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How to Convert MP3 to Text Online [4 Easy Ways]

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

People all over the world use audio and video records. Many people's lives are made simpler by translating these recordings to text format, which is nothing more than transcription. Let's start by looking at why people convert mp3 to text.

It is no more difficult to track exact details in an mp3 file collected during a conference, telephone conversation, meeting, or broadcasting. You will have quick access to the files if you use a transcribed text. When you transcribe a recording, you will translate, arrange, and store the data for later reference.

 Further, this article will address 4 easy ways that can transcribe mp3 to text, keep reading!

Method 2: Convert MP3 to Text Online by

convert mp3 to text

Would you like to ease your continuous struggle of concentrating on recordings? Well, then convert your MP3 to a text file and transcribe the speech as your way out.  A big thanks to VEED! The online auto transcription tool from VEED is quick, accessible, and clear to use. is compatible with Video files, WAVs, OGGs, M4As, which you can transcribe to text with a couple of clicks.

Here are three simple steps to converting an MP3 to text using the handy online mp3 to text converter

Step 1: Launch

Start by launching the online converter on your browser.

launch veed io

Step 2: Upload your MP3 file

To get started, click on Upload a file to import your MP3 file from your device to the online converter or simply drag and drop the file. You can also choose from the other upload options available such as Dropbox, YouTube link, or record.

upload mp3 file

Step 3: Convert to text

From the edit menu on the left, go to Subtitles, tap on the Auto Transcribe option, pick your language, and hit Start. You can also choose to add manual subtitles or upload a subtitle file.

convert mp3 file to text

Step 4: Download the transcribed file

Once your file is transcribed to text, hit Export and select your required preset from the Preset dropdown. Finally, tap on Export video to save the file to your device.

download transcribed file

What are the benefits of using this mp3 to text converter?

At the touch of a button, you can convert audio to text.

  • Fast

You can transcribe your audio in a couple of seconds with VEED, avoiding your hours of endless writing.

  • Simple

You can change every line and word to ensure that the transcription is just everything you want.

  • Adaptable

This audio transcription platform is used to make clear transcripts, descriptions, or individual transcript files.

Method 3: Convert MP3 to text online by Amberscript

Ambertrasncipt is an excellent mp3 to text converter with speech recognition technology. The software allows you to transcribe audio to text automatically in just a few steps. Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can transcribe mp3 to text using Amberscript.

Step 1: Upload a file 

Open Amberscript on your browser to get started. Next, click on Choose File to upload your audio file or drag and drop the file on the main interface.

open amberscript

Step 2: Transcribe mp3 to text

For automatic transcription, select Transcription and further choose Automatic under the select service menu. You can also choose to add manual subtitles. Finally, hit Order to start the transcription process. 

transcribe mp3 to text

Step 3: Transfer

After the transcription process is completed, preview and save your transcript. To save the file to your device, hit Export and choose from the available export options such as Text, Subtitles, or audio.

download transcribed file

What are the benefits of using this mp3 to text converter?

  • Simple

Find essential sections of your text quickly by searching through them.

  • SEO-friendly

Use your text to boost your content's search engine ranking.

  • Edit

You can't change what was said once the audio has been captured. That isn't a problem with text analysis.

To conduct qualitative research, you'll need a transcript.

  • Research

To conduct qualitative research, you'll need a transcript.

  • Translate

With text, translating your document becomes much more straightforward.

  • Quickly

Text is much faster and simpler to operate.

Method 4: Convert MP3 to text online by Sonix

With Sonix you can transcribe, edit, highlight, timestamp, and even translate your transcript in 3 to 4 minutes. Just follow these simple steps and you can convert mp3 to text easily.

Step 1: Sign up for free

First, launch the online tool and sign up for a free account on Sonix or sign in if you have an existing account.

sign up sonix

Step 2: Upload your audio file

Drag and drop your MP3 Audio File file (*.MP3) from your PC or import from Google Drive, Dropbox, or YouTube.

upload audio file

Step 3: Convert mp3 to text

Now, select your desired language from the Language dropdown and tap on Transcribe to start the transcription.

start converting mp3 to text

Step 4: Edit the transcript

After the transcription process is completed, use the Sonix AudioText Editor to polish your transcript. Simply type in your browser to correct any words.

edit transcript

Step 5: Export

Once all the edits are made, select Export.  To save a text version of your MP3 file, choose 'Text file (.txt)' from the options list and hit Download.

export converted text

Bonus tip: Add text to your video with Wondershare Filmora

Adding text to your video is the perfect way to connect with your audience on another level. Whether you want to add an exciting intro, ending credits, or captions to tell your story, Wondershare Filmora lets you do just anything. Filmora is a handy and professional video editor that comes loaded with creative editing tools. It offers a variety of text templates with fancy fonts and stunning transitions you can choose from.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

What’s more? Using Filmora is very easy, thanks to its intuitive interface. To inspire you, here is a quick guide on how you can add fancy texts to enhance your video.

Step 1: Import a video to the Filmora timeline

Open the Wondershare Filmora tool and hit New Project. On the main screen, open the Import dropdown and select Import media files to import your video. Now drag the video onto the timeline to start editing.

import video filmora

Step 2: Choose a text template

On the Edit menu at the top, go to Titles. From the available presets, you can choose from the cover opener, ending credits, subtitles and lower thirds. Double click a template to preview it, and select the one you like. Then drag the selected template to the timeline.  

choose text template

Step 3: Edit your text

To edit your custom text, double-click the Text thumbnail on the timeline. Now on the text editor panel, customize your font, color, alignment, and size of your text. Or you can choose a built in text style from the text style library. Further, go to the Animation tab, to add special animations to your text.

Now you can either click ok to save the edits or choose the Advanced option to enter the advanced editing panel. Here you can customize the text with elements, shapes, text boxes, and shadows. You can also adjust the duration of your text as you like.

edit text

Step 4: Export your video with titles

Once all the edits are completed, tap the Export button on the top right corner. Then give your video a name, select where you want to save it, choose a resolution, and again hit Export.

export video with-titles


Converting audio to text is not anymore a menial task and does not require human transcribers sitting all day long to listen to audio files. The automatic online transcription apps and platforms allow anyone to convert mp3 to text extremely fast and efficiently. You can transcribe any audio file just like a native speaker with 99 percent accuracy without knowing much about the process.

This strategy can benefit students, professionals, and others who want to consume information but find it hard to concentrate or remember things.

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