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What's the Best 10 Photo Animator Templates That Bring Your Images to Life?

What's the Best 10 Photo Animator Templates That Bring Your Images to Life?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 13, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
What's the Best 10 Photo Animator Templates That Bring Your Images to Life?

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Using free 3d motion graphics, we can animate the image and bring it back to life.

Using a 3d animation photo maker online we can animate any image using a template and bring it back to life. This must have gotten you excited? We are as excited as you are as we give you an overview of 3d photo animation online.

 Part 1 What is 3D Image Animate?

3D Image Animate is making a moving scene using just a simple image. It is quite a complicated process and requires high technical skills to achieve a moving animation out of a still image. For your convenience, here we list some of the examples that will make you understand what 3D Image Animate is.

01Resuscitate a Person or Object

This first 3D Image Animate example depicts turning a real-life still image of a person and making him move out of that still image. Sounds absurd, right? Well, just look at this example below.

02Pan View of Car

This next example shows a still image of a car is turned into a moving scene as if the camera person is shooting a pan view of a parked Car.

03Dispersing Elements

Here is another amazing 3D Photo Animate example for you. In this one, you’ll get to see an image that is stacked with several elements, fruits, and veggies (in this case), which get dispersed out of the canvas. Go ahead check it out.

 Part 2 What is 3D Photo Motion?

3D photo motion is basically a contemporary technology that helps us to bring life into the pictures. In simple words, using 3D photo motion and animation tools we can make still images into moving ones. 3D animation photo maker online offers you several motion templates. You can apply any of the available motion templates to a still image and make it animated. 3D photo motion helps convert 2D images to life like moving 3D images. This can be useful when working with a project that deals with many still images. By using animation on still images, the project can become more attractive and hence has a higher chance of getting liked!

 Part 3 How to Create 3D Animations from a Single Still Image?

01Simple steps to create 3d animations from a single still image

When it comes to animation, Adobe is recognized as one of the best tools. Animation with Adobe is one of the most convenient ways of animation. Here is how you can convert any 2D image to a 3D animated image using adobe. For those of you who are used to animating with adobe, it must be simple to follow the few steps listed below:

Firstly, you need to convert the 2D layers of the still image to 3D postcards (planes that possess 3D properties). In case the layer you are starting with is a text layer, any transparency will be retained.

Now to convert the object into 3D, wrap the 2D layer around any 3D object such as cube, cone, or sphere. Choose the shape that suits your layer.

Next, you need to create a 3D mesh from greyscale information in a 2D image.

Now you need to simulate a metalworking technique called "Repousse". By doing so, you will be extruding a 2D object in a 3D space

Next, you need to build a 3D volume from any multi-frame file like DICOM. Photoshop automatically converts the individual slices of the file into a 3D object that can be manipulated in 3D space from any angle. Furthermore, if you wish to optimize the display, you can also apply any 3D volume render effects.

02Best 10 Photo Animator Templates to Bring Your Images to Life

3D motion photo animator

The first tool on the list of 3d photo animators onlineis an excellent tool called 3D motion photo Animator. The tool helps to split landscape shots into numerous panels depending on the distance of the object from the camera. Furthermore, the plug-in also adds a soft parallax movement into the layers, giving the final image a beautiful 3D effect. The tool also has several editing options and a wide range of lens flare. The animator tool allows you to tweak the weather by using the weather effect options available in the tool.

3D photo animator

This 3d animation photo maker online takes the hype of the parallax effect in animation to a whole different level. The animator allows you to add parallax effects to any still image to make it appear 3 dimensional. Moreover, you can also add depth to the animated image to enhance the 3 dimensional effects and make it appear more realistic.

Live photo animation

Live photo animation is another seamless tool that offers free 3d motion graphics. The tool which is mainly meant for animation gives you the ability to mask the object and a keyframe from vivid natural movements. Once the subject and the background have been isolated and processed, they work independently from each other. This means that, due to independent operation, live photo animation becomes even more realistic since the subject can be animated without affecting the background. The tool also has cool zooming and 3D tracking effects.

Easy 3D face photo Animator

Most tools for 3d photo animation online fail to make the image look completely 3 dimensional. Even after the animation is performed, the people and the objects continue to look 2 dimensional. However easy 3D face photo Animator solves the problem. Using this tool, you can individually animate a face and make it 3 dimensional. It uses several panels to recreate the effect that'd be provided by a video recorder.

Live photo Animator

Looking for an animating tool to animate still images and transform them into stunning videos like action pictures? Live photo Animator is just the perfect tool for you then. The tool has a simple interface and helps generate realistic 3d action images. The plug-in works on the principle of duplicating action elements in an image. These action images include water, dust, fire, and other different kinds of moving objects in an image.

Photo Animator tool

The photo Animator tool kit is a great tool to generate animated 3D images. This quick time-saving tool is your go-to tool for photo effects and zooming. Moreover, the pack also consists of 50 preset animation templates that you can choose from. All you need to do is drag and drop the still images into the tool, and then you need to select the template that you'd like to apply to the image. The tool then processes the image and animates it to convert the still image into a 3d one.

Media animator

Think of smooth and seamless media transitions? Media animator is the perfect tool for you. This software offers a set of seamless and dynamically animated media transitions. The smooth transition effects make the images produced by this tool perfect for using the 3D animations in your official presentations and slideshows.

3D photo Animator

Have an attractive image that you wish to enhance by using animation? Here's a simple software that can help you add a touch of flair to any simple image. The software has amazing 3d animation powers. When you zoom on the images produced by the software, the entire perspective changes, and the image looks entirely 3D.

Particular photo animation

The animating tool is the best for those who wish to finish animation quickly. The software has an amazing and stylish way of making slideshows. The tool has several templates that concentrate on the particular motion.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

3d animation is one of the most budding fields these days. It makes our photos life-like and brings back real life memories.

Using 3D animation, still images are brought back to life and memories from years back are revived.

We looked at a few of the best tools for animating an image and converting them to 3D. 3D images can also help make your project reports and presentations much more attractive and earn you the extra edge over your colleagues.

We recommend you to try a few of these cool tools and get your hands dirty with animation today!

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