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How to Make Animated Videos for Business – an Ultimate Guide

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

“Animation for business is about creating the illusion of life, and you can attract your buyers for life.”

Animation means when you create the illusion of movement in still figures. It is the method of drawing, designing, and making for photographic sequences. There could be many kinds of animation, such as traditional animation, stop motion animation, computer animation, Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, and 3D Animation.

The animation for business is the key to attract target audiences with ease. It is a way of communication, which is more than just cartoons and movies. The involvement of business animation has increased the ROI for various brands. All-in-all, you can determine the difference between business ROI with animation versus the business's ROI without animation. If you feel that animation for business is not a thing for you, kindly stay tuned with the post. We will reveal useful facts regarding the importance of animation in business and how to make animated videos for your brand in an effortless manner.

Why use animation for business?

As we have earlier mentioned, animation is the key to attractive branding. According to Smart Insights' recent article on Video Marketing in 2020, around 92% of marketers feel this an essential part of business strategy. In contrast, 88% of marketers think that video marketing in animation offers them positive ROI. 

We can describe to you a list of 5 reasons to use animation for business as follows.

It is fun and entertaining

Your animation doesn't need to be realistic or accurate. The purpose of using it in business or even cartoons is to instill fun and entertainment. The animation is a way to grab customers' attention rather than being used as a strict marketing tool. Customers will look over to the story more interesting than the traditional ad system.

Lasting impression

The animated videos for business leave a memorable impression on the current as well as new customers. However, you must be clear about using animation in a way that creatively tells about your business. A story that is too different from the business purpose may not be a good idea to create a lasting impression.

So, you must tell about the values you inject in a particular product so that the potential customers get attracted by the visuals and the information they get from it.

Boosts conversion rate

Due to the highly attractive nature of business animation videos, the customer is likely to complete the action as expected by the brand. More than half the visited customers will likely stay on the website with animated content rather than getting you the high bounce off rates. So, you should beautifully explain the merits of your service or product to the user in animated videos for business. It's great if you add CTA at the end of the video.

Easy updates

Being a potent marketing tool animation for business is a new and updated aspect. It is one of the advanced digital technologies to update messaging and marketing collateral and reflect your business values. The presentation of content with animation appeals to different and new potential audiences cost-effectively and efficiently.

Turns complex ideas into easy ones!

Dealing with complex ideas or products in the text form can be pretty hard to convey effectively unless you insert animation in the text and make it attractive. After all, complex ideas can't quickly turn into easy ones. 

How to choose animation styles for your business?

After knowing the apparent benefits of animation, we will discuss how you can choose different animation styles for your business. There could be lots of types, among which we are just going to mention four basic animation styles for business. 

Kinetic Typography

kinetic typography

Kinetic typography means 'moving text.' You can see this kind of animation everywhere, from website landing pages to TV commercials. The tool can be useful to shrink, expand, fly, grow, move in slow motion, or change the letter in numerous ways to grab readers' attention.

Character animation

character animation

Character animation refers to making animated animals or persons. It depends solely on the animator's animator or demand to create a character and decide how it will move, look, or interact with the external environment. 

Whiteboard animation

The whiteboard animation is another famous kind of animation for business where a storyboard is the basics. The process tells you a story mostly by the presentation of someone's hands. Notably, the whiteboard is to represent the time-lapse or stop motion effect.


infographic for business

Information Graphics or Infographics refers to the visual representation of data or information. Generally, it collects charts, imagery, and minimal text to give a simple overview of the topic. The animated videos for business with Infographics are one of the valuable tools for business communication.

What to Consider before Making Animated Business Videos?

The decision to make animated videos for business could be a tricky task even if you are aware of the importance, as mentioned above, of animation. Merely knowing the importance won't get you on the right path without any implementation efforts. 

You need to implement the right strategies and know what factors are essential to look for before making animated videos for business. So, let's discuss those critical points!


The budget comes as the top-most factor because you can't do anything without enough money. So, be ready to invest a fair amount or at least invest in reliable video editing software. However, animation for business doesn't demand a budget like creating a Pixar movie in millions. For instance, using Wondershare Filmora will cost you around $49.99 per year, less than spending millions in outsourcing video animation work. However, it also depends upon the kind of job and style of business values you want to present in the animation. You have to outsource if it's expert-level work!

Brand Positioning

Consider your brand positioning! While using the animation for business, viewers tend to remember more about the brand values than mere visuals. They want to know your identity as a brand and your industry. It will help if you incorporate some brand positioning first before deciding to make animation videos for business. What you can do is check the overview of the brand from the customer's point of view. After that, you can instill the presentation according to your business type, whether B2B or B2C.

Target Audience

Making animation videos about the target audience is essential, but it doesn't necessarily mean making videos only for them. The very first question is to ask why you are making such a video. There could be many reasons behind the same, such as gaining new customers, educating the current customers, or raising the awareness of a new product or brand.


Video promotion is the last but not least, step! You must know the ideas to market your videos before even starting the creation. The market can be Instagram or any other social media platform where you get a high presence of potential customers. Furthermore, the video should not be too pushy.

How to make an animated business video?

You need to stay by the steps given below to create stunning animated videos for business.

Step 1: Video Script

Start by writing what you want to present in the form of a video script. To be clear, write it according to the direction and purpose of your video.

Step 2: Create a storyboard

You can implement the animation video-making process after creating a storyboard for your video. It is more of a way to visualize your video about different shots and scenarios.

You can use Animaker as an online storyboard tool.

Step 3: Choose the style of animation video

Select your particular kind of animation for business from the different types of animation videos given above.

Step 4: Start animation

With Wondershare Filmora Pro Video Editor's help, you can do wonders for the animation for business. All the tutorials are clear on its official YouTube channel on using specific animation tools of Filmora Pro.

Step 5: Add background music

It is vital to have a soul in your story. You can add suitable background music and voice-over with the help of Wondershare Filmora Video Editor with ease of tools.


Thus, that is all you need to understand about animation for business. No matter the brand or brand values you have, animated videos for business always stand apart from traditional marketing. 

So, be smart and use the updated marketing tools!

Here is a 101 Guide on animation for business with simple steps, even for a beginner. We'll tell you the importance and right software to create stunning animated videos for business. 

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