best Christmas Games for You

1. Ex Libris

This game begins by making someone pick a book from the bookshelf. The person who picks the book will play the role of the umpire for that particular round. Then the "umpire" starts to read out the first line of the book to make an impression about the book. Everyone except the umpire should write down their best impression of the last line of the book. Then they should put their notes into a hat.

Meanwhile, the umpire also writes down the exactly last line of the book and puts that too into the hat. Once everyone is done, the umpire starts to read the notes out for everybody. All the participants get a chance to vote for what they think is the real closing line. If you have voted for the exactly last line, you get one point.

Anyone who voted for your suggestion also gets one point each. The game continues until everyone plays the role of the umpire and the person with the highest number of points, wins.

Ex Libris

2. Fill the Christmas Stocking

The crowd should be divided into teams with an equal number of participants. Each team will be given a hanging stocking which they should fill with wrapped candy with a spoon by racing. The team which fills their stocking quickly wins at the end.

Fill the Christmas stocking

3. Lie Detector

Nice game to play while sitting around the table. Each participant will be asked to share three personal things and only two of which are true. All the other players get a chance to interrogate the sharer. After everyone is done with questioning, they should get together, discuss and come to a conclusion which majority thinks is correct. Then the sharer announces the verdict at the end.

Lie Detector

4. Christmas Memory Game

Gather some Christmas items and place them on a tray. Cover the tray with a piece of cloth and take it to the crowd. Unveil the items to the audience for a certain duration (30 seconds is better) and ask them to memorize the item. Take the tray away and ask the audience to write the items they remember. The player who writes the most number of correct items wins.

Christmas memory game

5. Telegrams

Someone picks a word and reads it out loud. Then everyone should write a telegram as an acronym of the announced word. For example, if the word is "SANTA" the message should start with the letter "S". The message should be written in the form of an urgent once and it should relate to the announced word too.

6. Douche

While everybody sits around a table and a chosen "Doucher" will announce a narrow category. For example the movies of Adam Sandler. Then the Doucher locks a certain example in his mind (you can even write it down) and gets a water-filled eggcup. He then holds it over each player while asking for an example for the category. If any player comes out with the "locked" answer, he is douched with the eggcup's contents. The victim becomes the next voucher and continues the game as a new round.


7. Gift hot potato

Gather a few unwrapped gifts (the funnier the better). Make a circle out of the participants. Pass one gift around at a time while music is played. The person who holds the gift, at the time the music stops, gets out keeping the gifts he held.

Gift hot potato

8. Christmas tie game

Find some old Christmas or horrible ties. Divide into couples and give each couple two ties. Ask them to tie the partner's tie with only one hand. The first couple to accomplish the task wins.

Try some of these games with your friends and family members during the upcoming holiday. You can add more features to the games and customize them depending on the crowd taking part. Enjoy your holiday ahead!

Christmas tie game

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