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8 Best Movie Trailer Template for After Effects

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Ever wanted to know how to cut together movies with minimum fuss? With our video trailer templates for every occasion, you barely even need footage of your own. Boost views on your YouTube channel, start trending on Tik Tok – all with a little help from our video templates.

This article will take a more in-depth look at the eight best movie trailer templates for after effects. If you need to make a movie look fantastic, then we know the best movie trailer templates for you! Read on to find out if we have exactly the After effects trailer template you have been looking for!

The 8 Best Movie Trailer Templates

Listed below are the very best the internet has to offer in movie trailer templates. If you are looking to add some After Effects to your movie with the minimum of fuss, use one of these. All of the movies on our list come with detailed instructions on how to edit them together to contain your own footage – so don’t panic! When it comes to after effects movie trailer templates, we have got your back!

1. The Sci-Fi Space Trailer after Effect Template

This Sci-Fi movie trailer has some fantastic after effects. The zooming through space feel creates a sense of movement that is fully complemented by the slow turning of ships in space, cruises through the stars, or the peacefulness of an astronaut on a spacewalk. If these sound like the right after-effects for your movie trailer, then you should take advantage.

Sci-Fi Space Trailer after Effect Template

2. The Modern Cinemascope Cinematic Trailer

This movie trailer after effect video template makes cutting any movie easier. Rather than spend hours working on a trailer format, edit in your footage to this cinematic trailer. This is perfect for first-person film and for found footage films. It has that edgy feel to it that you only get using catchy color schemes and art-esque shots. If this sounds like it matches your film, then choose this cracking movie trailer template.

Cinematic Trailer

3. The Action Packed Cinematic Movie Trailer Template

If you are making an action film, then this explosive trailer will contain everything you need to make a lasting impression. Action based after effects movie trailer templates doesn’t get any more nostalgic than this. Create a striking scene with even the most bland footage using this template. This offering comes from Make Web Video and thoroughly knocks the socks off another movie trailer after effects!

Cinematic Movie Trailer Template

4. The Futuristic Movie Trailer Template

Making a futuristic movie that isn’t necessarily a Sci-Fi? Want a movie trailer template that has a focus on technology and digital, rather than on the actors? If you want to add a blue-gel footage to give your movie trailer a cold, distant, and futuristic feel, then this after effects movie trailer template is the one you have been dreaming of. Keep it cold and blue with this digital doctrine. Video templates just went back to the future!

Futuristic Movie Trailer

5. The Powerful Movie Trailer Template

Whether you are making an emotional masterpiece destined to tug the heart strings; or whether you are making an action movie and want to strike at the heart of an issue – the powerful after effects movie trailer template has what you are looking for. This video template will allow you to cut together some amazing after effects to make your movie trailer as spectacular as your film. No matter what the content is, this trailer will make it as dramatic as it can possibly be.

Powerful Movie Trailer

6. Clean, Dynamic, Versatile Opener Reel

Need to open your film but not sure how the professionals do it? We know! This professional style fresh and dynamic opener reel is the movie trailer template of your dreams. Opening a film is a tricky time. You have thirty seconds to get the audience on board and if you don’t give them a professionally finished after effects movie trailer, then you will lose them. Try this instead, and hook in every audience member, straight off the cuff.

This after effects movie trailer template will allow you to place several pieces of footage alongside each other, giving an edgy feel the other movie trailer templates on our list don’t have. It’s fresh, it’s fun, and it’s a little different.

Clean Dynamic Versatile Opener Reel

7. The Drama and Thriller Movie Trailer Template

If you are creating a gritty drama with hard hitting story lines, then this movie trailer template will match your style. It will also work surprisingly well for short music videos, thrillers, and any other project where you want to build intensity. It has a distinctly ‘after dark’ feel that we would even reserve for horror. The delicacy of floating letters, the striking symbolism of black and white, and the classical look to the text all contribute to make this video trailer template a thriller film maker’s treasure trove.

Drama and Thriller Movie Trailer Template

8. The Horror Movie after Effects Trailer Template

No Movie trailer template list would be complete without a nod to the horror genre. One of the very best after effects movie trailer templates on the internet lies firmly within this genre. Warn of a monster attack, use old-school ‘Hammer House of Horror’ inspired movie trailer templates to perk up your film, or to make your footage seem like the scariest thing since Netflix released ‘The Nun.’

If you are looking for epic evil, want to frame a vampire movie, or need help rendering for your werewolf in London, then this is what you need. Get your horror movie trailer template here and never deal with a dodgy ad again!

Horror Movie after Effects Trailer Template


Top movie makers all across the world rely on templates to make their movies sell – so why shouldn’t you? Our after effects trailer templates let your movie keep up with some of the best in the business, putting the final finishing touches on an already polished and edited end product.

Do yourself a favour and compliment your new movie with a movie trailer template for after effects. It’ll look great and attract more views, no matter where you place it!

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