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How to Remove Background Noise in Movavi

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Although it may not be obvious having a perfect soundtrack is as important as having a perfectly recorded video. However, recording sound outside of ideal studio conditions can prove to be a challenging task even for experienced sound recording professionals. The cars, city noises, people talking and even the wind can completely ruin the audio, but luckily video editing software can help you remove or reduce the amount of background noise in the recording.

Read on to find out how you can remove background noise from audio files in Movavi video editor or its best alternative Wondershare's Filmora. Let's have a look at the steps you need to take in order to have a background noise-free soundtrack.

How to Remove Background Noise in Movavi

Whether or not you will be able to separate the background noise from the rest of the audio depends solely on the amount of the noise in the recording. Removing the unwanted noises from the audio files can be a painless process that takes only a few simple steps.

1. Place the file on the timeline

Before you can start editing audio files you must first, place them on the software's timeline. Once the file is on the timeline you will be able to see the video track and the sound track below it. Double click on the file you have placed on the timeline and select 'Audio' from the 'Tools' menu.

2. Noise Removal feature

After you have selected the 'Audio' feature, find the 'Noise Removal' button and look for the 'Noise Suspension' slider. Use the slider to reduce the level of the background noise, but keep in mind that higher 'Noise Suspension' values may distort the audio file completely. Try different values of 'Noise Suspension' to achieve the best results. Once you've found the right 'Noise Suspension' value click 'Apply' button to add it to your project.

How to Remove Background Noise with a Movavi Alternative

Wondershare's Filmora is a more a powerful video editing software than Movavi and it provides better control over your audio files. Removing background noises from the audio track is much simpler and easier task when using Filmora. Here is how you can control the levels of background noises in your sound files with this video editing software.

1. Place the video clip on the timeline

In order to start reducing the noise levels in your video clips, they must first be placed on the software's timeline. Once the video file or files are on the timeline you will be able to see them in the video track.

2. Detach the video from the audio

Now that the clips you'd like to edit are placed on the timeline, select them, and then press the right-click and choose the 'Detach Audio' option. This action will enable you to move audio and video files separately along the Sound and Video tracks.

3. Remove the background noise

Selecting the 'Detach Audio' option will enable you to access the 'Audio Edit Panel'. At the bottom of the panel the 'Denoise' feature is located, click on the 'Remove Background Noise' checkbox and select Good, Better or the Best audio quality from on the slider below.

4. Fine tune your files

While you are still in the 'Audio Edit Panel', you can adjust Speed, Volume, Pitch, Fade In or Fade Out values to achieve better audio quality. After you fine tuned the audio file to perfectly fit your video file click 'OK' to apply the changes you just made.

Removing background noises such as birds chirping or background conversations can be difficult and often unsuccessful, so if your efforts to eliminate the background noise from the audio file fail, you should try to mask them. You can easily accomplish this in Filmora by adding a song to the Music Library and then dragging the file to the audio track on the timeline. You can adjust volume, sound or pitch from the 'Audio Edit Panel'.

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