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UltraWide VS UHD 4K Monitors: Which to Choose

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

When we talk about 21:9 (Ultra-Wide )resolution then it either represents 2560x1080 or 3440x1440; that means you will get additional space horizontally for using numbers of applications at the same time. Most of the people find it little awkward when they use ultra wide monitors for the very first time because the ratio between vertical and horizontal space appears improperly matched. But once you start working on it, you will find it so useful.

Moving ahead towards 4K that is well known as Ultra HD resolution, it provides 3840x2160 resolution level that means you can expect more space horizontally. 27” and 24” is most common screen size offered for 4K content where most of the users prefer to scale their interface for improving appearance of text and usability of windows. The 4K monitors also assist users to enjoy 1080p content on same screen so you can have easy access to all your video clips on single terminal. The best thing to know is that 4K monitors are becoming cheap day by day with their increasing demand so you can easily plan to buy one. But note that it is necessary to connect these monitors with high performance computer to enjoy perfect 4K gaming experience.

Section 1: UltraWide Vs 4K Monitor for Everyday Use:

As we have already discussed that ultra-wide displays promise 3440 pixels in horizontal space but the vertical side have only 1440 pixels. So users can watch content without scaling. These monitors are best for navigating menus, writing documents and for accessing web pages. In case of 4K displays, the screen possesses pixel ratio of around 4096 and 2160 and these pixels are tightly packed to your existing small display screen. Details of 4K content will need scaling on 27” screen but they will appear almost perfect on a 34” screen.

The best thing observed about UHD is that it provides great access to multiple windows on desktop so that you can access everything simultaneously. This facility is more useful for professionals who often need to work on multiple applications at a time. If you are movie lover then ultra-wide monitor can provide you best results because it plays movies with immersive content and highly smooth frame processing.


So, we cannot say that any of these show winning performance for this criterion. The content on Ultra-Wide screen appears natural but the available work space in case of 4K display is also useful. If you do not want to mess with scaling then it is important to spend on a larger 4K panel. We cannot rate any one of these as best for everyday use because the rating completely depends upon your video game compatibility, type of hardware that you are using and of course, on your personal preferences.

Section 2: Ultra-Wide Vs 4K Monitor for Gaming:

If you are able to enjoy gaming with 1440p or 1080p resolution level on your PC then it can also handle Ultra-wide content easily, so you can save money by not spending on additional graphic cards or additional rig. It is not always necessary that all games will work fine with your current graphic card and even in most of the cases people accept to make compromise with the black side bars on 16:9 ratio.

For 4k gaming, you must have a recent high performance computer then only they will work fine. Now as price ranges for 4K monitors are falling day by day so you can think of buying one with ease; the best thing to know is that most of the games can work perfectly with 4K.


For Ultra-Wide Monitor:

Those who are more involved with games that have 21:9 aspect ratio and are satisfied with ultra wide monitor settings must think of buying the same. The best thing about these ultra wide monitors is that they will not force you to spend more for buying a high performance computer like the 4K monitors. Ultra wide monitors are available with low price rating as compared to 4K ones.

For 4K Monitor:

Video games often have issues related to compatibility; you will find few games that do not work accurately with 21:9 aspect ratio whereas others find trouble supporting 4K resolution level. So the key idea is to prefer low resolution so that you can at least avoid those annoying black borders from sides.

Section 3: UltraWide Vs 4K Monitor for Video Editing:

If you are a video editor then you would be more satisfied with the horizontal screen setup offered by ultra wide monitors. This setup is perfect for having proper visibility of all required elements on screen and you don’t even need to go for dual monitor setup as ultra wide screens have enough space to handle multiple tasks at a time. These monitors are highly recommended for color grading needs as they work fine for all color shifts. You will find ultra wide monitors most suitable for video editing needs as they follow higher refresh rates due to low resolution levels. If we look at the curved monitors then they are observed to skew lines on screen so display becomes more sensitive. Note that, almost 99% of the media files these days are created with 16:9 aspect ratio so while making final decision about your product, it is good to think about available content quality too.


Those who love simple setup with least details are advised to choose Ultra wide monitors whereas those who are much concerned about 16:9 display with conventional real estate content are advised to spend on 4K monitor as it can ensure better details.

Section 4: UltraWide Vs 4k Monitor: Pricing

If you make some efforts to compare price ranges of both these units then you will be amazed to know that 4K are presently cheaper as compared to 4K. So if you are planning to make a budget friendly decision then definitely you should think about 4K panels. Also, you need to think about your work preferences because if you need more options for external world connectivity with USB ports, want to access SD card readers, Thunderbolt support and wish to work with multiple inputs then your choice may get affected.


Professionals who need more screen space to access things faster and complete their projects soon must think of spending on 4K. In case if gaming is your first priority and you wish to play games that work fine with 4K with a new rig setting, then also your idea is pretty good.

In case if you are satisfied with simple and streamlined version of the content, then ultra wide is a good choice for you. But note that ultra wide are still considered as luxury units so their price ranges are quite high. However, for your gaming needs, ultra wide is a great option because it promises immersive details. The best thing to know about expensive ultra wide displays is that you need not to invest on new PC to support their content as like in 4K where a powerful computer is essential for great content delivery. When you choose a 4K monitor, then you also have to make an additional investment in upgrading your rig. So basically, the decision to buy any of these totally depends upon your budget and usage preferences.

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