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10 best live streaming services for church you should know

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

In this post, we will discuss about 10 live streaming platforms including their features, pros and cons in intention to educate you about different platforms and selecting the one which is most suitable.

1. DaCast:

This is a fully equipped online streaming service which is set up with do-it-yourself approach. You can sign up easily and begin sharing of live videos in few seconds. You can also create archives of these videos so that viewers can view, skim or pause at their convenience. You can create your own channel at DaCast and theme them with your design before embedding it to your URL. There is no start-up fees but following are the monthly plans which it offers:

  • Starter plan @ $19 per month with a bandwidth of 100GB;
  • Pro plan @ $165 per month with 2000 GB (billed at $149 per month if purchased annually);
  • Premium plan @ $390 per month with 5000GB bandwidth (billed at $350 in annual plan)

DaCast is a fairly good option but is slightly expensive but is not Ad-free and also it doesn’t provide real0-time monitoring.


2. Livestream:

As the name suggests Livestream has brought exclusive live video solutions for every industry- varying from local communities to global brands. It helps in broadcasting worship events and retreats which members and parishioners can watch on any device. It provides end-to-end production solutions with following plans:

  • Basic plan @ $99 per month (billed at $42 per month if purchased annually);
  • Premium @ $449/month ((billed at $249 per month if purchased annually);
  • Enterprise plan @ $799/month;
  • Custom plan @ $1199/month

LiveStream overcomes the shortcomings of Dacast and is ad-free with real time support round the clock but its price tag and limited features in basic plans don’t turn out the best


3. StreamShark:

Streamshark is another platform which provides features like customization of video, real time stats, privacy controls and compatibility with all mobile devices. Following is the pricing for their plans:

  • Lite @ $50/month with bandwidth of 416 GB;
  • Pro @ $100/month with 1000GB;
  • Biz @ $250/ month with close to 2800 GB

It is affordable as well as provides free trial but there are many features which are not available on standard plans and require investment in dedicated corporate servers.


4. Ustream:

This streaming platform is generally preferred for hosting events happening at large scale anywhere in the world. It is flexible and provides turnkey solutions to produce sizzling reels. It has variety of pro and enterprise plans as follows:

  • Silver plan @ $99/month with video storage of 50 GB;
  • Gold plan @ $499/month with video storage of 250 GB;
  • Platinum plan @ $999/month with video storage of 500 GB;
  • Customized Enterprise plan tailored to the requirements of religious events.


5. Yourhost:

It helps in getting the word out for the church by providing unparalleled and robust features along with customer service support. It contributes in bringing preachers together without stepping into the church. With its four plans, yourhost is one of the ideal solutions but suffers from interface issues at times.

  • Basic @ $49.99/month allowing for streaming of 5GB;
  • Standard @ $99.99/month allowing for streaming of 150GB;
  • Premium @ $199.99/month allowing for streaming of 400GB;
  • Enterprise @ $299.99/month allowing for streaming of 1000GB;


6. StreamSpot:

With three easy steps of capturing the video, encoding it with the interface and transmitting it over a platform, streamspot helps in easy and quick live streaming. With its unmatched technical support, social media integration and impressive tools and features, it has successfully redefined definition of simplified streaming. With its three basic plans, you can simply get started:

  • Lite @ $79/month with 100GB of storage;
  • Pro @ $149/month with 250GB of storage;
  • Premiere@ $249/month with 500GB of storage


7. SermonCast:

With online campus providing integrated ad-free features, SermonCast can help in providing apt media solutions to fit your church needs. User friendly interface and smart HTML players makes it easy to use it through any device. Here are the plans through which you can promote sharing of Christ’s gospel to larger group of audience.

  • Free Monthly plan offering 2 GB;
  • Monthly premium packs ranging from $15 to $100 for bandwidth of 15 to 100GB respectively;
  • Bundles plan if your requirement is one-time.


8. BoxCast:

If you are willing to spread the message to touch lives of larger group the Boxcast can help in accomplishing the same. With its simple, reliable and affordable solutions, it eases out the complicated task of sharing bible studies, weddings, funerals, church meetings and several Sunday service events. Unbeatable customer support, automatic archiving and global broadcastings now available at plans starting at $129/month. It lacks online campus solution but its perfect picture quality with no buffering incredibly transmits the events.


9. Church Streaming:

As the name suggests, church streaming helps in ensuring robust platform and excellent support to ensure the pleasant church experience to all of them who are connected through their devices. It works well with different encoders and is compatible with all digital devices. No Ads, contracts or restrictions! The exciting fact about this is that all the plans offer unlimited streaming. The plans are priced based on viewer bandwidth.

  • Unlimited 250 if viewers are 250 or less @ $139/month;
  • Unlimited 700 if viewers are 700 or less @ $239/month;
  • Unlimited MEGA if viewers are 700 or more@ $499/month;

church streaming

10. Streaming church TV:

The interface of Streaming church is to replicate the experience of visiting church in person. It advanced and integrated features successfully deliver interactive experience for the viewers. Its plethora of features helps in expanding the ministry of prayers to the ends of earth. With its social media integration, audience analytics, automatic updates and setup support, this platform will serve your church. Its ‘church specific’ features and captivating options ensures its usefulness. One drawback of this is that it fails to stream contect over CDN which can lead to poor video quality at times. Its paid plans are as follows which vary based on features and connectivity and bandwidth:

  • Basic @ $79/month
  • Premium @ $99/month
  • Premium Plus @ $127/month

Streaming church TV

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