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8 FREE Online Instagram Reels Downloaders That Will Save Your Day!

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

The TikTok clone, Instagram reels, is a new feature introduced by Facebook-powered app Instagram that allows users to create short, fun videos.  Each video is 15 or lesser seconds long. Instagramers often want to download the content either just for fun to come back and watch it later or share the video on other platforms with family and friends.

The TikTok app made downloading videos a breeze, but the case is not the same with Instagram. However, there is nothing to worry about until you have an Instagram Reels Downloader to save the day. These tools download the Instagram Reels and save them in your gallery.

So without talking much, let’s dig into the article and know about the best Reels downloader.

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Free 8 Instagram Reels Downloaders You Can Try

Since the arrival of Instagram Reels, the app stores are stocked with millions of applications that help in downloading these short videos. However, not all of them are safe and free to use. To make things easier for you, we have done thorough research and present you with eight simple and free Reels online Downloaders that are quick with their work.

Without further ado, let’s check them out!

1. The Instagram App.

Instagram doesn’t allow downloading but does help in saving your favorite reels on the app. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Download and launch the app on your phone. Sign in to your account.
  • Tap the magnifying glass option on the bottom of the home screen to open the search menu.
  • Click on the Reels tab to watch a collection of reels uploaded by different users.
  • Once the video starts click on the three-dot icon and tap Save.

save instagram reels

To access your saved items, go to the home screen and open your profile. Tap the hamburger icon followed by Settings, Account, and then Saved. This will lead you to a page with all of your saved items.

2. Instadp Instagram Reels Downloader

Fast, easy, and safe are the three words to describe this tool. Instadp is a simple yet very impressive website that helps you download Instagram reel videos in seconds. Besides dealing with Reels, this app also works for other Instagram features like viewing someone’s display picture, saving display pictures, and downloading stories. The app respects your privacy and ensures anonymity while downloading and saving. It can help you download the clip on your phone or a desktop. 

Follow these steps to download a reel:

Open the Instadp website and search the username in the bar to open all the reels by a  specific user and click download. Alternatively, you can also paste a particular link for a reel in the search bar to download it locally on your device.

instadp reels downloader

3. DownloadGram Instagram Reel Downloader

DownloadGram is a simple online service that allows users to download stuff from Gram super easily. It’s a very popular and secure website for downloading things like Instagram stories, IGTV videos, Reels, and even pictures. Besides, the interface is super easy o understand, which makes this website user-friendly. Just copy and paste the URL of the thing you want to download from Instagram and hit download.

downloadergram reels

4. W3toys Online Instagram Reels Downloader

This is an efficient yet straightforward tool for downloading Reels from Instagram. Apart from the easy interface, the website is versatile and has many options for its users like Instagram templates, Youtube templates, downloading Facebook videos, text animation, Intro Maker, animations, and much more. Besides all this, the tool helps you download the reels in HD quality for an excellent viewing experience.

All you need to do is open the Reel, save the video link, paste it on the search bar in the W3toys website, and hit Download. The video will be saved locally on your computer or phone within seconds.

w3toys instagram reels downloader

5. Experts Tool

Experts Tool is a free but fantastic tool that helps you download Instagram reels in no time at all! The website allows high-resolution downloading that guarantees smooth and solid viewing time. In addition to this, the Experts Tool gives the user option to download the clip in the mp 4 version or convert it into an mp 3 file. The best part is that all of this is done while maintaining anonymity, and the downloaded file does not carry any watermark. For using it, just copy the URL of your favorite reel, paste it in the search box and click Download. Within seconds, your favorite clip will be on your phone.

experts tool reels

6. Insta Reels Downloader

Insta Reels Downloader has made it to our list for all the right reasons. The tool is an easy and fast way to download clips from Instagram. The website is secure and user-friendly, allowing people to get hands-on their favorite stuff in just minutes! Besides that, the downloader is 100% free, with no hidden charges at all! Unlike many fraudulent websites, it does not askes for any account credentials and downloads HD videos for absolutely free!

Follow these simple procedure to download your reel:

Open the video, copy the link and paste it into the Insta Reel Downloader input box and hit download. Your output will be ready in a few minutes!!!

insta reels downloader

7. Insta Video Save

Insta Video Save Reel Downloader is another great website that makes reel downloading a piece of cake. It is free and fast and saves videos to the device allowing the user to watch them offline whenever he wishes. Furthermore, the tool is very safe and does not require or enforce a third-party app to download your favorite clip. While downloading its maintains the original HD-quality of the video and does not watermark the output.

The tool is as simple as it looks, and all the user needs to do is paste the link in the input area and click download.  You can download an unlimited amount of reels via the Insta Video Save app.

insta video save

8. Expertsphp Instagram Reels Downloader

Expertsphp is an online free and simple tool for downloading Reels from Instagram. The app is very secure and does the work without asking for any credentials. You can use this website to save a reel locally in your phone in its original resolution, HD, or an SD version. Expertsphp also allows the users to convert videos to mp4.

expertsphp instagram reels downloader

With so much ease and comfort, Expertsphp is definitely a great app for downloading your favorite reels. All you need to do is, save the video’s link, open Expertsphp in a browser, paste it in the input box and click Download. The process will start straight away!

Bonus Tip-Make Your Own Instagram Reels Video with Wondershare Filmora

Besides creating Reels on Instagram, you can now make your own similar videos using the software- Filmora. Wondershare’s Filmora is a new software in town that has changed the game of Reels and TikToks. It gives users space and tools to exhibit their creativity and craft the best videos. The app features an array of editing tools, filters, and stickers to give or videos nice professional editing touch. In addition to this, the application offers royalty-free audios and a gamut of free templates and effects to save your time and effort. However, the cherry on top is that it allows users to upload the video directly on their social media platform. The software is well crafted and caters to the needs of beginners as well as professional video makers. The super-easy interface makes it user-friendly and simple to use.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version


By the end of this article, you might have realized how easy it is to download reels from Instagram. The eight Instagram Reels Downloader mentioned are not only free and simple but great at their work too. They are secure and know their job well. Download your reels hassle-free with these amazing websites or create your own with Wondershare’s Filmora. With an array of editing tools at Filmora, you will be able to create the most professional and appealing Reels in no time at all!

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