Video Trimmer Mac: Two reliable ways to trim video clips on Apple Mac OS

By Nov 12,2016 16:24 pm

“I have a Mac and there is a video on it that I need to trim. I need to take a few seconds out of the beginning and a few of the end. Are there any Video Trimmer programs on Mac that does this? If so, how do I do it?”

Whether you have a rather long video and want to trim it to the point that’s important so that it can fit on your website, or want to shave it down to separate clips to upload to Youtube, you are going to need a reliable video trimming application to do the work. In this article, we will show you two reliable ways to trim your videos on Mac OS X.

Part 1. Best Video Trimming Program—Wondershare Video Trimmer for Mac

When it comes to trimming tools running on Mac system, we find there are very limited options for us to choose from. Sophisticated applications like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Element are only available for video editing professionals to use, therefore there’re even fewer options left for beginners, or average users to consider. Here we’d like to recommend the best video trimmer tool: Wondershare Video Editor for mac, which is considered as the best tool to edit Youtube uploads or home videos for users without any video editing skills.

Besides being a mere video trimmer for Mac that enables you to shorten a video length easily and quickly, Wondershare also allows users to perform all kinds of basic editing as well as advanced editing work.

  • Drag-and-drop video clips for easy trimming
  • Trim without any quality loss and with surprisingly fast speed
  • Trim not only video files covering MP4, avi, m4v, flv, mov and all other popular video formats, but also all kinds of audio files, mp3, ac3, aac, aif and more

Editing features:

  • Edit videos shot with any devices: AVCHD, Camcorder, iPhone/Android, DV/DSLR, Gopro etc.
  • Cut, join, rotate, crop, adjust hue, video/audio speed, change voice
  • More than 300 special effects to add Hollywood-like feel to your movies: animated titles, intro/outro, music/voiceover/sound effects, overlays/filters, motion element, split screen and more

Share the most creative way:

  • Export to local disk or any popular portable devices to enjoy on the go
  • Upload to popular video sharing sites directly
  • Burn to a DVD

Check out a short video to get an overview of the best video trimmer tool below:

If you are using a windows, check this tutorial instead

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Part2. How to trim videos with Wondershare Filmora for Mac

Shorten your videos or audio files can be easily done with three steps in Wondershare. Let’s take a look at how to quickly trim a video file using Wondershare Filmora for Mac.

Step1: Import media files to the media library. After you launch the program, find the “Import Media” butter on the upper left corner of the interface, click to bring up a popup window, there you can choose video clips from your local hard drive.

Step2: Drag and drop the file that you want to trim to the timeline. When done, move the slider to the beginning part or the end of your video, when you see an icon like this: just drag your cursor to trim the video as you wanted. This will enable you to trim either the front part or then end part.

If you want to trim a part from the middle, you will need to use the split feature. Drag the split maker to the starting point of your unwanted parts:

And then click the scissor button to first separate your videos into two parts. When done, drag it to the end of the unnecessary part likewise. Click the scissor button again. Choose the middle part and click the delete icon.

There you go!

Step3: If everything is ok, click the “Export” button to save your file.

Part3.Trimming Videos for free by using Apple’s built-in Quicktime player.

If however you will only need to simply trim an intro or end credits of a video clip, and won’t necessarily need to do any further editing work, Apple’s built-in Quicktime player is a good choice. It is undoubtedly the most underestimated Mac software Apple offers given the reason that except just for being a simple movie view app, it also allows you to do some very basic editing work such as eliminating needless parts of a video, joining or cutting your videos etc. A free version can be downloaded from Apple’s website, there you will find a very detailed guide teaching you how to use its editing feature.

Download a free trial version of Wondershare to eliminate unnecessary pieces from your video now:

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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Where the heck are the instructions? This software is not intuitive at all but the only "tutorials" I can find on this site are marketing videos to show off. No step by steps. And what I see in the videos is not at all what I see in the software. Come on you guys. I bet this is cool software but I can't figure it out and I'm a software developer so if I can't, I doubt anyone can unless they have more patience than I do. Maybe that's the problem.
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