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How to Animate Objects in Your Video-10 Catchy Tricks!

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Internet users today have a shorter attention span, and it is well known that actions speak louder than words. Video animation, basically adding moving features to your video, is a powerful tool to attract traffic and increase viewer engagement.

The concept of video animation was initially reserved for entertainment, but now it has widespread uses even in business and education.

Many companies prefer to animate objects in their presentations and websites to keep the audience hooked or emotionally relate to them. A dancing object is bound to attract attention and will urge the user to scroll further in curiosity. Story-tellers breathe life into their narratives just by introducing animations.

Part 1: Animate Objects with Keyframing

A basic part of video editing is keyframing. Before you move on to make an animation, you must first be familiar with the word keyframes.

Well, the name itself emphasizes its importance so without further delay, let me shed some light on its basics.

What is Keyframe Animation?

The animation is the illusion of motion we create by sequencing object images together. As the name suggests, the keyframe specifies the start and end transition of objects through the timeline that brings about animation. It is a sort of graphical drawing that lists when and what kind of movement will take place. The starting keyframe indicates where the object is in the present, whereas the ending keyframe will give its location at the end. Sequence and position are two essential factors in keyframing. Let me show you how it works.

How to animate objects by Keyframing?

Now you know that keyframing is a tool that represents the transition of an object. You can position your keyframe at any point in the video to indicate when a particular movement will start or end. Once you sequence all your keyframes and press play, all the movements will transition smoothly, giving the impression of a moving object. So keyframing is a key factor determining how successful you will be in animating your object or text.


With its captivating effects, video editing is now trending to such an extent that it is almost everywhere. Business or entertainment, you name it. Moreover, Wondershare Filmora has made video animation incredibly easy, and if you follow the tricks we mentioned, your video will go viral in no time

Now you know how to animate objects. This might be your ticket to success. Let your imagination run wild and animate objects to create jaw-dropping videos.

With no time to spare, let's start animating objects. 

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Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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