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3 Easy Ways to Boost Volume on Windows for Free
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3 Easy Ways to Booster/Increase Volume on Windows for Free

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Most computers have attached speakers, which present adequate sound levels for listening to your favorite music on your screen. However, there are instances when it seems that the volume levels aren't enough. I know how it feels when you play your favorite playlists and can't listen to them at the pitch you want.  There are many possibilities to increase volume on your windows without speakers.

There are many methods for raising the default sound levels on Windows. You can control and booster volume and the audio quality on your device sometimes through some of the built-in settings and most of the time with a third-party app that may increase it by 500%.

Here in this article is a discussion about how to help boost volume as desired on your computer.

Method 1: Boost volume by Native Windows Volume Booster

Most users ignore sound and video settings within Windows without ensuring that the volume is set to a satisfactory level and the display quality is accurate. Windows has an equalizer, which you can use to improve the audio quality. The Windows 10 equalizer focuses on the critical techniques for modifying audio properties like balance and volume and can help you boost volume.

1. Click the Control Panel by typing Control at the Windows Run prompt to have the equalizer settings. Click Hardware and Sound under the Sound when the Control Panel appears. This will bring up a dialogue box with a list of all of your computer's audio hardware.

hardware and sound

2. The default setting for spatial Sound is to switch it off. You can, therefore, have some options for allowing spatial Sound based on your audio hardware and the software you've enabled. For example, in the picture below, there is a feature called Windows Sonic for Headphones.

select spatial sound

3. Pick the Bass Boost (or any of your profiles) and hit the Settings key to make adjustments. This enables Windows to display a dialogue box to adjust the raised level for each Frequency individually.

bass boost settings

4. To get to the Windows Video Playback settings, click the Settings, then Apps, then Video Playback, choose automatic processing to enhance video playback.

video playback settings

5. Some more settings will be accessed via this screen that helps to change the HD color settings if your PC allows it. A preview window enables you to see how your choices would affect the final result.

hd color settings

Method 2: Boost sound by  Equalizer APO Application

Equalizer APO Application is an excellent graphic equalizer for Windows that can be used to boost volume. With VST plugin support and unlimited filters, this application is easy to use.

1. From the start, the menu clicks in the Equalizer APO or configuration Editor.

equalizer application menu

2. Apply the Equalizer at the given arrow part.

apply equalizer

3. The arrow mentioned in the below picture can change booster sound. The sound wave will shift, and the maximum will come out; just split it with an equalizer, so it's probably best to lower the boost to avoid cutting.

change booster-sound

4. Better insert the limiter at the end of the Equalizer; this may avoid clipping. Hit the plus icon, then click plugins/VST plugin.

insert limiter

5. The VST container will be inserted at the end of the process.

vst container

6. Hit upon the file option.

hit file option

7. Click the VST file when the VST preview window opens (extension .dll). VST 2 is the only format that is supported. Because there is no connection feature, you must use VST with the same number of items as Equalizer APO. Now VST can be loaded.

load vst equalizer

8. Now click on the "Open Panel" tab.

open panel

9. The user interface is visible now. Kindly remember that, unlike DAW, the setting may not be applied until you hit the "OK" or "Apply" buttons. If "Apply automatically" is selected, the settings will be displayed instantly, just as in DAW.

apply automatically

Method 3: Increase volume by Chrome Volume Booster Plugin

Another effective way to increase volume without any hassle is by using the Chrome extension. For this purpose, the Volume Master extension serves to boost volume without affecting audio quality. This extension can increase volume up to 600%. By using this, you can booster the volume of individual tabs. Plus, Volume Master is super easy to use.

With a simple slider, the usability and convenience of this extension are impressive. Through this, you can enhance, reduce, or increase the volume of a specific tab without affecting the default web browser or system volume settings.

There are three steps to increase volume by using the chrome booster volume plugin.

1. First, open Google Chrome, then move to Chrome Web Store. By searching the Volume Master here, you will be directed to the link which will open the extension page. Here hit the Add to Chrome button.

add volume master

2. A dialogue box will appear. When requested, click the Add Extension button to confirm.

add extension

3. Click on the extension icon in the right top corner after adding the extension. Now set the volume how much you want it to be boosted as shown in the mentioned slider.

volume booster plugin

Bonus Tip: Edit your audio with Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a comprehensive all-in-one video editor. It can be used with ease by beginners and professionals alike. Filmora comes loaded with one-click editing features such as motion tracking, color match, silence detection, and much more.

With Filmora, you can add cinematic effects to your videos and enhance their audio quality or increase volume.

1. Download, install and launch Filmora. Click on File, and then tap on Import Media Files. Now, import your media and drag it to the timeline.

import audio file

2. Right-click the video file on the timeline, select the Adjust Audio option.

adjust audio

3. You will get the advanced audio settings in Filmora. You can easily change the volume and pitch, fade in and out the audio, and select the equalizer mode for your file, etc.

apply automatically

3. Finally, click on Export, adjust the output parameters and save the file locally or share to social media.

export final video


Sound isn't something you think about very much, but your Windows can also give you many ways to boost the volume to the highest capacity. This article covered how to boost sound within the windows via different platforms. I hope you can now experience a clear, loud sound and make use of all of your speakers when playing music, browsing the internet, or binge-watching Netflix or Prime Video.

Now, you can increase sound and enhance your listening experience without any hassle. You can also use Wondershare Filmora, a powerful video editor, to boost volume and edit your videos.

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