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Zoom Lens vs. Fixed Lenses

As a YouTuber it is a good idea to understand the way your camera works, since you will be using it so often. If you make your videos using a DSLR then you will need to know the difference between the two categories of camera lenses. Most cameras only have the one built in lens, but with a DSLR you choose which lens you want to use.

You can get a lot of different lenses for your DSLR and they all have different effects on the images you record. All of these lenses fall under one of two categories; fixed or zoom. Zoom Lenses allow you to zoom in and blow up a portion of your frame. Fixed Lenses can have a lot of interesting effects, but they do not zoom. The built-in lenses in most non-DSLR cameras are all Zoom Lenses, so chances are you are more used to them.

Being able to zoom is convenient, but there are benefits to Fixed Lenses too. This article will walk you through the differences and explain which type of camera lens is best for YouTube.

Camera Lens Comparison: Zoom Lens vs. Fixed Lenses

1. Zoom Pros and Cons

A Zoom Lens is adjustable. Rather than choosing the perfect lens for a shot you can zoom in or out until everything is exactly how you want it.

This makes Zoom Lenses more versatile. If you cannot adjust your lens then you have to hunt for the perfect distance from your subject to capture it in focus, or change the lens on your camera. With a Zoom Lens you can just zoom.

Zoom Lenses are more expensive than Fixed Lenses, though, and they are not capable of creating some of the same effects. You cannot blur your background or create a bokeh lighting effect using a Zoom Lens because most Zoom Lenses do not have wide enough apertures.

2. Fixed Pros and Cons

Fixed Lenses are also called ‘Prime’ Lenses. When you rely on Fixed Lenses you learn to choose the perfect lens for every shot, a lot of people appreciate the skill and creativity that can go into making these choices.

If you only have Fixed Lenses then you definitely need more than one and you will probably want to build a set. Every time you change your lens or move your camera to a better location while using Fixed Lenses, a Zoom Lens could have saved you time and effort. A lot of photographers and videographers enjoy taking that time and effort, though.

Fixed Lenses are more affordable than Zoom Lenses, although you do need to buy more of them. You can create effects like bokeh or background blurring with Fixed Lenses, and the additional planning that goes into your shots can add a level of artistry.

3.Which is best for your Youtube Channel?

Which type of lens is better for you and your YouTube channel will depend on what kind of channel you have.

A lot of vloggers reuse the same camera set up every time they vlog. For example; beauty gurus, opinion vloggers, and even some comedic vloggers tend to stick to one main set. If you fall into one of these genres, or a different vlogging genre where you do not tend to move around, then a Fixed Lens can meet all your needs. You do not need to be able to zoom if your shot never changes.

You will still need a variety of Fixed Lenses if you ever want to make a different kind of video, or if you plan to use your camera for photography.

If you are interested in vlogging, but do not plan to become interested in videos or photography more generally then a Zoom Lens might be better for you. You will be able to take a variety of shots without as much planning. Also, if you like to film on the go then it is a lot simpler to travel with one Zoom Lens than a case of Fixed Lenses. Vloggers who move around a lot, like travel vloggers and some daily life vloggers, are also more likely to need a zoom feature.

Jun 01,2018 11:02 am
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