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Top 10 IGTV Channels You Should Start Following

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

The diversity of the content available on IGTV is staggering because the platform enables its users to watch videos that cover an extremely wide range of topics. As IGTV continues to grow, some of Instagram's most influential users are starting to publish more content on their IGTV channels. Such an abundance of videos might leave you wondering which IGTV channels you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on. If this is the case, then you are at the right place because in this article we are going to take you through some of the best IGTV channels you should definitely start following.

Top Ten IGTV Channels You Should Start Following in 2021

The quality of the content, the number of followers, as well as the amount and the frequency of new posts, should help you detect the Instagram accounts that are worth following. Furthermore, which IGTV channels you are going to follow depends largely on your area of interests, since there isn’t much sense in following someone whose content you have no intention of watching. Here are the top ten IGTV channels you shouldn’t miss out on in 2021.

1. Chiara Ferragni

16 million followers speak volumes about the popularity of this Italian fashion blogger. The best part is that the number of people who follow Chiara Ferragni on Instagram keeps growing rapidly, so perhaps it is time you joined them. You can find valuable fashion tips, as well as a view of her private life on Chiara’s IGTV channel, which is why if you love fashion you shouldn’t hesitate to hit the follow button on Chiara’s Instagram page. Besides her IGTV channel, you should also check out her Instagram profile if you are searching for an inspiring look.

2. So Yummy

Those of you who are passionate about food should check out the So Yummy channel because it hosts some amazing videos that show you how to make delicious cakes, cookies or even how you can update your burgers. The So Yummy channel offers interesting breakfast tips, as well as videos that show you how to prepare dishes from different cuisines. If you are constantly wondering what you can cook next, then perhaps following the So Yummy channel may help you come with fresh ideas that will surprise your guests at your next dinner party.

3. Lele Pons

Lele Pons has started out on Vine, and she has come a long way since those days, as she has currently has 13 million followers on YouTube and 33 million followers on Instagram. On her IGTV channel, you can find can find episodes of her show ‘What’s Cooking With Lele Pons’ that combines comedy and cooking. So, if you are looking for a little bit of entertainment as well as some great recipes you can try out in your kitchen, then following Lele Pons on Instagram is one of the best decisions you can make this year.

4. Hannah Stocking

Like Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking is predominantly a comedian who shares videos on YouTube and IGTV. At the moment, Hannah has 5.7 million followers on YouTube and 15.7 million followers on Instagram. You can watch her web series ‘Science of Beauty With Hannah Stocking’ that combines comedy with fashion tips on her IGTV channel. Moreover, Hannah frequently shares short videos on her Instagram page, so you can get a healthy dose of humor every time you open your Instagram. Some of the videos on Hannah’s IGTV channel have millions of views, which just shows you how popular she is. 

5. BBC News

Keeping yourself informed about the latest events in the world is important for so many reasons. BBC News if probably one of the most reliable sources of information online, but if you don’t want to go to their website every time you want to find out some important news, you can start following them on Instagram. Their IGTV channel offers videos that cover a wide array of topics, so you can find out about the latest news on climate change or find out how a blind cyclist conquered the Himalayas.

6. Huda Kattan

Besides being a fashion blogger, Huda Kattan is also one of the richest women in the world. In 2013 she founded the cosmetics brand called Huda Beauty that is worth more than $900 million today. That’s why it is hardly surprising that the Instagram page of this Dubai-based fashion mogul has 32.8 million followers, and that the videos she shares on her IGTV channel frequently get millions of views. Those of you who would like to find some great makeup tips should start following Huda on Instagram because her IGTV channel can serve as an endless source of inspiration.

7. Food Network

There is very little doubt that the Food Network is one of the best food-themed channels on Instagram. The videos they share on their IGTV channel will impress even those among you that don’t pay much attention to food. The Food Network currently has 8.2 million followers and it continues to grow at an astounding rate, as more and more people are intrigued by the content that is crafted specifically for IGTV. Following the Food Network on Instagram can help you discover dishes you’ve never heard of and it can give you a glimpse into the diet of some of the world’s biggest celebrities.


In our day and age, NASA really doesn’t need a special introduction, because their stunning images of our solar system and the universe have impressed the world so many times in the last couple of decades. The stunning videos of our planet or the night sky are just a few types of videos you can find on NASA’s IGTV channel. Following NASA’s Instagram account will keep you constantly updated on the latest discoveries and it will provide you with a healthy dose of breathtaking videos you will not be able to stop watching.

9. Nash Grier

Nash became an Internet celebrity when he was just fifteen years old, and today he is the owner of one of the most influential accounts on Instagram. With more than 9 million followers on Instagram alone, Nash is probably one of the most popular young stars on the Internet. His videos often vary in topics, so you can watch videos on his IGTV channel that reveal his views on yoga or that show beautiful landscapes. In any case, one thing is certain, you won’t regret your decision to start following Nash on Instagram in 2019.

10. Justine Ezarik

Justine created her YouTube channel in 2006, and over the course of the last thirteen years, she has positioned herself as one of the most influential YouTubers ever. Consequently, her Instagram account, as well as her IGTV videos, receives a remarkable amount of attention. The content on Justine’s channel isn’t centered around just one topic, as she frequently uploads unboxing videos, video journals from her travel adventures or fitness videos to IGTV. She may have just 1.5 million followers on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean that the content you are going to find on her IGTV channel is anything short of amazing.


In less than a year, IGTV has attracted celebrities, large media houses, YouTubers, and social media experts, which means that there is a lot of content of the highest quality on this platform you can watch from your phone. Following some of the most popular IGTV channels, we featured in this article will certainly get you a constant supply of captivating videos that will keep you informed about the latest news or provide you with interesting ideas. Do you have a favorite IGTV channel? Leave a comment and let us know which IGTV channels you like the most.

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