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BENQ BL2711U 27” Professional 4K Monitor Review

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

With so many classic product releases, BENQ has finally brought a tough competition for other big brands. Earlier, they were focused only on development of E Sports displays and gaming accessories but now company has brought eye catching models of professional monitors into market. They have designed high quality products even with affordable price tag as compared to Asus and Dell. BenQ BL2711U is one of the most popular monitor for professional users, offering outstanding 4K graphics, 60Hz performance on its 27” screen. There are so many unique and impressive things to discuss about BenQ BL2711U; go through the detailed review below to gain complete information about it.

Design and Features:

1.Design Style

Considering the design of BenQ BL2711U we must say that this monitor is designed to serve users in mild environments like design studios or offices. Manufacturers have not added much bling to this design rather they focused more on minimalistic design that can suit to professional atmosphere. The cabinet was finished with attractive matte black exterior where the grippy, subtle and finger print free texture make it more appealing. The bezels have same appearance as that of the cabinet so you will not observe any distraction for viewing experience on this 27” screen. BenQ BL2711U is finished with a medium range anti glare coating so you can have a reflection free view but it introduces little grainy texture to this monitor. Note that the stand attached to this BL series appears almost same as that of old XL series. Users can rotate, swivel, tilt and rise this display as per their own needs.

2. Ports and Connectivity


All the connections are placed on rear portion of the cabinet and they are facing downward. Such kind of orientation assist in better cable management as one can easily take them out from the neck hole on the mount. The connectivity options for input include HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 that works on 60Hz rating for delivering 4K content. In case of HDMI 1.4 port and the DVI port, you will be able to operate monitor for 30Hz range whereas separate USB ports are added for downstream and upstream needs. This panel also consists of a dedicated switch for On/Off operations that makes this monitor handy. One missing connectivity option is USB-C thunderbolt 3 port that could otherwise may this monitor able to handle various features of Apple.


1. Color

BenQ BL2711U is designed to serve users with incredible 4K experience on its IPS panel. It presents all the details with stunning clarity that you will not find in any of the competitive range products. The most special features of this 27” monitor are its 10 bit color interface that can handle 1.07 billion colours with higher accuracy. The combination of advanced technologies leads to 100% color range coverage with Rec 709 and sRGB. You will find its color details extremely vibrant as well as accurate; the native resolutions are meant to be clear and crisp. The drawback of this design is hidden within Adobe RGB performance ability that leads to less useful gamut coverage and second issue is inability to handle extended spectrum of colours, so all these features make this monitor suitable for video and photo professionals. Most of the high end professionals need 12 bit interface but the design cost for that one simply goes high. If we look at price tag of BenQ BL2711U then it appears best for entry level users and general professional needs. The wide range of features covered with this monitor make it suitable for several work related applications, especially for those who are not much specific about higher color accuracy.

2.OSD and Settings

One major feature of BenQ BL2711U is the range of OSD modes added to this product. You will be glad to know that this well designed monitor can handle CAD/CAM projects so it appears much suitable to professionals from Solidwork and AutoCAD field. Note that BenQ BL2711U is certified for its SolidWork performance. This monitor also suits to Graphic arts, Video editing and Animation like applications. However, this 27” panel is not recommended for application that needs to deal with higher range of colors but Yes, AutoCAD users will find it useful. Lines as well as Wireframes show satisfactory performance and the contrast setting never causes any strain on eyes because it can adjust all pictures to natural appearance. The colours appear vibrant on this screen and you will not find any disturbance in shades. Some users may notice little issue related to blue hue over pictures but thanks to advanced blue light filter that can easily handle this trouble.

Users can easily adjust the performance of Blue Light Filter for BenQ BL2711U as per the named profiles available on menu. For reading purpose it is set to 70%, in case of office needs you have to go for 60% reduction, multimedia needs demand 30% decay in blue light whereas Web Surfing appears fine for 50% range. The perfect value for sweet spot setting will still vary as per the need of users hence its performance varies accordingly. These features assist users to have strain free viewing experience with higher comfort. You will be glad to know that along with the classic filters, BenQ BL2711U is flicker free too. As the WLED backlight is not containing PWM module so the lights appear steady all the time and will not harm user’s eyes. One needs to make efforts to adjust brightness as per the environment. After all these software based safety adjustments, BenQ BL2711U also contains Automatic Eye Protect Sensor in its hardware that can manage brightness as per the ambient light.


With lots of incredible features, BenQ BL2711U can be considered for professional needs. Its advanced CAD/CAM abilities make it more suitable for office and studio needs. The 60Hz refresh rate support for 4K content makes this monitor more considerable over other competitive products. You will definitely get something quite useful and entertaining with payment of $700 only.

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Max Wales
Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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