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10 Free Online Sticker Makers to Make Your Own Stickers

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

Over the years, the method of communication has changed a lot with the advancement of technological products and innovations. Be it personal forms of communication, advertisements, or public awareness, things are very different now. This is an era of digital boards, online texts, and stickers.

Making one’s own stickers have been one of the latest trends of communication on social media platforms. The use of stickers makes the conversation interesting and fun and allows people to express their opinions hilariously, without offending anyone. That is why there are a lot of online sticker makers available in the market.

Online sticker makers allow you to create your own stickers in whichever way you wish. These online sticker makers have taken the fun and involvement of socially active people to another level. So let’s dig in and find out about the best free online sticker makers available in the market.

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Part 1: 10 Free Online Stickers to Make Your Stickers

With the right applications, making your own stickers can be very easy. There are a lot of online sticker makers that allow you to create your own stickers, but the best ones among them will do the job more creatively and easily. So, let’s have a look at the top free online sticker makers we have selected for you in terms of features and easiness to use.

1. StickerYou

StickerYou is a wonderful online sticker maker that helps you to create clear cut stickers easily. You can upload any photo that you wish to convert into a sticker, provided those are in PNG, JPG, JPEG, or GIF formats.

Sticker You Website


  • $0.50 per Sticker


  • Allows to add art to the sticker
  • Provides editing options like border, text, canvas, etc. within the tool itself
  • Provides shipping delivery of physical copies of the stickers
  • This tool can be accessed online from any computer or mobile device

2. Canva

Canva is an online tool that allows you to create your own customized stickers and labels with a professional touch. In Canva, you can either design a sticker from scratch or develop one from the hundreds of pre-installed designer templates.

Canva Sticker Maker


  • Free version
  • Pro version with more advanced tools and features


  • 100+ adjustable templates and design options
  • About a million images, illustrations, colors, and texts to choose from
  • Occasion based designs and custom dimensions to choose
  • Easy sticker making in three steps – upload, edit, and download

3. Crello:

Crello allows users to create adorable and fun stickers in whatever design they wish. It is an online sticker maker that grants a lot of editing features to make the result more outstanding, provided the users have signed into their account

Crello Sticker Maker


  • Starter pack – Free
  • Pro pack - $7.99 per month


  • Options to create photos, images, illustrations, patterns, and text badges in customizable shapes
  • More than 30,000 templates to create whatever you wish
  • Availability of more than 500,000 premium photos and 140M plus royalty-free pics
  • Simple design and video editing features

4. PsPrint

PsPrint is an application that can help you to create versatile and fun stickers with ease with a design template that is professionally crafted. All you need is to simply pick up your desired shape, size, and color.

Psprint Sticker Maker


  • Free kit
  • Paid – depending on the stickers you choose


  • A free designing tool to add personalized texts elements and graphics
  • Availability of physical copy of stickers printed and cut in any dimension
  • Occasion based options of design to choose from

5. Jukebox

Jukebox allows users to design and print a variety of stickers and provides quality templates to do so. This online sticker maker allows you to choose the shape size and material of the sticker first, and once designing is done, high-quality stickers will be printed up.

Jukebox Sticker Maker


  • Depends upon features like size, material, and quantity


  • Can create stickers in any shape and finishing
  • High-quality stickers that are easy to peel and weather resistant
  • Free shipping for orders totaling more than $75
  • One day turn around option available

6. PicsArt

Picsart is one of the most popular photo editing applications that also features the option of online sticker making. This application provides a large number of pre-customized online stickers and also has the best features if you are interested in creating one.

Picsart Sticker Maker


  • Free
  • Gold offer - $4.66 per month


  • Easy creation and sharing of stickers
  • Online sharing and printing options
  • An AI technology that can remove the background of any pictures perfectly
  • Amazing editing features like erase tool, brush off tool, axis rotation, etc.

7. Uprinting

Uprinting is an all-purpose online sticker making tool that can help you create appealing stickers according to your idea. It is a clean tool and you can order stickers in small as well as very large sizes. Also the sticker options available make it easy to choose.

Uprinting Sticker Maker


  • $42.29 ($0.17 for each sticker)


  • Roll sticker cut to any shape and size
  • Sticker available with a gloss finish as well as matt coated
  • Availability of waterproof material for stickers
  • Easy peel of hard sticking

8. Avery

Avery lets its users create seals and stickers personalized to their choice of interest. This online sticker making tool allows you to choose a design, make the necessary edits using the built-in options, print, and then save it on your device.

Avery Sticker Maker


  • Pricing depends on the order of purchase


  • Free printable designs that fit any occasion
  • High-quality material suitable for packing
  • Free shipping for all orders above $50
  • Premium quality designs and products and 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed

9. MakeStickers

MakeStickers is a custom online sticker maker that offers a lot of features and sticker creating options to its users. It has a very simple user interface and anyone can create stickers easily using this online tool.

Make Stickers Website


  • Pricing depends on the quantity and dimensions of the stickers


  • Availability of sticker in many cute shapes and colors
  • Waterproof polypropylene material that is hard to get damaged by any liquids
  • Laminated with a glossy or matte finish to ensure more durability
  • Split back in the middle for easy peeling

10. Labeley

Labeley is a site that offers free online sticker creation without any hassles like a mandatory sign in or trail periods. It is a simple application that can be used to create a sticker and share them on any social platform instantly.

Labeley Sticker Maker


  • Free of cost


  • Allows to create customized stickers in minutes
  • A lot of categories of designs to choose from
  • Simple editing tools and easy to use interface
  • Professional methods used for printing the stickers

Part 2: Add Sticker to Your Video with Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is one of the most popular and widely used video editing applications around the world that offers exciting and extensive video editing features. Be it creating a simple meme or editing a professional level movie, Filmora is the application that you can choose with your eyes closed.

Stickers a way to express one’s opinion or idea in an effective way. Most of the time these stickers convey things that long sentences can’t. This is why many movie makers and editors prefer to add stickers to their videos. Also adding stickers to a video make it, more interesting, fun to watch, and appealing to the viewers. So let’s see how a custom sticker can be added to a video using Filmora.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Install the Filmora application on your device and open it. Then import the video you need to edit and the custom stickers you need to add to the Media Library. 

Import Video and Sticker

Step 2: Drag the video first to the timeline, followed by the stickers respectively. And choose the sticker options available from the Elements tab.

Find Sticker

Step 3: Double click the sticker. Then you can rotate, flip, or resize it as you want. Or you can right-click the sticker on the timeline to get more advanced editing options, such as color grading, pan &zoom, and speed change, etc. 

Adjust Sticker

Step 4: Once the editing is completed, Export the video into the format you wish.

Export Video


Stickers sometimes speak better than words and it is very important to know how to customize stickers as every individual wishes to speak differently. Stickers are used for many purposes, from casual chats to marketing means and home décor, which is why the quality of them is very important.

Online sticker makers allow you to customize stickers based on your ideas and depending on any occasion. We have listed the top free online sticker makers available that will allow you to create all the stickers you need. Thank you.

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