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5 Tips for Influencer Program on Instagram with Examples

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

With 800 million active users per month, Instagram is the most powerful platform that brands try to target for influencers. Insta power cannot be ignored at any moment by the marketers, especially if you are an image focused brand.

According to the study, Instagram has 15 times more engagement than FB and Twitter. Do you know how to start an influencer program on Instagram? Here are some of the Instagram campaign ideas to get you started.

Part 1: Instagram Influencer Program Tips You Can Use

1. Set your influencer program goal

It is essential to determine your goals and then build an influencer program for your business as per the set goals. Your Instagram campaign should not be different from the role of the marketing channels for your company.

Every marketer looks forward to the Influencers for the product launch, content promotion, event management, content creation, SEO, corporate communication, crisis management, etc.

Once your goal is set, attach around 2 to 3 KPIs that is key performance indicators for each goal. For instance, when you wish to enhance the promotion of content, try improving the social media reach, follower growth, and engagement of posts for your business.

influencer program goal

2. Describe Your Ideal Influencer persona

If you are a trusted social media user with a good set of audience, you can be an influencer. If you have a strong presence and people trust you and your authenticity, you can make a mark as an Influencer on Instagram.

Identifying the correct user for your brand is an essential task while rolling out an Instagram campaign. There are several sorts of users who have a huge fan following but there are 5 golden rules while picking the right influencer for your brand.

Firstly, check out the size and engagement of the audience. Secondly, the content must be relevant. Thirdly, you must be a frequent user. Fourthly, your profile must be authentic, and finally, the style and tone of the content must match the brand.

user persona

3. Don't forget cross-channel strategy

A study reveals that nearly 72% of customers opt for interaction with the brands through multi-channel campaigns. This shows that the marketers must make use of the Instagram campaign to coordinate with various other platforms as support.

For highly effective campaign creation on Instagram, the marketers can use various channels like display ads, email, live events or direct mail and engage the target customers actively.

cross channel

4. Micro-influencer is also important

The high profile Influencers on Instagram mainstream can be quite expensive and difficult to reach. So, it would be wise to find and connect with a small industry-specific influencer. It will help you to make sure that the content reaches your target audience through the money spent on the influencer.

Moreover, the campaign cost can be kept low when you connect with the micro-influencers as they often accept to work on a reduced price or accept free products.

micro infuencer

5. Call to action

A call to action within the visual content or caption can make things easier and clear for your viewers. While creating an Instagram campaign, it is essential to have a call to action within your video content which engages your audiences deeply with your brand.

Never make your content too sales-oriented, instead, consider driving your traffic to take a clear call for a certain reason by directing them to a specific page. The Instagram page and its specific segments are visited more than 11 times per day and it is definitely a sticky platform. So, you need to give your audience some very strong reason to leave the platform and move to your page as you want.

Part 2: Best Instagram Campaign

1. DJI

DJI is a great example which is leading the drone industry. DJI posts high-quality content on its Insta page. Their latest offering the Phantom 4 Pro drone is being promoted by various Instagram filmmakers. This shows that DJI is using their content expertly along with Instagram video campaign.

Earlier the Instagram videos were 15 seconds in length, which has been increased to 1 minute, radically increasing the possibilities of video marketing. The DJI’s flagship store has huge capabilities and it is shown through the videos shared on the Instagram platform.

dji influencer

2. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington, the popular timepiece maker associated with Joseph Vincent, the singer-songwriter and music sensation of YouTube, for the promotion of its watches to the singer’s fans.

The influencer Joseph Vincent created an image that highlights both men and women’s Daniel Wellington watches. Joseph Vincent tagged the brand and gave out a discount code to his followers which they might use for buying Daniel Wellington watches. Partnered or Influencer marketing is a great way to create awareness and push the followers to make the purchase.

Wellington influencer

3. Forever21

Forever21 is an expert when it comes to Instagram marketing, it has completely mastered the influencer program of Instagram. It uses the Like2Buy monetization platform which helps in creating interaction and engagement with visual content increasing sales.

The monetization platform uses the Forever21’s images and links it to each relevant store page. Forever21 also creates CTA in all its images or captions. Using a monetization platform is one of the best ways of driving sales from the Instagram campaign.


Influencer programs are the best ways to attain success. It is true that overnight success isn’t possible but if you are patient and follow the above tricks, you can start witnessing the results in no time soon. If you need to edit video in your influencer program on Instagram, Filmora is a powerful product that can helps you discover influencer program.

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