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The Best Batman Anime Movies
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The 10 Best Batman Anime Movies- 2024 Updated

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Batman is one of the most popular and long-lasting characters in DC animated movies. There can always be an argument on Marvel and DC movies. Although, DC remains the king regards to animated movies. DC animated movies are better coordinated with live-action scenes. Each story features different aspects of Gotham city and its issues.

Batman or "Bruce Wayne" is an orphan billionaire living a carefree life. Yet, he leads the gods and exceptional ones like they do not matter much. The technology and the will Batman demonstrates are peculiar. No wonder Batman animated movies are one of the bestselling of all time. I could even say, in the early 90s, Batman was the most favorite hero of DC animated movies.

10 Best Batman Anime Movies-2024 List

1. The Dark Knight Returns

The top of the list is Dark Knight Returns anime. What makes this animated Batman so exceptional are his rules and consciousness. Batman goes beyond his limits to save his beloved city. But on top of all, Batman avoids making a public appearance. The movie is entertaining and less dark scenes, mostly targeting the younger generation.

However, when Gotham becomes the prey of mafias, gang wars, and Joker, Batman comes out of retirement or what looked like a retirement. Although Batman was criticized by the public and even hunted by authorities, he still came back, making him the "Dark Knight." However, in the end, it seems that Bruce Wayne dies, but still, the true fate of Batman is unknown.

dark knight returns

2. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

This animated movie is more or less about the journey of the orphan Bruce Wayne to Batman. It demonstrates his childhood life and how he plans to become a masked vigilante. Unable to make sense of the tragedy, Bruce tries to stop robberies and thefts. Thus, trying to control his anger but couldn't make much impact. This dark, grim, and thrilling anime is one of the finest anime movies.

In the meantime, he becomes deeply attached to Andrea Beaumont, who could somewhat console him. However, she leaves Bruce all broken. Bruce mysteriously leaves his beloved home city in a quest to find the true purpose of his life and comebacks as a symbol of hope for his beloved city. 

batman mask of phantasm

3. Batman: Subzero

Mr. Freeze, who is the ex-enemy of Batman, finds himself in a devastating position. A tragic accident puts his wife in a life-and-death situation. Being heartbroken, Mr. Freeze comes back to Gotham city only to find out that Barbara Gordan can only save his wife.

He kidnaps Barbara and on-bards her on the plan to save his wife. In the meantime, Batman and Robbin learn the whereabouts of Barbara. Batman rescues Barbara while pledging Mr. Freeze to save his dying wife. This demonstrates the perfect example of how high Batman holds justice and rules.

Batman Subzero

4. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Joker is the most despised enemy of all. He knows Batman too well and even has some instincts about his identity. On top of that, Joker isn't much afraid of Batman. Batman is so much fed-up by Joker doesn't even want to believe that he is alive. Even after the Joker interrupts the live press conference.

Batman investigates and tries to join pieces to understand how it is possible? Meanwhile, the Joker equips himself with high-tech weapons and armed satellites. Joker devises a plan to kill Bruce and puts it into motion. Joker and Batman make one of the best duos of animated movies.

beyond return of the joker

5. Batman Ninja

This animated movie demonstrates the courage of  Batman. Even after being defeated multiple times, he still doesn't back down from saving his beloved Gotham. Fortunately, In the end, he succeeds.

The movie's plot is twisted with time travel through Grodd's Quake Engine time, which sends Batman to feudal Japan. This animated Batman laearns ninja techniques to defeat his deadliest enemies. In Batman Ninja's animated movie, Batman and bat-clan had to face multiple enemies all at once, making their positions vulnerable.

batman ninja

6. Batman: Under the Red Hood

Batman has pledged himself to his rules that he follows them with all his heart, even if it costs him his dear friend. Being confused about the identity of the red hood, Batman visits Joker in Arkham Asylum, who denies any involvement.

Red hood tries to kill Black Mask and damages his drug business. Joker promises Red hood for his freedom to the Black Mask. However, Joker tricks the Black Mask and destroys all the drug lords along with Black Mask. In all of this, Batman confronts Ra's al Gul to know more about the Red Hood and who is underneath it.

under the red hood

7. Batman year one

A lot of comic and anime fans started loving the batman character after this particular anime. Based on the first year of Bruce Wayne's life as a batman, the serial shows his trouble with the police and public. The first episode starts with Jim Gordan and Batman walking down a street with all the crimes and robberies in the city.

Also, the plot revolves around Jim Gordan's life and how he is trying so hard to make a difference in the police department. As police were involved in doing deals with monsters like Falcone and Fish Mooney.

As a lot of fans might already know, Jim and Batman were always friends from the beginning. Coming back from the training, Bruce still has to decide something that will scare his enemies. So, he comes up with the bat sign. The character of the Cat woman is also introduced in it, and it was amazing how dark and toned they made her. Not to forget, this dc animated movie is scripted by Frank Miller David Mazzucchelli, so it is connected to the Dark Knight rises.

batman year one

8. Batman: Gotham Knight

No, this is not Dark Knight; it is the sixth sequel of the batman anime series.  An underrated DC animated movie. This anime itself is consisting of six chapters. The animation is very stylish and a little bit distracting. Like, Batman was a fat, healthy man. However, this shows him weirdly slim and fit. The first chapter is the most interesting with full of action and thrilling.

Chapters 2 and 3 are full of the mysterious part of Batman's life. The entire island feels full of psychotic maniacs. Lucious Fox and Bruce Wayne are working together in this part, testing the new bat gear. The 4th and 5th sequel is all about how detective Gordan is convinced to believe Batman, yet cannot trust him. The 6th part contains the most positively animated scenes when Batman saves Jim Gordan's life. Each sequel gives off the unique character and abilities of batman.

gotham knight

9. The Batman vs. Dracula

There is no age limit for batman animated movies. Even, adults enjoy super amuzing dance and stunts of joker in this anime. All he do is dancing around barefoot, laughing maniacally, and annoying batman with his tricks. Batman faces a strange supernatural villain in this anime. The storyline starts in Arkham Asylum, from where the Joker escapes. As soon as Batman gets a signal about it, he goes hunting for the Joker. The details in the Joker's dressing and outfit are beyond amazing. Although, the show has some flaws, as the penguin meets Joker a little too early. In search of finding some hidden treasure, the penguin wakes up Dracula.

batman and dracula

10. Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

The Batwoman scene starts when she tries to stop a truck full of drugs and robbers with her excellent skills, and Batman arrives at the location. In this Batman animated movie, the penguin owns a toy factory. The animated batwoman has some extraordinary, unrealistic skills which successfully gain batman attention. The story lies in the secrecy of Batwoman and other corrupted Dons of Gotham city.

mystery of the batwoman

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No wonder, DC has made super exciting anime and characters like Wonder Woman and Superman but Batman remains the all-time favorite of millions of Dc fans. The action, detail, and thrill of animated movies are super thrilling.

The quality of animation and video varies significantly as some of these Batman animated movies were released in the early 90s. You can watch all the above-listed batman animated movies and record with wonder share Filmora.

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