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How to Burn Videos to DVD on macOS Sierra

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Jun 25, 2021• Proven solutions

Siri has added new capabilities to desktop computers now, and it allows your system to act smarter. macOS Sierra helps users to rediscover their best photographs and work effectively with available storage space so that your Mac can do something more for you as compared to its old abilities.

Siri gives new goals to Mac users and along with a number of incredible features. It makes things much easier to access, transfer, and upload to other websites. Now Mac users are just one click away from adventure, and it discovers lots of amazing methods to perform the everyday tasks on the desktop while making all processes more interactive and interesting. macOS Sierra allows users to access iCloud services with ease and makes maximum utilization of local storage along with perfect storage optimization.

After this update, Mac users will be able to access their old memories with ease in the form of videos and still images where it is also possible to edit, convert or share files using additional software tools that are compatible with your advanced systems.

How to Burn Videos to DVD on Mac

With so many advancements in the digital world, now users are crazy about utilizing their gadgets to maximum performance level and the biggest requirement these days is the efficient storage of documents, photographs, videos, and other important files.

It is not always possible to save such heavy files on portable devices or computers so users are in need of transferring them to other storage media like CD or DVDs. CDs can usually store data up to 700 MB whereas DVDs have a maximum storage capacity of 4.7 GB that is really useful. Although there are so many tools available to burn DVDs directly from Mac systems but all of them come with little disadvantages whereas macOS Sierra is a complete package itself that makes everything easier for professionals as well as beginners.

Here are a few steps that users need to follow in order to burn DVD on macOS Sierra directly:

Step 1: Download Wondershare DVD Creator

First, you need to visit the official website of Wondershare and download the Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac. With this advanced tool it is possible to create DVDs within a few seconds where you can burn images, audios and videos easily. If you wish to make your personal movies and create a collection on DVDs then none other than Wondershare DVD creator tool can serve you better. It works with a three-step process that can be completed within a few minutes by the user and the output is always loss free as well as rich in quality.

The best thing to know is that this tool supports almost all useful file formats like Dat, Mov, RM, WMV, MPEG, MP4, AVI, MPG and many more. Users can also adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, and other special effects as per need; the addition of watermarks, texts, and the ability to rotate photographs is one additional advantage.

Step 2: Import files to the program

Once you have downloaded your Wondershare DVD Creator from the official website then it is time to import your desired videos on to the software program. It can be a collection of music files, slideshows, photos, videos, and many more as per need. Users can import these files using the add file option directly, or it is also possible to access files using the drag-and-drop feature that is available on the software window. It takes a few seconds to bring files into the editing window and then customize them as per need.

Step 3: Simple editing

The customization feature is available with Wondershare DVD creator where editing becomes much easier before burning the file onto DVD. Below are few editing tools that users can access on Wondershare window:

  • It is possible to rotate, cut and trim files as per need where aspect ratio can be also changed to create unique effects.
  • Users are free to zoom files to make things much clear for view.
  • One can easily control the volume, saturation level, contrast as well as brightness of videos.
  • The addition of overlays and filters allows easy beautification of videos.
  • It is now possible to add watermarks to images and videos.

Step 4: Customize with menu

The good-looking menu can be used to customize videos with more advanced features.

Step 5: Burning

Finally, you have to start burning your file and it is also possible to create a preview of those videos.


The Wondershare DVD creator software tool is easy to use and comes with so many advanced features that are useful for professionals as well as beginners. It is possible to access the trial version of this software from the official website as well as the full version can be bought with reasonable payment.

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