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How to Take Landscape Photos on iPhone [Killer Tips]

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Though, a picture can't beat the real view, still a shot on your iPhone can do enough justice to it. Be it on portrait or landscape mode, when you know how to capture the perfect shot, you are sorted. We have these killer tips to help you learn – how to take landscape photo on iPhone.

Tips for Better Landscape Photo in iPhone

1. Include a focal point

For flawless and crisp photographs, you don't need to be a pro at photography. Learning the right way to take a shot and including a focal point helps you capture the perfect landscape photo in iPhone.

Choose an object in your frame, like a bird flying on the sky, a baby playing in the garden, an animal walking on sea shore, or a person standing against the dipping sun. So, you need to decide your focal point (the subject to be clicked) and click the picture in such a way that, the entire frame is weaved around it. Take multiple shots on your iPhone for that perfect landscape photo; after all practice makes us perfect!


Image source: iPhone Photography School

2. Composition is key

Composition (position of the subject) is the essence of photography and can intensify the beauty of landscape photo in iPhone. Place an ordinary thing at the correct place and it would enhance the look of the entire scene. For landscape photo graphs the composition is decided keeping the 'diagonal principle' in mind. This rule balances the photographs by positioning the significant subjects diagonally across the frame.

  • Use the Rule of Thirds for Main Subject
  • rule-of-third

    Image source: Photography Mad

    Placement of the focal point and other vital elements in your frame while taking a landscape photo in iPhone improves the final shot. The Rule of Thirds help you position the subject you want to capture in the scene. According to this rule the frame is divided into nine equal grids, and the subject should be positioned at the intersection of two grid lines. It makes the pictures more balance and visually pleasant.

    So, next time you are out to capture some amazing shots remember how to take landscape photos on iPhone using the Rule of Thirds.

    Practice helps you to know the right balance for shooting that perfect shot. This rule helps in capturing awesome pictures, but sometimes breaking the rule brings something afresh as well. If you find it difficult to use the Rule of Thirds then these easy steps will help you.

    • Go to your iPhone Settings
    • Click 'Photos & Camera'
    • Now select 'Grid' and turn it on
    • Now, you can use this grid to position the subject and take an amazing shot.
  • Use leading lines
  • use-leading-line-iphone

    Image source: Expert Photography

    When there is a pier, a railway line, or a road lined with trees to be captured, leading lines make an amazing impact on the photograph. It leads the viewer's sight from the foreground towards the vanishing point (horizon), adding scale and depth to the picture.

  • Frame your main object
  • frame-the-scene

    Image source: iPhone Photography School

    Framing the subject is a brilliant technique to capture the perfect landscape with your iPhone. Consider your iPhone screen as a canvas and take objects around the main subject which can act as a natural frame while taking a shot. You can click a boat sailing on the other side of the bridge, here the arch of the bridge forms the frame; a bird in the sky shot from the airplane, the window serves as a frame; branches forming shapes and creating a particular shape around the subject, the list is infinite.

3. Shoot in HDR

High Dynamic Range or HDR is a magic wand when you are up for shooting landscape photographs in iPhone. This photo capture mode integrates multiple unique exposures of a scene to perfectly expose the shadows and lights and deliver an amazing landscape shot. Basically HDR mode is well suited for landscape shots, where there is a vivid range of light and shadow around the subject, to balance, saturate and properly expose the scene.


Image source: Gadgetzz

4. Capture the smaller details

Like they say 'enjoy every moment of life, big or small', photography lies in not just focusing on the larger picture capturing open landscape scenes. You can rather shift your gaze to find the tiny intriguing things scattered around the scene. All that you need is an eye for detail; look at the waves forming on the pond, the daisies swinging with air, an ant walking over a leaf, in short take the surrounding as a collaboration of multiple beautiful shots.


Image source: Oberlo

5. Pay attention to the sky

Understanding how to take landscape photo on iPhone will bring out your dormant photography talents. Foreground of a landscape photograph is significant but including the sky enriches the shot, if you imbibe it in your composition. The clouds reflect the sunlight and artificial lights and the sky offers a vibrant backdrop. Partly cloudy sky gives an interesting and mysterious look to a landscape. Take the shot as the primary objects move towards the sky, be liberal and let the sky occupy 2/3rd of the photo. For instance, Sunrise and sunsets are the perfect times to capture the landscape with warmers tones and long shadows creating silhouettes. The foreground gains more value due to the low position of the sun. The sun acts as a huge flash light that illuminates the entire landscape to be clicked. With the perfect lighting even an ordinary pebble looks beautiful in the shot.


Image source: Google

6. Enhance the story with human subjects

Human touch always adds a sense of connect and another dimension to any photograph, because capturing a barren horizon would hardly attract our eyes. Pick a single human who is unaware of being clicked along with the view you want to capture. You can capture one human while blurring the others to get the best landscape photographs in iPhone.

Placing the human as your focal point would build a composition and story around him. Try picking someone with clothing in contrast color to that of the background. If you are shooting a landscape with a model, then get him/her dressed in a certain color that would warm up the shot and blend in as well.


Image source: Earth Porm

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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