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Top Dictation Software for Windows, Mac and Online
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Top 8 Dictation Software for Windows, Mac, and Online

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

A good dictation software makes it easy and simple to transcribe documents, take notes, and help people who struggle at typing gather information easily.

Dictation apps were not much used before because of the lesser accuracy and more errors. But now it has come a long way and dictation apps are faster and accurate now more than ever. The use of AI, speech recognition, etc. has enabled dictation software to perform as fast as a person is reading.

Dictation software has also helped to empower people who find it difficult to type because of their disabilities. So here in this article let’s find out the best dictation software that you can use while in meetings, to transcribe documents, take notes, and much more.

Top 8 Dictation Software/Apps

A good dictation software must be fast, accurate, and must give very little space for errors. Let’s talk about 8 such speech-to-text softwares that can make things easier at some point in your life.

1. Google Docs Voice Typing


Google docs voice typing is one of the best tools for transcribing texts. This feature has been added a few years back and it is completely free. This feature is very accurate and fast, but will only be available when you are using the online app in Chrome.

Some of its features include voice dictation, integration to google cloud, and availability in both Windows and Mac devices.

Price: Free


dictation-io-software is an application that will allow you to type with your voice in English or any language of your choice. It uses speech recognition to transcribe accurately and can help you write documents and emails very easily.

The transcribing happens in real-time using the dictation app and it also allows to add punctuation marks, paragraphs, and smileys through voice commands. This app requires an internet connection and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux without any issues. Dictation has a simple interface and all the necessary tools needed to do necessary edits, which makes it very easy to use.

Price: Free

3. Braina


Braina is more than a voice-to-text converting application. Apart from the ability to dictate in more than 90 languages accurately, Braina can also control applications using voice commands. It makes use of AI and voice recognition to execute voice commands and convert to text accurately.

Brania can eliminate the need for a keyboard as it can control almost everything on your computer. Mathematical calculations, internet searches, opening folders, and files, no matter what you ask, it is capable of doing everything. Another plus point of Braina is that it understands accents and almost all medical, scientific and legal terms, which makes it easier while transcribing.

Price: Braina Lite - Free, Pro version - $49 per year, Pro Lifetime - $139

4. Dragon Professional Individual


Dragon Professional individual is a next-level speech engine using deep learning technology.  This dictation app can help you to dictate and transcribe more accurately and faster than before. It performs well with different accents and optimizes accuracy for speakers in a noisy environment.

This dictation software of Nuance is the best for students, health care, legal, and others to transcribe and share documents securely. It uses 256- bit encryption and offers 99 percent accuracy while transcribing. This tool also helps to control your computer with voice commands and supports cloud document management.

Price: Free trial for 7 days, One-time fee of $155, Professional firms are charged yearly fees.

5. Apple Dictation


Apple dictation is a dictation app that is available free on all Apple devices. It is not a very accurate software but is functional and useful when you need it to dictate messages and documents on your iPhone or any other Apple device.

This feature can be also be used to voice type on word, processor, presentation applications, social media sites, etc. Apple dictation supports multiple languages and also allows the sharing of audio recordings. Though this is a reliable voice-to-text app, it is not ideal for using for long durations. No installation is required for this tool.

Price: Free

6. Happy Scribe


Happy Scribe is an AI-based dictation software that is used by many famous organizations including BBC, Forbes, United Nations, etc. It is an all-in-one platform where you can convert your audio to text as well as add captions to your videos. 

Happy Scribe offers transcription in two ways, Automatic Transcription Software which is 85% accurate, and 100% Human-Made Transcription which is 99% accurate. This app supports about 62 different languages and has a dedicated transcript editor. This application also allows sharing and export of transcripts in different formats.

Price: Automatic Transcription Software - €0.20/min, 100% Human-Made Transcription - €1.70/min

7. Speechnotes


Speech notes is another online dictation app that can be used to type anything using your voice. It is very easy to use and supports multiple languages including Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindu, Bahasa, Urdu, Turkish, etc.

Speechnotes can be used for any website and the keyboard shortcuts for starting and stopping make it easier to use. Sending long mails can be made easier using this dictation app both on Gmail and outlook. This application also allows exporting to google drive.  

Price: Free, Premium version - $9.99

8. Otter


Otter is one of the few dictation softwares that offer high accuracy like the previously mentioned Dragon app of Nuance. This software uses Ambient Voice Intelligence which helps it to learn as the speaker speaks. Some of the features of this app include sync with zoom, sharing voiceprints, etc.

Otter has a speaker identification feature that makes it stand out among other dictation softwares. It is ideal for meetings where will be more than one speaker and, the change of the speaker will be highlighted in the transcribed text.

Price: Free, Premium - $8.33 per month, Teams - $20.00 per month

How to Choose the Best Dictation Software

All the dictation software mentioned above performs very well for transcribing into text, and some of them have additional features which might be very helpful. The best software for you will depend on the purpose for which you are using it.

For office purposes, the dictation apps of Otter or Dragon might be the best for you. If mailing and preparing documents are your purposes then Speechnotes or Braina can do the job. If you don’t want to spend any money on dictation apps, you can go for the free ones like Google Voice Docs typing.

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