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MP4 Cropper Mac: How to Crop a MP4 video on Mac

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Jun 24, 2021• Proven solutions

“Is there a Mac software to help me crop MP4 video? I have an MP4 file with the resolution 720x576 and need to crop away some portion from the top and bottom which is irrelevant and taking up space. Anyway to cut off the sides of a .mp4 file on a Mac??”

There are times when we need to remove a black border around a video so that we can enhance our video story and draw our viewers’ attention to the most important information that we intend to convey.

In this article, we will introduce the two best MP4 croppers for Mac you can use to eliminate the black edges.

Best MP4 Cropping Program — Wondershare Filmora
How to crop MP4 with Wondershare Filmora for Mac (3 Step)
Alternative:Cropping movie clips for free by using iMovie

Best MP4 Cropping Program — Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora for Mac remains one of the best mp4 croppers out there for average Mac users and the best part is that specially designed for armatures who do not have many experiences when it comes to editing videos, this program is rather easy to use and comes with not only all the basic editing operations a beginner might need, but also a handful of cool advanced functions, which can only be found in expensive high-end video editing packages.

It is designed with simplicity in mind and thus the whole program offers an easy drag and drops experience, making it possible for all users to master cropping skills within minutes.

Let’s take a quick look at its features:

  • Supported cropping videos of almost all formats including .mp4, check out a full list here
  • Crop not just videos, but also photos, or convert to any other formats after cropping
  • Fast speed, zero quality loss
  • Apart from cropping, you can also combine photos and videos, fade music, rotate, trim, split, add transitions, PIP, filters, and many more

Check out this video below to get a full picture of the most widely used video cropper.

If you are using a windows, check this tutorial instead

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

How to crop MP4 with Wondershare Filmora for Mac(3 Step)

The following guide will teach you how to crop video by using Wondershare with ease.

1. Load the clip or photo you want to clip:

Click the button as shown in the image above, or press the plus icon to add your files:

2.Place the target file to the video track to edit

Drag your target file to the editing region below, and then find the cropping icon from the editing toolkit right above the video track.

In the editing window, you will find 3 options to crop the file. You can either do it manually by adjusting the rectangle to locate your wanted area or do it in an easy way to automatically crop your video by either choosing the 16:9 wide-screen ratio or 4:3 standard view ratio.

When done, click “OK”.

3.Export to save the cropped file

After successfully cropped your video, you can do some other editing work, like adding a fade-in fade-out effect, or some transitions, etc. to polish your video. When finished, hit the export icon to save.

Cropping movie clips for free by using iMovie

Video cropping can be a real challenge especially for those who have little skills and without much budget. If you are already out of pocket from buying an expensive Mac computer, then you will probably want to look for some freeware to do the work. As a basic video editor comes with every Mac, iMovie is definitely capable of small projects like cropping a video and thus becomes one of the best choices. Cons are that iMovie only supports selected video formats, therefore for certain formats that aren’t compatible with iMovie, you will have to give up this option and try some others out.

Download a free trial version of Wondershare to cut off unwanted areas from your video now:

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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