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What happens when the line between reality and digital elements is blurred?

Enter Mixed Dimension, the groundbreaking video editing technique that's always trendy in the creative industry.

But where did Mixed Dimension come from and what sets it apart? In this guide, we’ll explore the history and development of Mixed Dimension, along with some stunning examples.


What is Mixed Dimension?

Mixed Dimension is a video editing technique that blends live-action footage with digital elements or effects to create a truly immersive experience. It offers endless possibilities for creativity and allows filmmakers and artists to take their work to the next level.

By combining real-life footage with digital effects, Mixed Dimension adds a layer of magic to videos, making them more engaging and exciting for the viewer. Whether it's a music video, video game, sports highlight, commercial, or feature film, Mixed Dimension can enhance the visual spectacle.

Wondershare's Mixed Dimensions animation using various Filmstock design assets and footage (from Artlist) of Brad Clay skydiving


How Did Mixed Dimension Originate?

This style of video editing has its roots in Mixed media, which refers to the use of multiple mediums in a single artwork or composition.

This can include a combination of traditional art materials such as paint, charcoal, and ink, as well as non-traditional materials like found objects, digital imagery, and fabric. Mixed media has been around for decades and has evolved as artists have experimented with new materials and techniques.

History of Mixed Media

Mixed media has been used in the art world for a long time and its history can be traced back to the modern art movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

During this time, artists were exploring new techniques and materials, and were often looking for ways to break away from traditional art forms such as painting and sculpture. The use of mixed media allowed artists to experiment with new techniques and to express their ideas in a more diverse and dynamic way.

In the digital age, the concept of mixed media has been extended to include digital and interactive elements. Digital mixed media often involves the use of digital tools such as computer software, digital cameras, and mobile devices to create art that incorporates both traditional and digital elements.

History of Mixed Media
Robert Rauschenberg's renowned mixed media painting, "Charlene"

From Mixed Media to Mixed Dimension

As for Mixed Dimension, it’s a relatively recent development in the art world, emerging as a result of advancements in technology and the growth of digital media. It refers to the integration of digital and physical elements into a single work of art. This can include traditional art materials like paint and canvas, as well as digital tools like 3D modeling software, virtual and augmented reality, and computer graphics.

(Left) Animation of a plane flying by a planet using Filmora assets from the Planet Pack and Airport 3D Pack


Animation of a plane flying by a planet using Filmora assets from the Planet Pack and Airport 3D Pack


Mixed Dimension in Mainstream Media

Mixed Dimension has been used in a wide range of mainstream entertainment, including movies, TV shows, music videos, video games, and social media.Today, Mixed Dimension continues to evolve and remains a popular trend in the creative world.

Mixed Dimension in Movies & TV


Guy fights Dude in a scene from the 2021 film Free Guy

One of the most exciting recent uses of Mixed Dimension can be seen in the action-comedy Free Guy, which brings the digital world of the video game to life by combining real-world settings with digital elements.

Similarly, Pixels uses Mixed Dimension to bring classic video game characters to life in the real world, while Space Jam combines live-action and animation to create an interactive world of basketball and cartoon characters.

In TV shows, visual effects are often used to create a sense of wonder and amazement. Supergirl is a notable example of a TV show that uses effects to showcase the superhuman abilities of its lead character, such as her ability to shoot heat vision from her eyes.

In the "Treehouse of Horror VI" episode of The Simpsons, the use of Mixed Dimension is on full display when Homer enters the real world. The episode is an example of how Mixed Dimension can be used to blur the lines between reality and fiction.

Mixed Dimension in Music Videos


A game of chess in Gorillaz's "Humility" music video

Music videos are an ideal platform to demonstrate the potential of Mixed Dimension, as seen in the video for Travis Scott's "Highest in The Room." The video seamlessly combines live-action footage with various digital effects, including lightning bolts and glowing eyes. These effects are particularly evident in a dynamic fighting scene and add a layer of excitement to the video.

The music video for "Humility" by Gorillaz is another example of Mixed Dimension's creative potential. In the video, animated band members from Gorillaz navigate through live-action footage of Venice Beach, California. This video's use of Mixed Dimension allows the virtual band to exist and interact with the real world.

Mixed Dimension in Video Games


A world of Mixed Dimension in the 2023 video game Hi-Fi Rush

Mixed Dimension has been an exciting trend in video games, with developers using it to bring digital elements to the real world. For example, the classic arcade game NBA Jam used a mixture of live-action footage and computer-generated graphics to create dynamic and exciting gameplay. Another great example is Hi-Fi Rush, an action game that relies on visual effects to create an engaging experience.

Mixed Dimension in Sports

A soccer player juggles the ball with effects from Filmstock's Shake It Up Pack Vol2

Mixed Dimension is also being used in sports media to create highlight reels and promotional content. The use of digital effects can put a spotlight on the best moments of a game or athlete. For example, a basketball turning into a flaming ball or a football player leaving a trail of fire can add a captivating element to the video. In many promotional videos for the NBA Playoffs, special effects are used to highlight the intensity and excitement of the games.

Mixed Dimension in Content Creation

Content creators are also using Mixed Dimension to create engaging and visually stunning content for their audience. From videos used on YouTube to TikTok, Mixed Dimension is being used to bring a new level of excitement to content creation.

Mixed Dimension in Content Creation

A TikTok video featuring Mixed Dimensions effects from Wondershare