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XSplit Review

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The Difference Between XSplit Gamecaster and Broadcaster:

XSplit Gamecaster is well known as one of the most simplistic yet interactive software tool that offers best functionality for live recording as well as live streaming needs. XSplit Broadcaster offers great services for users that are involved in much advanced technical details for broadcasting purpose.

There is no doubt to say that Gamecaster is actually designed to assist all kind of streamers as well as video recorders whether they are professionals, casual gamers or hardcore game lovers. Every gamer can access this platform for generate live streams of his game videos as it offers every control over an interactive user interface instead of causing complications in setup like other high end tools. On the other side, xSplit broadcaster is well known as an advanced audio- video mixing tool that can develop professional quality content for live broadcasting needs as well as for video recording purpose. Its interactive and simple interface allows gamers to develop eye catching content within few minutes.

Although, both these software are based upon same technology but still gamecaster is suggested for those who love to share their awesome game play moments with friends and other casual gamers but in case of Broadcaster, the highly engineered platform is best suited to professional and much advanced broadcasters.

A payment of $14.95/ 3 months will provide you easy access to both these Xsplit platforms.

Xsplit GameCaster Review:

Gamecaster is well known for its stability and consistency. This tool is designed with light interface and offers incredible video recording experience with improved in game performance. With XSplit Gamecaster, you can easily customize various overlays but users need to make some payment to access its complete feature set. But if you want to work like a professional then this ability of personalization is really useful for you.

A big trouble with Gamecaster is that it does not allow users to make settings for customized frame rates; people always need to make selections out of fixed numbers where 60fps can be maximum frame rate.

The best thing to know about gamecaster tool is that it offers active support community so in case if you face any trouble on the way then fast solution can be accessed from various professionals available in community. You will also be able to access so many tutorials regarding all useful functions of this software, a quick reference section is maintained in form of FAQs and user forum is also a useful option. Gamecaster also provides detailed manuals for complete information access. Thus you can easily collect huge information about your software and do incredible things on it by exploring so many new options. Further, support team is also ready to assist you via emails.

  • Highly Stable and consistent.
  • Light interface.
  • Awesome Support system.
  • Fixed Frame rates.

Xsplit GameCaster

XSplit Broadcaster Review:

With Xsplit Broadcaster tool, users can easily set up numbers of scenes for broadcasting. All rich features can be accessed with single click of mouse where users can simply shift from game platform to different inputs or can design graphics with ease. XSplit application can be integrated with other platforms like Twitch Alerts to improve game streaming experience. It is possible to avail variety of useful alerts for followers and donations by utilizing URL and .text file submissions. Users can include many useful advanced applications to XSplit Broadcaster if they work with URL and .txt files.

Users love to enjoy this interactive platform with drag and drop type graphics that allows users to access images from folders and put them directly on stream screen. It saves more time and the best part is that it supports almost all popular file formats. PNG is the best option for high quality content. If you are a beginner on streaming platform and are searching for a simple piece of software to enhance your experience for developing YouTube videos then it is good to start with xSplit Broadcaster. Users can switch to local recording options too as per their needs by skipping the broadcast selection. With this easy selection feature, users can start recording interactive videos from their webcams as well as can improve the backgrounds as per need. Most of professionals prefer to work with green screen effect to generate eye catching graphics.

  • Impressive drag and drop feature.
  • Easy Integration with other tools.
  • Supports all popular file formats.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

XSplit Broadcaster

PC Requirement of XSplit:

The details about minimum system requirements for XSplit are:

  • It needs Window 7, Vista or XP platform.
  • Internet Explorer version 7.
  • Direct 9.0C
  • Adobe Flash Player IE.
  • .NET framework 3.5
  • 2nd generation processor with Core i3 CPU.
  • 4GB memory.
  • 3D acceleration supporting Graphic card.


XSplit Gamscaster as well as Broadcaster tool, both offers interactive user interfaces with professional features at affordable cost. These applications are worth considerable for your broadcasting or streaming needs as you will be able to access highly customizable platform by making least expenses. As users can access both licenses on single subscription for three months so it is good to explore the best features of both platforms to gain access to incredible outcomes for live streaming needs.

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