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15 Insanely Creative Kinetic Typography Examples for You

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Kinetic typography is a very common option for people who are looking to “spice up” their presentations and other technology experiences.

In short, kinetic typography is “moving text” – a way to use video animation to make text move and to convey emotion in a way that straightforward, simple text cannot do on its own.

Because of its rising popularity, it’s a great idea to consider exploring the option of making some of it on your own. Having references of good, attractive examples can help guide you as you make unique typography, and you may even make something that goes viral!

In this article, we’re going to explore 15 creative options for kinetic typography and 5 kinetic typography generators you can use to make your own.

Examples of the 15 Best Kinetic Typographies

1. Just Be You

The “Just Be You” typography is a series of boxes, containing the phrase “Just Be You”. Each box is constantly scrolling through the words, and each box goes one after the other, making some sort of a cascading effect.

This unique typography catches the eye and brings home the point to be who you are.

Just Be You

2. Line Dash

Line Dash is another unique option for typography. The words come in slowly, with a mix of lines and dashes.

Each word is spelled out completely before the next one appears, and a simple pair of lines (located between the two words) zooms across the page, one crossing over the other.

Line Dash

3. R

When you look at the “R” design in the example below, you are greeted with a number of dashes in multiple colors, continually changing and moving around.

The animation is reminiscent of writing the letter by hand, and it also has some squiggly lines to put an emphasis on the spots where things switch around.


4. Show

Show is a kinetic typography that really tries to “show” off what it means. By having each of the letters dance and move in their own way, it really allows you to get the essence of what “show” really means.

The Royal College of Art made this one originally, and many people enjoy its simple, yet effective, look.


5. Shaun of the Dead

This unique recreation of text from the film, Shaun of the Dead, is a really interesting way to share a conversation. Each of the sentences has its own animation, and it helps to show the fear, discomfort, and stress that the characters feel.

Shaun of the Dead

6. C

This letter “C” is a look at the cosmos – a young girl sits on the edge of it, watching the stars, comets, and organisms go by.

A ladder goes down into it and at first glance, it looks like a pool you’d swim in, but at second glance, you realize she’s looking at the universe.


7. Sonnet 18

Sonnet 18 is one of Shakespeare’s most well-known romantic sonnets, and this specific kinetic typography tells it in a whole new way.

By putting the words into pictures, animating them to emphasize specific words, and adding little flairs, you get the experience of reading this sonnet in a whole new way.

Sonnet 18

8. Marky Munro - Kinetic Typography Intro Animation

Marky Munro is a DJ service, and many DJ’s nowadays are using moving text as a part of their mix so that they can get people up and excited.

This particular setup is all about color, sound, and excitement – it gets people up, it gets people pumped, and it gets them moving.

9. Waterfall

In real life, waterfalls have a cascading effect that helps to calm us and make us feel good. This particular typography does the same thing, using white font on a black background, and having the letters fall like a waterfall would.

10. Saturday

Saturday is everyone’s favorite day of the week, and this moving text is there to help you get in the mood. By showing you the word, changing into geometric figures, and then coming back to the word, this neat little design just reminds you that Saturday is here!


11. Gump Typography

Forrest Gump is a very popular movie, and it’s no surprise that some of his most favorite quotes (specifically during his running scene) have been turned into a work of art.

Done for a Loyola University senior thesis, the typography is evocative, making pictures and featuring a running Forrest Gump made of words throughout the entire piece.

12. Talk

Talk is a neat little animation, and it is reminiscent of those old devices that kids used to make with a string between two cans.

It’s a very simple animation, but it puts the word in motion and makes you think about how much that communication has been able to evolve over the years.


13. Fast Urban Opener

The Fast Urban Opener is bright, fun, and stylish. With all sorts of city backgrounds, it helps you to feel like you’re taking a step into city life from the moment it hits the screen. 

Fast Urban Opener

14. Inspire

This advertising motion text is a pretty neat look at different types of brands and inspiration that you can get on the Pinterest platform. Complete with pictures, colors, and words flashing all over, it’s a great little addition.


15. Slideshow Opener

Slideshow Opener is a creative, fresh way to draw people in and get them excited. With different pictures on the background and constantly moving text, it’s a solid way to get people engaged from the moment you start a presentation.

Slideshow Opener

The 4 Best Kinetic Typography Generators for Your Purposes

Are you inspired now? Maybe you want to start developing your own typography because of the inspiration you’ve gained from the typography above.

Here are the 5 best kinetic typography generators for anyone who wants to try their hand at developing their own!

1. Renderforest

Advertising itself as a “quick way to make and edit typography videos”, this browser-based system doesn’t even require you to download any software! It’s quick and allows you to create your moving text ASAP.


2. Place It

Place It is a low-cost option that allows you to put together animations for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. It’s really simple to use, and the moving text you get is minimalist and attractive.

Place It

3. Animaker

Animaker is an international wonder allowing you to use combinations of fonts, music, and backgrounds so that you can make amazing animations. With over 50 soundtracks, endless colors, and a variety of pre-set options for animations, you’ll be able to make everything look great.


4. Kapwing

Kapwing, like the other animation options listed here, is a simple to use, template based animation studio. It makes it simple to pick the best fonts and put them together in attractive, meaningful text animations.



As you can see, there are a lot of amazing options out there when it comes to making the best kinetic typography. Now that you have ideas and the tools, it’s time for you to go out there and try it for yourself.

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