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Best SolarMovie Alternatives-Watch Movies Online

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

SolarMovie is an online video streaming site that offers a huge collection of movies and TV series. All these movies and shows can be streamed for free on SolarMovie. Furthermore, there is no registration required. Better yet, users can even download the movies in high quality.

However, some ISP’s have banned the SolarMovie website, and it might be inaccessible now. So, people are now on the lookout for a SolarMovie alternative that they can use to easily watch movie online.

To help with that, we have carefully curated a list of some of the top sites like SolarMovie.

Best 10 SolarMovie Alternatives for You

Even though there countless SolarMovie like websites on the internet, it can be pretty confusing to find the best one. Therefore, we have rounded up the top SolarMovie alternative sites for your ease.

1. Popcornflix

One of the best SolarMovie alternative sites includes Popcornflix. It is a free HD streaming site through which users can watch movie online without having to register or subscribe. The range of movies available on this SolarMovie alternative is very extensive. Moreover, the movies are categorized as New Arrivals, Horror, Drama, Asian Action, to name a few. The categorization allows easy browsing and searching for the perfect movie. This SolarMovie alternative boasts a category of Popcornflix original movies as well that are exclusively available on this site. A search bar option further eases the task of finding a particular movie.

popcornflix watch movie

2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a top-notch SolarMovie alternative site. With a sleek and attractive interface, Tubi TV features a wide variety of movies available for free streaming. Also, the movies are classified into various sections based on Popularity, Genre, and many more. By selecting a title from the genre category like horror, lifestyle, or even stand-up comedy, users can easily find and watch movie online. This site might even be better than SolarMovie, as it has options to customize the resolution and the choice to display subtitles. An option of Add To My Playlist further makes this SolarMovie alternative an excellent site.

tubi tv watch movie

3. Freeform

Among the sites like SolarMovie, Freeform also tops the list. However, Freeform is a cable channel that requires users to access the endless movie library through their cable provider. But, this SolarMovie alternative has a huge collection of the latest as well as vintage movies. On Freeform, you can watch movie online just by clicking and selecting your cable provider. You can sign up for free to resume your movie streaming from where you left off. Freeform’s movies are creatively classified as Fierce and Funny, Familiar Faves, and Throwback.

freeform movie

4. Netflix

Netflix is an up-and-coming SolarMovie alternative that has dominated the online streaming sites owing to its vast movie library. Unlike SolarMovie, Netflix also produces many original movies that are available on the sites for HD streaming. Netflix, however, is not free. Users can watch movie online on Netflix by first registering for an account. After registering, users can sign in to watch movie online or download it in HD for offline streaming later. Furthermore, this SolarMovie alternative allows users to enjoy unlimited streaming on any device or platform.

netflix watch movie

5. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is yet another top-notch SolarMovie alternative. On this site, users can find an exclusive Amazon original movie collection. With an intuitive interface and easy browsing categories, Amazon Prime is the go-to site to watch movie online without any ads or any kind of hassle. The categorization is based on genre, awards, or audience, to name a few. Also, the movies can be added to a Watchlist for easy organization. But, to watch movie online on Amazon Prime, users are required to create an account and sign in. And unlike SolarMovie, Amazon Prime isn’t available for free streaming.

amazon prime video

6. Hulu

Like SolarMovie, Hulu also boasts an extensive movie library. This library by Hulu is a mix of popular and classic movies. Also, it features a variety of Hulu original series and movies that you cannot find elsewhere. Whether you want to watch a thriller or a documentary, Hulu has got you covered. However, Hulu requires a paid subscription. Before subscription, you can activate a 30-day trial to weigh whether Hulu is the best SolarMovie alternative and if it is worth your time.

hulu watch movie

7. Yifymovies

Another amazing SolarMovie alternative is the Yifymovies site. This site rivals the SolarMovie website by featuring an up-to-date movie collection. What’s better, Yifymovies has classified its library into broad categories like adventure, animation, and documentary, etc. Users can also search by filtering out the movies on the basis of the year of release. All the movie titles contain a rating that helps the user decide whether that movie is worth their time or not. The video player in this SolarMovie alternative features the fast-forward and rewind option too. The only downside is that it has a few annoying pop-up ads.


8. CONtv

One of the best sites like SolarMovie includes CONtv. Although this SolarMovie-like site requires registration in order to watch movie online, the unique and up-to-date movie collection here makes it a very popular user’s choice. By signing up, users can also save their favorite movies to the watchlist. A premium account is available if users wish to stream and watch movie online without any annoying pop-ups and commercials. On this SolarMovie alternative, users can also have access to the latest anime series as well as classic movies.

contv movie

9. Aha Video

Aha is a subscription-based movie streaming SolarMovie alternative. On this site, you can watch movie online for free. But, the premium content can only be accessed after the paid subscription is activated. Aha video can easily be used as a SolarMovie alternative as it offers a great variety of movies that users can enjoy in HD quality and low buffering time. Movies for every genre like romance, comedy, and action can be found on this site. Better yet, a category is also available for kids.

aha watch movie

10. Vumoo

Vumoo is the last but not the least addition to our list of the best sites like SolarMovie. Vumoo features a multitude of movies ranging from horror to comedy. Users can easily find any kind of movie on this SolarMovie alternative. Users can watch movie online in HD quality through Vumoo. Furthermore, Vumoo is a free website that doesn’t require any signing up or registration. Users can just hop onto this SolarMovie like website and click to watch movie online. A major drawback is that the movies are not categorized, but that is countered by the searching option, which makes it easier to search a particular movie.

vumoo watch movie

Bonus Tip- Make a Video with Wondershare Filmora Easy Movie Maker

Wondershare Filmora is a very powerful and comprehensive video editor for all kinds of edits. The user-friendly interface makes the editing process effortless. Users can easily add motion graphics, keyframe animations, and even color match with a single click.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

1. First, download Wondershare Filmora on your device and launch it. Then, click on File and tap on Import Media Files to import the clip you want to edit.

import filmora movie video

2. From the Titles section, you can choose a catchy template to compliment your video. By double-clicking on the title added to the timeline, you can access advanced settings to customize the title text, font size, color, etc. You can also animate the title to make it more dynamic.

add movie title

3. If you like to give your videos a cinematic touch, you can add multiple transitions ranging from 3D, ripple and dissolve, speed blur to warp effects. Just click on the plus icon on the effect to add it to the timeline. Drag and adjust the duration of the effect.

add movie transition

4. The Effects tab has various kinds of aesthetic filters and overlays. Choose a suitable overlay from the categories such as Frame, Bokeh Blur, Old Film etc.

choose effects tab

5. You can also make your videos very attractive by adding some colorful and appealing elements. From Badges to Hand Drawn icons, the Elements tab has a huge variety.

add movie overlay

6. Finally, you can export the video and save it locally. Or, the video can be directly shared on the social media platforms like YouTube.

export your movie

Summing up

Once again, you can enjoy limitless streaming of your favorite movies and shows. Thanks to the various sites like SolarMovie, you can watch movie online without any hassle. Just like SolarMovie, most of the sites we mentioned offer a huge movie library free of cost. And, there are multiple benefits associated with the SolarMovie alternative sites that range from the watchlist option to the resolution customization tool. So, you can go back to having a relaxing weekend by hopping on to the SolarMovie alternative site of your choice and watching some exciting movies. Go on and watch movie online on any device and enjoy!

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